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  1. firdom


    some of the problem is people not going to there appointment i have heard of one dentist who is now taking i believe £20.00 non returnable because of this for an appointment, my dentist practice 2 dentists posts a sign of missed appointments in the previous month last Octobers was 17 hours lost say 4 an hour 68 appointments ?????????
  2. firdom

    Garden Shredder

    If the council do green waste bins that is the best way ours is i think nearly £50.00 a year had a shredder to much hassle
  3. firdom

    Browning CashBack

    I know it's a while back 2015 but mine came from Browning EU
  4. firdom

    Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 - Stock Care

    i'm sure you will get many different answers take the advice from a gunsmith mine told me furniture polish a good quality one because its the wax that protects the wood and he is a proper gunsmith old school
  5. firdom

    One to go !

    rusty couplings due to the salt air if you still live in swf
  6. firdom

    Porthmadog clay shooting?

    www.doveyvalley.co.uk try here i went many years ago was ok
  7. firdom

    CZ American 17HMR

    Grandalf if you want to try before you buy your welcome i'm only a few miles away
  8. firdom

    A little local difficulty.

    i would say if that is dirt behind your offside rear it shows exactly your position when hit
  9. firdom

    Gunshop near Woodbridge

    Trullock and harris framlingham plenty there
  10. firdom

    "Im mainly useless..."

    all i can say ditch is i'm right upset an engineer bloke like you letting your gun get to that state shame on you Alan
  11. firdom


    Thank you very much for your replies my wife (non shooter) and i often go to highlodge when having a day out and i was wondering if we might go to Eriswell sometimes for a change seems like we can so might see you sometime Alan
  12. firdom


    Sorry if i have missed anything but anybody got any info since it's been opened
  13. firdom

    suffolk 40 bird sporting hoxne

    this needs a bump it 's a good shoot
  14. firdom

    Any dental technicians on here ?

    draw a picture of what you want or find one on google just a thought??
  15. firdom

    Miroku Mk 60 Grade 5 20 Bore

    thanks jjsdad