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  1. Drove from San Francisco to San Diego twice, couldn't recommend it highly enough, fantastic.
  2. Please don't swing by the neck, use a priest
  3. No flack as we've all been there. The priest is the best route as killing by braking the neck is much more difficult. An old keeper showed me numerous times, he could do it one handed without any obvious effort but it takes time to perfect
  4. Shot a cracking partridge out of a covey last week, 45 - 50 yds to my right , only problem was I was shooting at the bird in front of the one that dropped
  5. Bad advice. No kennel club papers. As they won't register a litter from a bitch of that age , especially a first litter .
  6. No one will mind how good you are, everyone will mind how safe you are.
  7. That means there'll be two teams and you will alternate between beating and shooting. Not being rude you do sound inexperienced and there is too much to tell you to be able to help on the forum. Safety is the main concern and as Kennett said that can go out the window if you become over excited. I took a relatively inexperienced guy last year as my guest . He told be he had shot a fair few days on pheasants but I decided I would give up my gun and stand with him and I was pleased I did. I told him to shoot only into the sky as a background but he attempted to shoot a very low partridge and I s
  8. Is it driven or walk up ? If it's driven I would take Kennett's advice.
  9. I hope you have as good a time as possible. I can't and don't want to imagine a Christmas without my wife.
  10. My two oldest granddaughters have attended the local primary school with 90 pupils from 5 years old to eleven. The education was exceptional and much better than the local private schools where some of the neighbouring children were educated.
  11. All our own birds, no shoots around us, 900 birds down 12 guns. Your right ,absolute bargain
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