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  1. I think every driver should have a retest every 5 years! Not a pass/fail type of thing, but more an assessment of your abilities with mandatory re-training where needed. I passed my test 32 years ago, I am sure I'd need to brush up some aspects of driving to pass the test as taken today.
  2. To 4WD Sorry, can't read that huge sentence
  3. Is this on Virgin ? any links please!
  4. A case of the Rose Tinted Specs there my mate! Mostly true though, I agree, we would really go out in the morning with air rifles, then return at tea time starving hungry, but never a thought of child molesters or pedos: we would have most likely chinned them anyway! But, it wasn't all nice and simple, I've got a badly scarred left leg after a toy steam engine blew up, my mate has only got one eye, another kid at school lost a kidney after a fight, then theres all the bruises and plaster casts we used to show off! But, would I go back to those days.....TOO RIGHT I WOULD!
  5. Just look at this beauty, made to honour Caroll Shelby, who died earlier this year, the Ford Shelby GT500 Cobra: http://media.ford.co...rticle_id=36928 Great man and great car !
  6. should have been strip snooker, has he gone for the easy pink or the tight brown? I think its jolly spiffingly funny this story....bet his dad doesn't though!
  7. I've got an almost new Hatsan Striker .25, with a brand new tuning kit/spring fitted, its the black composite ambi stock one, open sights, lovely big twanger! Kicks like a mule with new spring in, but I'm selling with the standard parts as well, yours for £85
  8. £10k houses 'oop North' .....where are they please?
  9. Hot and steamy AND raining buckets AND sunshine This weather is really screwed and seems to be getting stranger as we head to Autumn!
  10. Are there any vegetarian breeds we could have? :thumbs:
  11. I pay £90 if you want a quick sale
  12. The motorway was built a few years after the crimes, from what I can recall. The moors are beautiful and menacing at the same time....no doubt what these 2 did has made it almost evil in places, I've walked the Pennine Way section at night and its easy to let your mind run away with what happened. When I was about 15 me and my mate got lost, just stumbled across the Holmfirth road and hitched a lift back to Oldham very late on....extremely frightening for us and our mums!
  13. Good finds, well spotted! I love charity shops, junk shops, skips........
  14. I work when I feel like it: fit a bathroom, £1500 cash in hand for a weeks work, then 2 weeks off....I think there's a hint of jealousy in the OP!
  15. jacksdad


    I thought tat artists can come to your house, is that true? May help with 'out of hours' work ? Anyone know of a good artist in the Oldham /north Manchester area? want a Kanji "jack" on my forearm but I've seen several versions....don't want "Testicles" or suchlike!
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