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  1. This was for 12 guage but turned down for 20. But can still trim 12 . think it could be blacksmith manufactured. £15 posted.
  2. Found this in cupboard, no longer have the 366 it came with, never got round to fitting it. what you see is what you get. £25 posted
  3. Sorry Dillie , sold earlier.
  4. Have a Browning flush fit. stamped modified lead . full choke steel..
  5. Your right,but plus postage. so £35 posted.
  6. Bought two, but only using one so this can go. made by Bresser, comes with batteries and card so ready to go. mine working a treat, very easy set up (even I have got it sorted) one on the right is mine. still sealed unopened.£40 recorded
  7. They do reload nice, flexible tube but removing primer on a single stage can be a pita.
  8. Not shooting as often so selling. its set up for 1 ounce but comes with other bushings, has a taper kit fitted which turns out nice finished cartridges. solid strong and capable of 400 plus per hour. ideal if you have limited time to load. comes with a tube of powder,tube of shot, primers to load it and wads. pickup due to weight. £250
  9. Kevs on airgunbbs, just done mine. knows his job.
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