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  1. silver pigeon69

    Hello from me

    Welcome Diver one! I was also a tec instructor! Started in the Uk and then went over and did 6 yrs in Sharm. Maybe our paths have crossed?
  2. silver pigeon69

    Roast Pigs Head .

    Wow! Thank you!
  3. silver pigeon69

    BREXIT - merged threads

    May also include what or who they purchase from.
  4. silver pigeon69

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Ask the coal miners grandchildren if they have forgotten about Thatcher. There are areas in Wales that have not and will not vote conservative because of their extremely long memories.
  5. silver pigeon69

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Surely a percentage of that £140K is the loss to the franchise, but the majority would be the loss to the factory. It would be a very dramatic figure if half the population (leavers) and potentially half the customer base of Mercedes (in UK) decided not to buy them!! (it could be approx 12.5% of Mercedes turnover!) And that would not account for the other customers it would loose if there was a 10% increase in price due to import tax! edit- they sell over 200,000 cars a year in UK. Do you think loosing 100,000 sales would not affect them?? With all due respect i think Pinefireman is closer to being in Business than you!
  6. silver pigeon69

    Hold the Porsche.

    If there is an import tax the Eu will be cattle trucked and the Euro will drop in value (probably more than 10%). As the UK market pays in £UK they will make the 10% difference on the exchange rate!
  7. silver pigeon69

    Roast Pigs Head .

    Anyone know if/where you can buy something this size in the UK? Last time I asked a farmer, they said they wouldn't sell one this size, as they grow so quickly they would be worth double in a few weeks.
  8. silver pigeon69

    Musto retrievers vest

    Ok. I will take it pls. Pm me how you would like payment pls
  9. silver pigeon69

    Musto retrievers vest

    Is this the one with the large game pocket at the rear? If so, i will take it pls.
  10. silver pigeon69

    Hold the Porsche.

    Rather than hassling their customers, they should be putting pressure on Merkel and the EU!
  11. silver pigeon69

    Hold the Porsche.

    Will they?? If prices of parts etc go up second hand prices may go down.
  12. silver pigeon69

    Blocked barrel with felt wads

    One of the members at our club had exactly the same problem with Eley's a few years ago. He wasn't so careful and didn't check his barrels! The next shot burst the barrel, luckily no one was injured. He contacted Eley who didn't seem to care!! Edit- fibre wad, clay load (not sure exactly which type)
  13. silver pigeon69

    N O B S

    Firstly I would introduce yourself to the forum (normally your first post) then put a wanted ad, in the shooting offered section, on here, and the area your in. That should get some leads. Also there are numerous Facebook groups that you could ask on. I can't help with NOBs
  14. silver pigeon69

    Advertising for pigeon shooting in Kent

    I have a field of 1acre, set to grass with no pigeons on it. You can shoot it 365 days a year. There you go, I've sorted you out 365 days of pigeon shooting at £100/day. That will be £36,500 pls. Should i pm you my bank details??? 😂😂😂😂😂
  15. silver pigeon69

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    Very True. He is liable, however if they are at fault he may be entitled to compensation. I don't think the landlord is allowed to stipulate "which" supplier the tenant uses. I believe they can stipulate conditions such as whether a key meter etc is installed.