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    As well as shooting, I enjoy sea angling and I am also a bluegrass musician, playing the 5 string banjo.
    For something completely different, I am also a private pilot at EGNJ but unfortunately, desired flying time is not matched by available income so dont go as often as I would like....good for pigeon spotting though.

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  1. Applied 26.04, got acknowledgement and not heard a thing since. Form 19.03
  2. I'm with Humberside and this is what happens now. Shotgun renewal, filled in form and later FEO came round, checked things out security and guns wise then gave me certificate to sign in his presence. FAC, 2 officers attended and the same routine. Before this, it was forms sent, then visit, then wait for ticket to arrive.
  3. Sprackles


    Been getting some in the boat but not in big numbers. Some good sized fish around when we do get them but we have other horrors to contend with. Since the seal population at Donna Nook has expanded at a frightening rate year after year, this is what we now have to put up with and this was 20 miles offshore. Everywhere we went we came across the damned things. ruined a day on the wrecks and drift.
  4. Gdadphil. Excellent post and very helpful. Thank you
  5. I think my health will be best served by giving up my job. No medication will make my employers better people and since I feel fine when I have time away from work i am coming to the conclusion it's my only realistic option. Time to start looking for a way out. :(
  6. I sent in a formal letter detailing my workload was unrealistic and it was causing me stress. This was a while ago. A hurried meeting with HR ensued but no real change came about, just a softening of attitude which did not last long. The pressure has again been ramped up as the company is trying to bring in a new planning model which is just heaping more pressure on me. Did you have this sickness while you were a certificate holder ? I just think attitudes are hardening now and although a few years ago we may have been OK, the current climate is one of over caution, just in case.
  7. To be honest they have been good with me over the past few years but I am more concerned regarding my tickets should I go off work. Like I said, I am not depressed but I am wound up about the amount of rubbish I have had to put up with over the past year culminating in this latest trick. If I go off with Stress it will force company to address some of my concerns which up to now have been ignored but it will be nothing to the stress caused if I lose my tickets :(
  8. UNITE, since I am staff I get the head honcho to represent me. Last one that went from staff got both redundancy plus a compensatory payment for constructive dismissal. I'd settle for that
  9. Ok, I have been at my place of work for 26 years now but following an embolism a few years ago I have been shunted from shift jobs to an office job that paid the bills but left me pretty miserable as my entire working life has been shifts or unsocial hours so I always had lots of free time in the week, etc. I have now been forced once again to move departments which has cheesed me off even further but the icing on the cake came when I had my appraisal prior to the move. It was the worst one of my entire working life and at odds with every other one I had ever received at this company. The final straw came when I was called in and told because of my poor review, I would not be getting a pay rise or bonus this year. I have hit the roof. Currently in touch with the Union for advice and appealing the appraisal but my belief is it was politically motivated for my move as everyone in the new department is paid around £8,000 less a year then me. A few appraisals like this would narrow the gap. I'll be honest in that over the past few months this has caused me considerable problems with sleepless nights particularly as I regularly have to stay late to just try and keep on top of things as well as being e mailed and called at evenings and weekends for advice. I was even provided with a laptop to connect to company network at home and problem solve when called...no extra pay of course. I am at the end of my tether with this and last week told my boss to ram it and walked out, it was either that or put my foot through my computer. Got called back to see site manager but he was basically saying I am stuck where I am, nowhere to go. I argued about the appraisal and told him it was my belief it was engineered and was as good as a dismissal notice to me if that was what they believed. Cutting to the chase, advised to go off with stress by union since it is affecting me with being miserable at work and sleepless nights but obviously my worry is doing such would set alarm bells ringing with my local firearms dept. I would add I am not depressed, have no desire to top myself, harm myself or others come to that and go about my other business quite happily until it comes time for work again. I am desperately looking for something else to do but as I am now 60, my work options are somewhat limited. Anyone have any ideas how going down this road would affect my FAC/SGC or is workplace stress treated differently from depression ?
  10. Sprackles


    Sold out of Whitby 2 years ago Gordon. Had a couple of rides on her for her last season. Magpie is not worth the wait, I agree, plenty of other good chippies around.
  11. Have a read of this article, the numbers are more than a drop in the ocean. 6 pups a season in the 70s to 1959 recorded last year and all this through the years of dwindling fish stocks. Causing mayhem around our area for longliners and netters. A cull is required. http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/watch-more-1700-seals-descend-765810
  12. Rats of the sea. I'd like to visit Donna Nook with a Hakapik
  13. As a resident of Grimsby I saw this headline and the numerous remainiacs who jumped on the story with out really looking at it in any detail. Firstly, this is the processing sector asking, not the catching sector, ie the blokes at the dangerous end who have been robbed by the EU want out and their waters back but those in nice safe and warm offices want the exemptions as a lot of employees are minimum waged and EU citizens hence they see diminishing profits. As a quick demonstration of how weak this argument is, Hilton group, one of the UKs largest and most prestigious food firms purchased Icelandic Seachill, a Grimsby based fish processing company for 80 million quid only one month ago. Hardly a demonstration of lack of faith is it but a bit hypocritical to have representations made on their behalf for possible adverse operating conditions. Investors don't seem phased either as the company shares rose immediately after the announcement. http://www.grimsbytelegraph.co.uk/news/grimsby-news/icelandic-seachill-bought-out-80m-644117
  14. Sprackles

    Phillip Hammond

    Reckon Corbyn is secretly a hard brexiter but like May the hard core of his party is fighting him against it.
  15. He has the deposit himself however a messy divorce some years ago meant he sold his home to settle the split. Sold to an acquaintance on the understanding he could rent but also the agreement woukd only last so long before the house was sold but he would have first refusal. That time is now up. Because of the fall out from the divorce and money issues plus self employment he can't get a mortgage just yet. Another couple of years maybe but he doesn't have that time.
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