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  1. pegasus bridge

    Myxi in hares

    Just spotted this on FB,
  2. pegasus bridge

    Which truck..

    Hilux gets my vote, I’ve got the invincible x fully loaded and very pleasant to drive on the road too, even long distances, only thing I would change if it was just for shooting In would be the tyres 👍
  3. pegasus bridge

    RORG meaning ?

    Cheers 👍
  4. pegasus bridge

    Ford Fiesta Eco Boost

    Is the eco boost the 1.0 engine? My sister brought one in the c-max, and the fuel economy is dire , 33mpg! Gutless as hell at motorway speeds, she thinks the salesman promised her 50-60mpg!!
  5. pegasus bridge

    RORG meaning ?

    Hi folks, any idea what RORG stands for ? Seen printed on a bullet case : I presume 88 is the year ?
  6. pegasus bridge

    Frank Field

    Here’s Jezza In happier times ? https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/politics/1158080/jeremy-corbyn-ranted-against-israel-and-demanded-it-be-cut-off-by-the-rest-of-the-world/
  7. pegasus bridge

    Couple of lure caught chub

    Yes it’s a light 5g Gunki jighead, the lure itself is a cheapie from China via Ali express, a combo that works well! ive had some nice perch and a couple of small pike on them too ?
  8. pegasus bridge

    Couple of lure caught chub

  9. pegasus bridge

    Couple of lure caught chub

    Had a few hours on a tiny little river this morning and managed a couple of nice chub on cray fish imitation lures .. lost a couple more too, great fun 👍
  10. pegasus bridge

    Frank Field

    Ah.. the old ‘socialist policies are so attractive and will be so successful that the zionists wouldn’t allow it’ type rubbish spouted by Owen Jones et al. Why dont you pack your bags and head to Venezuela and live this dream? take your pets along, you’ll be needing them ?
  11. pegasus bridge

    Frank Field

    Here’s Corbyns hand selected strategy man telling us how much support he has for Hamas, JC’s old ‘friends’ , is JC brain dead ? Because this is the Only alternate explaination other than he is a supporter of Hamas, a terrorist organisation committed to the destruction of Israel. He is the the leader of the opposition party !! Take a step back and consider this...
  12. pegasus bridge

    Frank Field

    The anti Semitic element is driven by those on the left / momentum with Corbyn at the healm who have spent so long fixating on Israel / Palestine and pandering to their ‘friends’ the islamists at Hamas. Its a wider problem with the left. Me personally - the rise of Islamic extremism in the West has moved me from an apathetic position on Palestine to supporting Israel. The Israelis have to live amongst a sea of nations who would slaughter them given half a chance . Yes, and I’m sure that’s how JC wants to play it - but his ‘friends’ at Hamas are committed to the destruction of Israel . As for the occupied lands - how far are we going back ?
  13. pegasus bridge

    Penetration vs Power

    That just made me chuckle ?
  14. pegasus bridge

    Light force striker 140 bulb replacement / upgrade?

    Top man ?
  15. The bulb (I think) went in my lightforce striker 140 last night, has anyone upgraded the bulb? I’ve searched online but can’t see an alternative to fit the striker 140... the only replacement I could see marked for the striker 140 is £15, (normal bulb), is there any alternative ?