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  1. Ive full respect for anyone and all that have been working through the pandemic no matter what they do and I couldnt have put it any better myself, well said that man 👍
  2. I cancelled mine 7 years ago now, wont ever give them a penny, as long as you dont watch or record live tv or bbc iplayer you do not need one .Ive had a few letters but no visit yet, if ever they do ‘knock at the door’ i will open it ask what they want then slam it in their face end of. Not one bit of communication with them at all, i wouldnt even ring them up to confirm i dont need a license just let them waste money posting threats to me. Saved myself about a £1000 already cant believe anyone would be bullied into paying these scam licenses in 2021.
  3. Hi Guys, Looking for either one or poss two mk1 deben ferret collars for my mates lad. Must be half decent condition and most importantly working correctly. Cash waiting just message me and ill be back in touch. thanks👍
  4. Mine was due in the first lockdown, i was already booked in with my doctor then got a call from the surgery to say it had been cancelled because of the lockdown, literally a couple of days later got another call from them saying can i come in straight away and do my medical because it had flagged up on their system i needed it to drive as i was classed as a key worker.
  5. No problem thanks, if they dont come just give me a shout. Jtf
  6. Hi I will take this please, just message me how you want paying. Thanks Jth
  7. Looking for a half decent pair of binoculars for dusk/dawn foxing preferably 8x42 or 10x50 anything considered as long as there a decent pair and in good condition
  8. it was a stupid thing to do, but as the original poster i will leave it for someone else to report it (im not saying its right or wrong to bring to the attension of syp). i was brought up in a tough mining village so its not really in my nature to have any dealings with the Po-po if i can help it, (other than renew my gun licence!).
  9. Had to get a pic of this (i wasnt driving before anyone says it!) i cant believe how dumb some people are, the object on the roof is a fence panel with three people holding on to it.😃
  10. Wanted a S&B scope with illuminated reticle must be in decent Condition and fully working. Just let me know If you have one or something similar for sale Drop me a message.
  11. Went to candolim 2 years ago and absolutely loved it, the people are amazing and so friendly and will do anything for you, keep an open mind and theres no shortage of beggars etc but while i was there we never heard of anything stolen . one of the best holidays ive wver been on and cant wait to go back soon.
  12. Hi hodge, im in doncaster so its prob too far to travel but good luck with the sale. Cheers Andy
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