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  1. Hi all, just putting the feelers out, is there any roost shooting available within 50 miles of Nottinghamshire ? (Saturdays in Feb)
  2. They’re spot on, I’ve got a new shape hilux, great , been to the south of France a couple of time’s i it . Yes it’s bulky to park in tight spaces and thirsty but I can’t fault it, loads of room to Chuck all manner of kids things in.
  3. Yeah I’m feeling that too, there’s just not enough time in the week with work and family commitments , I shoot and fish, the last year has been a stuggle time wise for various reasons. I’m hoping 2020 will be better. I don’t want to stop doing either!
  4. Hi Ben , you’ve got second dibs if the other buyer doesn’t confirm, cheers, Glyn
  5. Kids Jack pyke field jacket, size Xs , fits 5-7 year olds approx (my lad wore it until he was nearly 9 but he’s skinny lad, unlike me) advertised elsewhere .. EDIT: on hold for Lukepulford, £5 collected from ng14
  6. This made me chuckle ( from viz)
  7. Just watched it, absolutely bonkers 😳
  8. I would find a local haulier / courier company and see if they’ll do a day rate on a 7.5t box with driver 👍
  9. I could understand it if they kids themselves could demonstrate they had a balanced understanding - they dont! A girl was being interviewed and the said “it’s about time the government starting taking action and taxing c02”!!!!! Whatever they are being brainwashed with is very one sided .
  10. It’s a very worrying picture I think gents, I’m personally gutted by it, used to have some great sport from a seemingly endless supply of rabbits and now it’s like a tap being turned off 😞
  11. I’d be happy to even see signs of them right now! A large bank once littered with warrens and rabbit activity over 600 yards is devoid of any sign, it’s been a total collapse of rabbit populations that I am seeing!
  12. Hi all, the rabbit numbers near me have collapsed over the last couple of years, warrens empty and no sign - I could regularly lamp 50+ and the last few outings I’ve not even seen one! this is the notts / Leics border area, what is it like where you are ?
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