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  1. Still big numbers on acorns in Hereford/ Sth. Shropshire with a few drifting onto Ivy berries. Not seen a bird on rape as yet...& had a good drive round Boxing Day. At least they are now taking acorns off the ground now, so may have a go at decoying them tomorrow as the Memsahib will be out on her horse for the day. Will charge up the Go-Pro tonight but may not need it? Hope you Pigeon Watchers find a few in January...it's been a bit lean.
  2. Seventh shot down is almost as if they are rehearsing for a musical & sequentially lining up. I think you may have some Dr. Dolittle powers there GG. All the pictures are stunning & I would gladly have any hanging on my wall. Thanks for posting.
  3. What a fantastic picture... patience & perseverance no doubt. Designed to kill; We are all heavy handed on Carrions & magpies , but the sparrowhawk must account for a songbird/ LBJ every day, with several a day in the breeding season. But even if it were not protected I suspect few of us would want to raise a gun to one. Having said that we have all probably seen a gun raised to one on shoots when mistaken for a pigeon shooting overhead?
  4. Experience tells sometimes! Cracking day.
  5. The pigeons around here are in small flocks (plenty of them) and are drifting around. Mainly in the trees, going from one stand of oaks to another & rarely on the ground beneath the oaks. I think they are still getting acorns off the branches. Saw one huge flock on a barley stubble whilst walking the dog ,but were gone in an hour; Looked at the stubble (from July) & there were a huge amount of whole barley ears still lying on the ground... a massive food source but they were not really interested. They are mooching around like bored teenagers & I rate the chances of decoying them
  6. As B725 says this is more commonly used as a green fertiliser. There were 3 farmers using this in our patch over the summer espescially on ground that they were unable to drill with spring crops. It made little sense to me when you consider the diesel costs of working the ground & drilling, the spray costs (these crops were dessicated ) ,then chopped & finally cultivated into the new seedbed this Autumn. On the up side a couple of fields did attract pigeons...one field early on where they were after the rape & red clover as it emerged & one after it had been chopped. The
  7. That's about the size of bag me & my mate would have counted as a good session! ( Well done ..but there's no need to shout ). They are still finding the odd stubble but they are rapidly being ploughed in & drilled around here; Drillings are not attracting much attention either. Same with the maize unfortunately.
  8. Perfect session for you & the 'boys' I'd say. You're getting quite professional with the filming as well...beginning , middle & end with decent music. Ted & Bear will have dreamt about the morning when they got in front of the fire back home. You shot quite well into the bargain. Wheels are bound to come off soon. Thanks for posting.
  9. Shot a few in Herefordshire this evening & was also surprised that a few had acorns in their crops. A large crop of acorns in our neck of the woods but today was the first time I'd seen them dropping out of their cups rather than being 'ripped off' the trees by a high wind. V little breeze today here. Fewer pigeons than usual for the Autumn in my fairly extensive patch. I worry a little that the late harvest will provide too much in the way of stubbles for the birds to concentrate on the acorns? In my book the flighting of birds over Oak trees beats shooting semi- hovering birds over dec
  10. Wow> How much does he charge per hour for modeling duties? Another picture highlighting your photographic skills GG.
  11. You are holding up the video section on your own Big Al.That cottage fire would be surrounded by knackered dogs at the end of the day? Who said dog's can't smile for the camera? The season is over in a second it seems..probably my age as well , time goes quicker! Only a few days left to savour & then concentrate on the pigeon population. I must contribute more; Have a day on Thurs which I shall try to record. Keep smiling Ted & Co.
  12. Snipe retrieve picture is one to savour.
  13. These reports are a testament to your experience, fieldcraft & above all your accuracey when set up.I think a lot of us here know that bags like these don't just materialise from thin air. Yet another satisfying read at a late Sunday breakfast; With your report PC & a trip to watch The Saints winning yesterday it has turned into rather a good weekend! Unfortunately my pigeoning has had to stop temporarily as my gamedealer has stopped taking pigeons for reasons best known only to him. With two freezers full & unable to find anyone else to take them I'm reluctant to shoot & jus
  14. Oh lucky man. Looked like perfect conditions for a walk round & I think we can all relate to truely mixed bag like this,although I think my legs would have surrendered long before the duck flight! Are'nt those teal such beautiful birds ( & tastey). Man & dog in harmony it would seem.What is the best species count you've had on your grounds? You must have been close to it on this outing?
  15. Well done Bear.. mind you he has a good mentor. One or two good birds there as well. You can't beat a walk around with the dogs at Christmas time , espescially in those wild surroundings. (Must do a bit of editing of my Gopro footage soon ,I've got a bit lazy). Happy new year to you all over there.
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