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  1. We all have our favourite bullets/cartridges that we wouldn't leave the house without. So what about fishing flies? What are your favorites? I very rarely fish stockies these days only river & streams. So here are my top flies. Brown trout Griffiths Gnat Black Gnat emerger Coch y Bonddu Greenwell Glory Some kind of spider pattern Brown shrimp Hares ear nymph Sea trout Alexander Pluen Eric Twm Medicine Teal Blue & Silver Peter Ross Butcher Snake lure Some kind of wake lure. Always interested to hear what other fishermen carry in their boxes. Hed
  2. Fished the river on Friday evening caught four brown trout on greenwell & an olive mayfly, largest around 3/4 pound. Hung about for an hour or so after dark hoping to catch a seatrout butbas already mentioned it was a tad too cold. Local lad caught a 10lb salmon during the flood using a shrimp on a trebble hook. The fish was returned. I'm planning on going out tomorrow night the temprature should sustain double figures after dark so hoping for the best.
  3. Spent a few hours last night on the higest point of the Glaslyn fishing for wild brown trout, no luck unfortunately. Like Aled said, river's way too low. Promising rain next week that's when my sea trout season begins.
  4. Fished the Glaslyn for a few hours today. Conditions weren't ideal, lots of wind, no overcast but lovely to be out. Managed one brown trout caught on a dry black gnat. Happy with that result.
  5. Anyone wet a fly this weekend? Fished the Afon Glaslyn yesterday for a few hours after work. Plenty of fish rising despite the bitter cold but none were tempted by any of my dry flies. Looking back I'm guessing they were feeding just beneath the film of the water surface. Back on the river Wednesday, promising warmer weather. Tight lines
  6. hedd-wyn

    Jeremy Vine

    I heard it. It was quite frustrating at times. Wasn't one of the guests a PW member? Srspower? He's put a few videos up on here, sounded like him.
  7. I've caught 1/2 pound trout in streams not much bigger than that one. It doesnt look very 'fly friendly' though I must admit. Give it a go, you never now.
  8. It's happening all over the country. There have been several threads on this recently. My local rfd said that some manufacturers were increasing their prices up to 25%
  9. Wow, stunning work. Just emailed them for more info. Cheers
  10. That would be ace, thank you 🙌🏿
  11. hedd-wyn

    DVLA scam

    So did I, until the mrs intervened
  12. Thanks for that. This is what I though initially but I have been told that it can done as long as the steel is cooled after each stroke on the grinder. Cheers Hedd
  13. I have an old bushcraft knife that has seen better days and needs a complete re-grind back to a true Scandinavian edge. The knife isn't worth much but has served me well over the years & would like to bring it back to life. I've been looking at different companies online that do this kind of work but they all seem to specialise in hairdressing scissors or chef's knives. Emailed a few but they state that they do not work with hunting/bushcraft blades. Could anyone help please?
  14. hedd-wyn

    DVLA scam

    Got the same txt few months ago. I blocked the number straight away.
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