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  1. I’ve got a cz in Norfolk if your interested, shortened barrel sak mod fitted scope with 5 and 10 round magazine
  2. Either Montrose or Ogdens got both, again either are quality and not too expensive.
  3. The syndicate I belong to, has been suspended for this year. If we get the chance this season we may have a walked up day or two depending on numbers
  4. Books arrived many thanks
  5. Would definitely recommend Adrian’s DVDs, I travel to see him a few times a year from Norfolk up to his near liverpoool. The man knows his stuff
  6. Go and see Andy Waterhouse at Romanriver Gundogs won’t get much better
  7. Well played Norwich, would have been a travesty if we got nothing after a team performance like that otbc
  8. The wife and I, will be there on the Monday. One of the nicest fairs we go to.
  9. Have a look at Cleulow kennels on the web, I bought my last bitch of him, he had a dog pup left out of some fantastic breeding.
  10. Be there Saturday and Sunday, mainly to watch the dogs. Went last year plenty to see and do.
  11. Good to your doctors or maybe local chemist and try to get some empty saline drip bags. There are made of thick plastic. That’s what I use with my springer for walks when they injured their feet Also try the vets
  12. No updates? Really enjoy reading about your days
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