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  1. Cannon

    Sinn Fein

    In my first hand experience, Sinn Féin do a lot more for their constituents than any other party. The amount of people from Loyalist/Protestant areas who visit the Sinn Féin offices on the Falls Road would perhaps surprise you. The reason for this is that Sinn Féin get things done. They are fantastic at looking after their constituents. I for one cannot understand why people vote for other parties who do nothing but campaign to maintain the status quo. Viewing Sinn Féin as the enemy shows a mindset that's still stuck in the past. Cutting your nose off to spite your face comes to mind.
  2. The OEM dampers are made by Monroe. The Nivomats are great when they work, but many opt to fit conversion kits comprising of standard dampers and springs. At less than the cost of one Nivomat, the conversion kits are quite economical.
  3. Or just use plastic coated rivets
  4. Cannon

    Vitara swb

    Why were there over 18,000 miles wiped off the clock in March 2017?
  5. Cannon

    Are you British

    Becoming irate and defensive are we? You're telling me you're not insecure? I rest my case. Like it or not, I am and always have been a legitimate Irish citizen, as have hundreds of thousands of others living in this part of Ireland. In fact according to statistics, it won't be long before those who perceive themselves to be british in this part of Ireland are in the minority. The clock is ticking.
  6. Cannon

    Are you British

    That's where you're wrong. I was born in the North of Ireland, which makes me an Irish citizen. I've also never been asked if I'm british when on holiday. Everyone automatically identifies us as Irish. You do occasionally see people from here reacting angrily because they are 'mistakenly' perceived as Irish. It's quite funny to watch in fairness. Insecurity runs deep within so-called 'british' communities over here.
  7. Cannon

    TPM sensors stolen

    You could have had the spare keys' signal removed from the vehicles memory. As a result, the spare key would have been unable to communicate with the vehicles' immobiliser or work the central locking. Depends on the key/car setup whether or not this is worth doing though.
  8. I merely highlighted the contradictory nature of your posts, so that perhaps in future you would give consideration to reviewing your content before posting. All for your own benefit of course, to save you looking like a hypocrite. Don't worry old boy, I'll keep you right.
  9. The decision to exceed the speed limit should always be a concious one. By your logic, anyone who breaks the law should face the consequences. What you have said above indicates that you frequently drive without due care and attention, and break the speed limit. If you find it easy to creep over the speed limit, then by your own admission you find it easy to perform criminal acts without feeling like a criminal. Before posting heavy, judgemental opinions on everybody elses decisions, take a look inwards. Let he without sin cast the first stone, so to speak.
  10. Petrol engines put out far more CO2 than diesel engines. It is this CO2 that is killing our planet. It's only a matter of time before the government moves the goalposts again. Once everybody has switched to petrol and got rid of their diesel cars, the tax increases on petrol fuel and petrol cars will roll out. The concern about the environment is merely a disguise for increasing government revenue at our expense.
  11. I don't know where you're getting your information from, but it's wrong. Injector seals have absolutely nothing to do with diesel ending up in the oil, even if you're talking about the internal injector seals (which I imagine you aren't referring to, rather those at the base of the injector port), their failure would not cause complete engine failure. When injectors fail, they mostly fail in a closed/restricted position. This is why leak back tests are carried out by diesel specialists to determine whether or not a diesel injector is blocked. It is possible for diesel injectors to become incontinent, but you would have rough running and excessive exhaust smoke if this was the case. Something the OP didn't report. In the case of the Skoda above, the most likely cause is excessive DPF regeneration failures. When performing a DPF regeneration, the engine control module will give a command to inject additional diesel into the cylinders in an effort to raise the exhaust temperature. This increase in exhaust temperature is used to burn off the particulates in the DPF, which to a certain extent cleans it. During the regeneration process, some of the additional diesel manages to make its way past the piston rings and into the sump where it mixes with the oil. Too many failed attempts could equate to a lot of diesel making its way to the sump in a very short time. Short journeys and failure to continue to drive the vehicle once a regen has started are the two biggest contributors to premature engine failure in DPF equipped vehicles. Once the oil gets contaminated with diesel, the oil gradually loses its ability to properly lubricate the engine. Hence the loud noise and failure to restart (engine seizure due to insufficient lubrication). As for going back and spitting your dummy out, this is perhaps the worst thing you could do. This advice is really bad for a number of reasons. You would look like a fool for one, and there would be absolutely no chance thereafter of any sort of compromise or contribution from the dealer (not that you should expect one). 4 months of failed regenerations is ample time for excessive diesel to build up in the sump, assuming they changed the oil on the last service of course. This cannot be proven, but even if it could, there was nothing stopping you from keeping an eye on the oil level yourself. It's basic vehicle maintenance that is all too often neglected because of the minor inconvenience it poses, but It keeps folk like myself in a job.
  12. What a very juvenile response. I for one am glad that you aren't someone who has any kind of influence in the world. How would you feel if someone who had differing views to yourself with equally strong tunnel vision got into power? You strike me as someone who would quickly lose the plot if things weren't going your way. Not exactly an attribute that the public would like to see in an FAC/SGC holder. I suggest you refrain from passing such self righteous comments in future, unless of course you wish to continue displaying your arrogance for all to see.
  13. Your ego sets the standard, and it's not a standard that I see anybody else striving to achieve. Look inwards Gordon before you choose to attempt to belittle another debate contributor.
  14. Isn't it great having your own personal spell checker. Thanks for that. Take that little perceived victory and run with it. Aren't you just fantastic for being so petty. As for illogical posts, they are considerably more logical than anything that you have spouted in the last few years on this forum. It's also worth mentioning that your posts have attracted the attention of more than just myself.
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