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    No need to feel like a plum, they look very similar. I might struggle to tell the difference myself sometimes. Easiest way to tell them apart is that hover flies hover and make a very different buzzing noise. Neither of which are much help when they are dead. There has been a lot of hover flies around lately as the warm weather brings them back to life after hibernation. I haven't seen any honey bees at all yet, plenty of bumble bees, but I'm reckoning you will know what they look like.
  2. Farmers are strange creatures. Personally I am a miserable sod and wouldn't give permission in the first place. Others find the job lonely and enjoy the call as a bit of contact with the outside world. Of course there is also everybody that falls between those extremes. Point being that there is no one answer to the question. Hope you enjoy the day.
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    Sound more like hover flies to me. Google it for a pic. Completely harmless and were trying to get out.
  4. I'm a farmer and I shot a baby rabbit tonight. Should I have waited until it had got big and fat by eating my cabbages first? I would do the same to pigeons given half the chance. I have thousands of geese fly over my place but unless they start eating my crops I won't even shoot at them.
  5. Me too. And the Humax box is an awful lot better than the cheapo one I had before it.
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    spice rack

    Maybe you have noticed, but in case you haven't, most supermarkets have a shelf of Polish and other foriegn foods, usually on that shelf you will find bags of spices. They are just as good if not better than the pots of stuff with all the other herbs and spices, loads cheaper too.
  7. I was only thinking it must be getting close to mackeral season today. Tastiest fish in the sea IMO. How can you not eat them.
  8. I've been shooting a .22 BRNO bolt action for over 30 years now. In that time I have also had various others in the same calibre, semis, underlevers etc with and without mods. I have yet to have anything that is better than the BRNO. For messing about wasting bullets the semis are good fun until you get bored of them but for pure rabbit killing reliability a bolt action is way ahead IMO. A second hand BRNO will be really cheap too, or new CZ if you are flush.
  9. In theory they should stay up all the time, in practice they do come down at night, usually due to the weight of dew on them or the fact it has cooled down and the balloon goes down a bit. The other theory is that they should launch themselves once the dew has dried off and the warmth of the day reinflates the balloon. In practice they get the string wrapped around a blade of grass or something and can't take off. Then when it is very windy they disappear altogether. I forget the exact price of them but including the balloon inside them it's around £100 each. They do work OK but due to the
  10. 39TDS

    Mobile Internet

    I just read the giffgaff site and it says no tethering and no dongles. No idea how they can tell, but that's what it says.
  11. The people of Wootton Basset are a credit to the nation. They have my greatest repect and I would like to thank them all for what they have done.
  12. I grow cabbage for a living amongst other things. I would say that this winter pheasants probably did more damage to my crops than pigeons. There are thousands of geese around here and the only damage they have done to me is to **** on me as I admired them flying over.
  13. They can climb trees too. This is rabbit damage
  14. 39TDS

    What to do?

    My one regret that given time over again I would change is to go for a wander. Oz, NZ or somewhere similar on a working trip. I managed to get to Oz last year on a holiday but still wish I had done it 30 years ago.
  15. 20 years ago and there were none here, now I am surprised if i don't see them when I am in the fields. I like them and love watching them, most I have ever counted is 12. I think they might keep the rabbits down a little but other than that i honestly haven't seen much change due to them being here. It is possible they have had some effect on lapwings but probably not as much as changes in farming practices, foxes and badgers. (in my part of the world)
  16. Nearest one is my livingroom window. Next closest is my bedroom window. None more than 10 minutes
  17. I haven't read it lately but I am sure my insurance policy pays out double if it is a shooting related injury/death. Did you shoot your finger off?
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