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  1. I wonder what the statistics are for someone being killed or seriously hurt in a road rage incident? 150 potential road rage incidents and counting! I would say the odds are not in his favour.
  2. I'll take these please. Will pm you
  3. I don't either, but apparently the Police can charge you for recovery/storage etc of a stolen vehicle.
  4. Apparently the RSPCA are charging the dogs owners, who had their dogs stolen and found in the raid £140 to get them back!
  5. Needed a steering spiral (the thing that makes the horn work) for my Hilux. £960 from Toyota! £160 New Genuine Toyota part off Ebay!
  6. Have you contacted the Freeholder of the block? They may have had one done already? If the front is glass and concrete and the rear rendered brick, where is the cladding?
  7. Maybe the Police could provide an area at the Police station?
  8. Ok, then i'll take it pls. Pm me your bank details pls
  9. Hi is this a 3rd generation model? If so would you post?
  10. Ok thanks. Do they travel far? If not he must have been wild for 2+ years.
  11. As per title, is this a Ferret or Stoat? Thanks
  12. What do people think are better Promatic or Bowman traps? Pro's and Con's for each? Would like to hear your opinions please. Thanks SP
  13. A colleague has a manual one, that a car reversed into and bent over a bit! Enough to stop it going down. He couldn't get his car out yesterday.
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