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  1. I must say that's a cracking job you've done of the cleaning. That carbon isn't exactly easy to remove at the best of times. Should definitely improve the intake airflow.
  2. An old boss of mine once said "if you're full of hope go and buy a lottery ticket. Make sure you're on top of things and leave nothing to chance". Now it would seem to me that these shooting organisations have left a lot to chance with their 5 year transition commitment, with manufacturers claiming they weren't consulted. The pressure is now on them to come up with the goods, and it's US that will pay for it. Such a big change won't come cheap in the shooting industry.
  3. I'm not having a go at you just to be clear. You took the appropriate measures at the time based upon your understanding of maintenance. You can't be expected to know any better if you aren't involved in the automotive industry, but were you aware that there were still a number of Gates products circulating a few years ago that were defective? In particular the pulleys provided with some of their timing belt and aux belt kits. The pulleys were manufactured incorrectly which resulted in something called 'grease purge'. The grease within the bearing would make its way past the seals, leading to
  4. It let go for a reason. If you didn't replace all of the parts I mentioned with original Volvo or OEM equivalent parts (INA), then it was pointless changing the aux belt in the first place. At the time of replacement the A/C compressor pulley should also have been checked. Pulleys tend to give a bit of notice before they fail. If a pulley is squeaking it's normally close to the point of complete failure.
  5. Very common. It's always advisable to change the aux belt, idler pulley, tensioner pulley and alternator clutch pulley at or before the recommended intervals. Prevention is better than the cure.
  6. I'll say it again. You really couldn't make this up. BASC admitting that there aren't enough alternatives to lead shot available, yet are supporting the move away from lead shot in the hope that in five years time the problem will have somehow sorted itself out. How do you expect to introduce new shooters to the sport when you are actively supporting transitioning to ammunition that is considerably more expensive and less effective?
  7. It was the organisations that 'unwittingly' backed the ban
  8. What direction do you think the screw will turn when drilling from the small end, like I mentioned above?
  9. If you drill it from the small end it might spin out. It's broken anyway so will need to be replaced regardless. If it doesn't come out when drilling you can use a small screw extractor. Doesn't look like a very difficult job.
  10. I had a Winchester 62A pump action rifle with a tube magazine. It was already threaded at the muzzle, but the mag tube would strike the moderator when it was removed. The previous owner removed the moderator each time he wanted to reload. Not a major inconvenience by all accounts, but not the most practical solution either. The mag tube had a knurled steel cap on it that was a few mm larger in diameter than the actual tube, so I was able to file one side of it flat which allowed it to clear the slim Parker Hale moderator. I'm not familiar with the Marlin WMR, but if it's front loading an
  11. There's a reason why you entered into this debate, meaning you have an agenda. Your agenda seems to be to challenge anyone who speaks in support of the licencing system. You may have good reasons for forming the opinions that you hold, as others may have good reasons for forming their opinions. It"s always good to get a good understanding of other peoples' opinions. It enables you to form solid counter arguments if you know the logic used by someone to come to a conclusion. Stating that I was moving the goal posts tells me that you didn't or don't want to understand where I was coming from wi
  12. I'm not moving the goalposts at all. You are merely trying to twist things to suit your agenda.
  13. Regardless of my opinion, it's very unlikely that airgun licencing will come into effect any time soon in England or Wales. It would more than double the workload of the licencing departments, and would be extremely challenging to implement and manage effectively. I still believe that the points I made in favour of licencing are good and valid, but the reality is that it would be quicker and easier to implement a complete ban (something I would be strongly against) rather than introduce licencing. The complexities of airgun licencing would make things difficult for a lot of people, particularl
  14. I'm not sure of your level of understanding regarding the North of Ireland. If you have drawn conclusions based on bbc reports, there's a very good probability that the information presented to you was biased and incorrect. Licencing allows a perfectly law abiding citizen to obtain firearms for many legitimate purposes. If criminals want to interfere in any way it's a matter for the police, just like any crime. If the supply of illegal firearms is as bad as you seem to be making out,, why are you suggesting that criminals may target licence holders? Is it perhaps because of the lack of availab
  15. What parts of the current system would you say need overhauled? Do you think the current level of vetting is enough or too lax? I don't know about the depth of vetting that goes on across the water, but over here it isn't just the police that are involved. The security services have an input too. A licence is issued to a person if the relevant authorities are satisfied so far is as reasonably practicable that the person in question poses no risk to the safety of the public or to themselves. Many people have been refused licences because they are quite simply of unsound mind. Therefore the lice
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