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  1. Conor what about the BASC trying to shut down social media groups because the members of those groups are freely displaying their dissatisfaction with the BASC? Instead of trying to brush things under the carpet, you should be tackling them head on. Smoke and mirrors is absolutely right in this case. The organisation has done too little too late, and it's quite frankly laughable that you think a letter to a councillor will make any difference at all. Those who actively participate in the persecution of shooting sports have had their job made easier by the capitulations of the BASC. It seems that the only thing the BASC fights for is the interests of the wealthiest members. All you have to do is look at some of the prices of the clothing advertised with the magazine. Says it all really
  2. How much more active do we need to be? If a representative from the BASC was to read the recent threads on this forum with interest, perhaps they would understand the level of disconnect between the organisation and its members and do something to address the issues. Alas, representatives from the BASC have read the recent threads, and have decided to do nothing about it. I will not continue to fund an organisation that treats its members with such disregard.
  3. Like many other members I will be walking away at the end of the month. Your attitude seems to imply that those reacting negatively to the BASCs decision are incapable of reasoned and intellectual thought. I would disagree that they are doing the right thing. As a small shooting community you often hear of licencing issues that have came about as a result of someones misinterpretation of legislation. The BASC have said that not enough members are using the service? An awful lot more members would avail of the service if the BASC had the drive to fight their corner more often. The way in which the BASC has handled this is a slap in the face for a lot of members. No consultation, no refunds or reduced fees, no response to our backlash. It really is sticking two fingers up to each and every member.
  4. At the end of the month they are set to earn an extra £13.50 per member per annum for offering less services. I have read the statement in full, and I would like for you to point out the issue with my original statement? There is no mention of where the additional £13.50 will be used. No explanation at all. Something along the lines of 'we will redirect the additional funds into another part of the business' would have at least gave the members some sort of understanding, but no. It's all a mystery at the minute. The cost of running the organisation will eat into the organisations pot a lot less at the end of this month, so where are these additional funds being diverted to? From what I can see (judging by the BASCs actions and the inactions of some of its representatives), the organisation is ******* on its members and telling them that it's raining.
  5. I have thought logically about this issue, and cannot for the life of me figure out where the logic is in reducing services offered without reducing the premiums. It's the equivalent of giving everyone in the BASC a pay increase at our expense for absolutely no good reason.
  6. Cannon

    Sinn Fein

    In my first hand experience, Sinn Féin do a lot more for their constituents than any other party. The amount of people from Loyalist/Protestant areas who visit the Sinn Féin offices on the Falls Road would perhaps surprise you. The reason for this is that Sinn Féin get things done. They are fantastic at looking after their constituents. I for one cannot understand why people vote for other parties who do nothing but campaign to maintain the status quo. Viewing Sinn Féin as the enemy shows a mindset that's still stuck in the past. Cutting your nose off to spite your face comes to mind.
  7. The OEM dampers are made by Monroe. The Nivomats are great when they work, but many opt to fit conversion kits comprising of standard dampers and springs. At less than the cost of one Nivomat, the conversion kits are quite economical.
  8. Or just use plastic coated rivets
  9. Cannon

    Vitara swb

    Why were there over 18,000 miles wiped off the clock in March 2017?
  10. Cannon

    Are you British

    Becoming irate and defensive are we? You're telling me you're not insecure? I rest my case. Like it or not, I am and always have been a legitimate Irish citizen, as have hundreds of thousands of others living in this part of Ireland. In fact according to statistics, it won't be long before those who perceive themselves to be british in this part of Ireland are in the minority. The clock is ticking.
  11. Cannon

    Are you British

    That's where you're wrong. I was born in the North of Ireland, which makes me an Irish citizen. I've also never been asked if I'm british when on holiday. Everyone automatically identifies us as Irish. You do occasionally see people from here reacting angrily because they are 'mistakenly' perceived as Irish. It's quite funny to watch in fairness. Insecurity runs deep within so-called 'british' communities over here.
  12. Cannon

    TPM sensors stolen

    You could have had the spare keys' signal removed from the vehicles memory. As a result, the spare key would have been unable to communicate with the vehicles' immobiliser or work the central locking. Depends on the key/car setup whether or not this is worth doing though.
  13. I merely highlighted the contradictory nature of your posts, so that perhaps in future you would give consideration to reviewing your content before posting. All for your own benefit of course, to save you looking like a hypocrite. Don't worry old boy, I'll keep you right.
  14. The decision to exceed the speed limit should always be a concious one. By your logic, anyone who breaks the law should face the consequences. What you have said above indicates that you frequently drive without due care and attention, and break the speed limit. If you find it easy to creep over the speed limit, then by your own admission you find it easy to perform criminal acts without feeling like a criminal. Before posting heavy, judgemental opinions on everybody elses decisions, take a look inwards. Let he without sin cast the first stone, so to speak.
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