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  1. They arrived this morning Ian 👍 work a treat 👌🏻 Thanks again for doing this, very much appreciated .
  2. That’s absolutely fantastic Ian 👍👍 this is PW at its best, thank you very much!!
  3. Does anyone do any metal lathe work ? I’m looking for an adaptor for a folding fishing net. Can’t find one off the shelf (which is weird as the web is littered with posts of people looking for the same thing 🤔) I need 3/8 BSF one end (Male) to a 12mm female the other , and vice versa 12mm Male to 3/8 BSF the other . Something like this (but with 3/8 bsf ) can anyone make these ? How much would I be looking at ? 👍
  4. Well it was his birthday the other day, And my lad got his hands on the 1077, he loved it, it’s great fun, and the accuracy at 15 mtrs isn’t that bad, only drawback is how quickly you get through 12 shots and have to reload . Great little fun plinker 👍
  5. When they’re hitting surface lures there is nothing like it, I had a couple of sessions last year banking 6+ fish from dozens of hits, the smaller sg duck and the sg ‘smash tail minnow’ doing the business.
  6. I’ve had them on surface lures from March onwards 👍 post spawning seems to be the key factor for me anyway ..
  7. Not heard one yet, looking back I’ve generally heard one by around 21st/22nd April .
  8. I’m going to try and get an evening session in on a local gravel pit tomorrow (I’m working in the day 😭), surface lures all the way , had some fantastic sport on them this time last year 👍
  9. 👍 I’ve resisted the urge to test shoot it.. it’s being wrapped for his birthday, my only expectations for it are that it’s fun, all the research I’ve done suggests it will deliver, if it’s any better then that’ll be a bonus 👍
  10. It’s intended as a fun back yard plinker for my son, I’m not expecting to be shooting tight groups with it, or hunting with it, I’ve plenty of other options for that 😉
  11. Yeah I agree, I had a 40ft lb stealth prior to getting the patriot... it was a scratch I had to itch though, reading airgun world as a teenager I spent a lot of time lusting after it! That and the eliminator (still have to scratch that one ). backstop was a pile of old half rotten decking in front of a brick wall 👍 I felt it the day after 😱
  12. Not yet.... can’t be too bad for garden plinking ?
  13. Since I got my fac in 2009 my air rifles have been largely neglected , But being confined to the garden over the last 8 weeks has given me the chance to dust the old springers off, and i don’t mind admitting I’d completely forgotten just how much fun they are . I’ve been spending hours with my lad (about to turn 10) plinking cans. We’ve even dusted off my late grandads mk1 meteor , it’s in very poor nick but fitted my lad the best, so he’s asked for one for his birthday.... I’ve gone with the fun factor for him with a crosman 1077! ive even managed some practice with my Webley patriot, I’m close to getting 1 inch groups at 25 yards ( way better than I’d managed before) 👍 Happy Shooting 👍
  14. I’ve used it before (saying no) but I have just checked it again, saying 7 ‘breaches’ now, but the password was literally only used on PW !
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