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  1. Thanks all. Just been to my local gunsmith and he had both in. Both felt nice and very shootable. In the end he gave me good deals on both- I went for the Affinity
  2. I am off to The Shooting Show on Saturday and looking to buy a new Semi. For my budget I have narrowed it down to either the Sx4 or the Affinity. What do you think I should go for?
  3. I used to shoot about 1000 pigeons a year. This year just over 50 and I have enough pigeon breast in the freezer to last me a while.
  4. I have pretty much stopped shooting Pigeons now since Garetts closed in Northants. Anyone know of any dealers who want pigeons around here?
  5. I have a SMK and have no problems with it. I have taken out all the squirels in my garden with it and my 10 year is becoming a crack shot with it. It cost me £190 and is my first PCP.
  6. Thanks for that. Seems quite good value if you can get one via bidding. He certainly seems to be selling a lot.
  7. Just looked at NVUK and it seems a similar set up to the Ratta kit. Its sold by sniperscope.uk and comes with an IR torch
  8. I have been looking for a night vision set up so I can tackle some rats. I have seen one on the well known web site called " Ratta". It is on at £125, which seems quite reasonable. I dont want to pay out £500 for a set up as I only have a few rats. Has any one tried this IR add on?
  9. Thanks for that I will give them a ring. CW
  10. Now that Garrett's has closed, does anyone know any Game dealers in Northamptonshire who will take in Pigeons? I haven't been out since he shut as I don't want to end up throwing them away. I can manage one or two but not much more,
  11. Great video and shooting, Also good to see someone having a bit of sport on OSR at the moment.
  12. You are spot on. After 25 years this has become very apparent. Certain fields/ farms never have a pigeon on them and I dont believe it has anything to do with the variety of rape that has been planted. They always stick to the same fields whenever they are planted rape.
  13. Some great footage again. The shotkam does remind me of the "Golden shot" (for those of you old enough to remember it) left a bit, right a bit, a bit more right... fire! It would be great if you could link up some of the footage with your Gopro filming as well. Keep on posting
  14. Great footage and you are right about this helping with your shooting. You can really see where you are missing.
  15. If you do have any joy and need an extra gun, let me know as I am also looking for a peg in the East Midlands. CW
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