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  1. Take a look at Phil Ogden shooting supplies as good as you can get
  2. If your on fb look for a chap called Nathan Hawkins or Roy ellershaw
  3. Got the supersporter with a 32” barrel. For the money great gun really happy with it
  4. It’s not a bad day out
  5. Second this. Phil is a great guy stuffs made properly and reasonably priced
  6. You’ve got transk9, lintran, cab, animal transport, dawn donnery. If you look on fb
  7. Not just mink the otters are about also
  8. Still got this for sale £800 or near offer
  9. kevinw

    Spaniel Books

    There’s a copy of the cocker man on a well known auction site at the mo, was at £120 with about 4 days to go 😳😳
  10. kevinw

    Spaniel Books

    I’d love a copy of Mike Smith’s book but I feel there’s more chance on lord lucan riding shergar naked down the m1😂
  11. Bit of a cheek but have you any gundog books ?
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