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  1. How will the RFD collect the guns if only you know where the keys are?
  2. I have a hushpower 20g and a Bretton and Gauncher phantom 410. The Bretton makes the huspower sound like its not moderated! Everyone (including my local RFD, who wanted to have ago) cant believe how quiet it is. Take a look at it. The whole barrel is moderated, not just a can on the end.
  3. Your right. Its not older than the original post,.
  4. An older thread on CG's vs Beretta I have had my CG Elipse curve for 3-4yrs and still love it!
  5. Don't take this the wrong way but do you not think this post is ironic? You being a tourist in Myanmar, viewing and complaining about the effects of tourism.
  6. Hi, Did you have any heating in the room? Are the walls, roof/ceiling insulated? Did you notice any condensation on the walls/ceiling/ windows(if any)? Floor specs: Measure down from what you would like as your finished floor height, 400-450mm(depending on concrete depth you decide? 100mm should be fine.). That's 150mm of hardcore, whacker down, 50mm sand, whacker again, DPM, 100mm kingspan, then 100-150mm concrete. Place your mesh/rebar, lifted 50mm off the insulation(you can buy spacers). As its an outbuilding/separate garage(different r-values to living space and not heated?) you can buy cheap polystyrene insulation instead of Kingspan, if you want? Make sure dpm comes up the wall higher than the finished slab level. Trim it when concrete is dry. You will need (for 3m x 5m room) approx 1.5m3 at 100mm depth and 2.25m3 at 150mm depth of concrete, quite a lot to mix. If you can drive to it, i would get it premixed. Good plan with the ventilation. One problem you may find, is that once the floor is done, the condensation moves to the next cold spot, the walls/ceiling?
  7. Hi Steve, What model Vantage is it pls? Where do you find out what size Pard ring adapter you need for your scope? Thanks
  8. I thought if you used Zinsser, you could only cover it with Zinsser?
  9. I would sand it back to the purple and try an oil based stain block.
  10. It was on the bank of a stream. The previous footprint would have been on hard ground and the next would have been in the stream. The area was also covered in lots of deer slots. Your camels must be big! Nah, no imprint from Robin! I haven't put those ones up yet!
  11. As per the title. Would you say this is a boar or deer slot? thanks
  12. I will. Thank you. Thank you. Would you say that is the only difference? If a "cut out" was made in the 30 stock do you think it would fit?
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