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  1. The boat was said to have been thrown up from the sea and land heavily, and for the internal bulkheads to buckle and the engine to be moved from the bedplate along with other extensive damage would indeed involve a lot of force. Whatever exploded may have done so on the seabed or further up in the water.
  2. Maybe diet shakes or I think they are called 'build up shakes', they claim to have vitamins etc.
  3. I would like to say not that different to what we are all doing, but.......
  4. If operating the door lever on the inside doesn't open the door it sounds like it is deadlocked so might have to break a window. Only other google can offer is these:- And also:- https://howfixcars.com/How-to-retrieve-your-keys-by-breaking-into-Vauxhall-Meriva.html
  5. Doesn't it say they want to ban lead bullets also? Are there any alternatives for rifles? If not and it somehow got through, are they thinking at least people could only own shotguns, a step towards no guns at all?
  6. How long since it last ran? And I assume it is just run on petrol / oil mix.
  7. Nearly all laptops have webcams and microphones which have been hackable for years. Windows 10 uses voice commands, not sure about win 8, If someone wanted your info they would already have many ways in.
  8. Think I linked to this before...
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlCJA_A5lrM May not be that safe.
  10. Only stopped for an hour, saw five caught on one cast, nothing else. Loads of small sandeels close in, will probably have another go this evening.
  11. Heading off to Weybourne this morning, will let you now how I get on. Haven't heard of any yet though.
  12. Some routers keep logs of internet connection drops, errors etc. Try logging in to the router and look for status / support area. Also see if you can find snr margin / noise info, it indicates how much noise there is on the phone line, whilst broadband will 'work' with noise on the line it can cause problems such as drops in connections.
  13. Are you using windows 8? Maybe.... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-performance/blue-outline-on-everything-i-click-on/cca92fa8-3207-4572-900b-9b6fe5ea0f1c
  14. ALT 0169 will give you a copyright symbol. You need to use the number pad, the numbers on the right of the keyboard, not the ones above the letters.
  15. If not batteries in wireless keyboard try pressing the ctrl buttons a few times, see if they are stuck.
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