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  1. The wife and I, will be there on the Monday. One of the nicest fairs we go to.
  2. Have a look at Cleulow kennels on the web, I bought my last bitch of him, he had a dog pup left out of some fantastic breeding.
  3. Be there Saturday and Sunday, mainly to watch the dogs. Went last year plenty to see and do.
  4. Good to your doctors or maybe local chemist and try to get some empty saline drip bags. There are made of thick plastic. That’s what I use with my springer for walks when they injured their feet Also try the vets
  5. No updates? Really enjoy reading about your days
  6. Seen a stoat dance and take a rabbit in our yard at work a couple of times now, fantastic sight.
  7. I think you need to join, no problem in that. By the sounds of it your kennel will be more than big enough. Mine will be 1.5m wide by 3m long with cabins inside that, housing 2 spaniels. Personally I would go for the rendered finish.
  8. If your on fb there's a kennel setup page on there, good to have a look
  9. As above and definitely agree about the gloves. Enjoy yourself
  10. Go see Phillip Webster near wymondham
  11. No wayland gunclub is still open and going from strength to strength. It was a Ashill that closed. If you go on Facebook and search for wayland gun club, you should get your answered there.
  12. As above speak to Alan aka hitclays top bloke with lots of patience, he will se you alright
  13. Just bought a benelli m2 20 bore really pleased with it.
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