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  1. "Im mainly useless..."

    all i can say ditch is i'm right upset an engineer bloke like you letting your gun get to that state shame on you Alan
  2. Lakenheath

    Thank you very much for your replies my wife (non shooter) and i often go to highlodge when having a day out and i was wondering if we might go to Eriswell sometimes for a change seems like we can so might see you sometime Alan
  3. Lakenheath

    Sorry if i have missed anything but anybody got any info since it's been opened
  4. suffolk 40 bird sporting hoxne

    this needs a bump it 's a good shoot
  5. Any dental technicians on here ?

    draw a picture of what you want or find one on google just a thought??
  6. Miroku Mk 60 Grade 5 20 Bore

    thanks jjsdad
  7. Miroku Mk 60 Grade 5 20 Bore

    can you now buy a miroku with auto safe i bought a browning 725 because of that love my 26" 3700 but its seen better days saying that it's the one i pick up every time
  8. L200 pressurising trouble

    Go on l200 forums good for advice
  9. blacksmith or engineer

    Ew thank you very much Wascal i will look that up thank you
  10. blacksmith or engineer

    the big one as a general hammer could be, the balance is all wrong for up and down but would would work side way's
  11. blacksmith or engineer

    would anyone know what these hammers are used for the small one is 1950
  12. "Today im mainly in the shed"

    Well done ditchman i am so pleased that it has gone to some one who is using it i spent many hours using that in the 60s and 70s
  13. anyone help with this

    We need a Japanese or Chinese interpreter
  14. anyone help with this

    Again in my dads shed assume a multi meter ?? any help would be great
  15. Any Ideas to what this is

    well done old'un a victrola phonograph spring motor