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    er im guessing shooting, fox mostly gone off shooting other animals.
    and i used to do a fair bit of fishing ,carp and pike. but stopped that when i caught the 5 carp i wanted. but going to get back into it this year.
    also reloading, very relaxing

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  1. So in 2 yearsHow many foxes have you shot. What range. Shot placement. How many have run (even 1step)
  2. I have sterlok or something spelt like that. There only as good as the info entered into it. So if you dont know your mv there useless.
  3. So its not real?I carnt hear the advert because of my dodgey hearing.
  4. Would you use a toffee hammer to nail 6inch nails?
  5. Mines got muds on and no carpets and its not terribaly noisey.Deffinetly quiter then a defender on muds
  6. Seriously would you buy your child this? Its just been advertised on kids tv and my 4 year old son said it scared him. Would kids really want to take it to bed? And weres my toilet help thread gone??? Ive hod the bog brush and dont know what to do!!
  7. I had a cat C once. No problems getting insured. I think you get a certificate to prove its been repaird to a road legal level.
  8. I paid £70 for 5 cocker spainels to be docked and dew claws removed.
  9. Not yet, he needs to finish the decking before staining the stock.
  10. And if there over 50 most of there kids have past the stage in life to go to uni.
  11. Remember to check your battry to. Iirc you need 650cca for winching.
  12. Take a look in general shooting matters for the 17hmr cleaning thread. I dont use a hmr , but i do use hoppes 009 followed by forrest bore foam.
  13. Thats unfortunate.Not that i shoot cats or condone the shooting of cats.
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