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  1. I will. Thank you. Thank you. Would you say that is the only difference? If a "cut out" was made in the 30 stock do you think it would fit?
  2. Sorry for the late reply! It seems to be ok, but only time will tell.
  3. Hi will a HW 30-4 stock fit a HW 35? thanks SP
  4. Thank you, i will try one.
  5. Hi, Does anyone know where i can get a replacement mixer that has the pipe tail end spacing of approx 75mm? (see photo)
  6. I think all Gun safes have to be certified here? With a Kite mark or similar. Logic doesn't come into it!
  7. Very impressive. I wonder what hoops we (UK) would have to jump through to get something like that "approved" by the FLO??
  8. Make one out of an old caravan?
  9. I know, I just find it unbelievable that a person in his position would not have CCTV at their house. I am of course presuming he doesn't, and i am presuming this, because i'm sure the footage would have been plastered everywhere if he did.
  10. Exactly this. If you were Packham would you not have CCTV at your farm/house??? Edit: Anti's love to film things, even them breaking the law! For a celebrity(??) who has had threats etc against them in the past to not have CCTV????? I've no doubt that he would arrange for the crows to be placed there, to further his cause.
  11. Especially as, very recently, a newly formed group called Wild Justice, with apparently only £36K in the bank did just this to NE. Resulting in NE pooping themselves and not risking the court case! Imagine what the authorities would do if facing an Org with £6M in the bank!
  12. Thanks, but i think its slightly diff on the Mac, i think. I have tried this but it just gives the time and date it was sent, not taken. Worked it out thanks!
  13. Is there a way I can get a date and time, that the photo was taken, from a photo that has been emailed to me? One was taken on a mobile and texted to me. The other was emailed to me. Thanks SP
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