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  1. This made me chuckle ( from viz)
  2. Just watched it, absolutely bonkers 😳
  3. I would find a local haulier / courier company and see if they’ll do a day rate on a 7.5t box with driver 👍
  4. I could understand it if they kids themselves could demonstrate they had a balanced understanding - they dont! A girl was being interviewed and the said “it’s about time the government starting taking action and taxing c02”!!!!! Whatever they are being brainwashed with is very one sided .
  5. It’s a very worrying picture I think gents, I’m personally gutted by it, used to have some great sport from a seemingly endless supply of rabbits and now it’s like a tap being turned off 😞
  6. I’d be happy to even see signs of them right now! A large bank once littered with warrens and rabbit activity over 600 yards is devoid of any sign, it’s been a total collapse of rabbit populations that I am seeing!
  7. Hi all, the rabbit numbers near me have collapsed over the last couple of years, warrens empty and no sign - I could regularly lamp 50+ and the last few outings I’ve not even seen one! this is the notts / Leics border area, what is it like where you are ?
  8. Cheers I’ll have a look 👍
  9. Hi all, my looking for a short stocked 410 single barrel for my son, if you have anything you’ve used for youngsters and cut down already that is sat gathering dust get in touch ! Can collect within 100 miles of notts.
  10. Edit : sorry didn’t read the advert properly 👍
  11. Interesting story on the Derbyshire rural crime teams Facebook page, halal poaching 🤔
  12. 7 shot (6 picked due to very heavy brambles) 👍 picture on another thread. 188
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