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  1. Cataclean works very well, got many cars passed the emission tests after failing first time round
  2. EvoCars

    Beretta 303

    This is very good at freeing seized parts http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/lubricating-penetrating-oil/3-in-one-professional-high-performance-penetrant-spray then some heat after a few days would help aswell.
  3. One of my dogs used to have bad problems with recurring ear wax probs, turned out in the end that he had ear mites irritating deep in his ear and causing the excess of wax
  4. Ive had both, fun to start with, but soon get bored with them, ive now gone jap (Toyota surf), wish Id got one years ago, so much better, and cheaper
  5. EvoCars


    If you go for the rav, make sure its a 4wd one, not all are, my mate bought one for "off roading" only for me to look under it and ask "wheres the rear diff and propshaft"
  6. Loosing front grip is easier to cope with, the car will just push on in a straight line, just slow down, if the back steps out and sends you into a spin most drivers wouldn't cope, pretty much all modern cars are set up to under steer these days if on the limit as its safer than over steer
  7. EvoCars


    UK spec shoguns have a locking rear diff, switch on the dashboard, import pajero's have lsd'd, uk spec landcruiser vx's and amazons have both front and rear locking diffs, as do Mercedes g waggons, but pretty much anything can have locking diffs fitted, companies like arb and Detroit make locking diffs for all sorts
  8. No, I'm not saying its the child's fault, I'm saying its the owners/parents fault, would you knowingly have dogs from a fighting stock around a child? I personally love all the bull type breads, but I would not leave one that's been raised as a fighting dog with anyone, let alone a child.
  9. Yeah, just their "sacks" are big enough for a sunday roast
  10. pit bulls where/are bread to fight other dogs, same as terriers are bred to kill rats for example, attacking people tho, is down to the owners, poor training or none at all, this accident is very sad, but whats a 4 year old doing up at midnight messing about with a dog that the owners use/or are going to use for fighting (if Ive got this wrong I'm sorry, but I'm sure the news or a news website has said they are breeding fighting dogs at the address in question)
  11. They fly up out the woods at the front of my house heading to to open field I presume , but they leave it until its pretty much pitch black, I personally don't think I could hit them at full chat in the dark
  12. There's no law that states cat b's cant be put back on the road, its more of an agreement between salvage dealers and insurance companies that they should be broke for spares, some cars classed as cat b, especially older cars can have very little damage, anyway, a cat b ,if it has a vic test at a vosa test station and a new mot can be legally put back on the road
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