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  1. Could be? Didn't think of that.
  2. Ok thanks. Do they travel far? If not he must have been wild for 2+ years.
  3. As per title, is this a Ferret or Stoat? Thanks
  4. What do people think are better Promatic or Bowman traps? Pro's and Con's for each? Would like to hear your opinions please. Thanks SP
  5. A colleague has a manual one, that a car reversed into and bent over a bit! Enough to stop it going down. He couldn't get his car out yesterday.
  6. If it does include postage and bumpy22 doesn't want it, i'll take it. If not a location may help with the sale.
  7. Both, stand one, walk one. Normally 1/2 standing in a line and the other half walking towards the line. The walking line could start >1 mile away from the standing line! Both standing and walking lines shoot. When the walking line gets to about 350-400metres from the standing guns a whistle goes off and everyone can only fire "behind" them and not forward. The walking line then starts to make a sort of horseshoe shape with the ends closing into the standing guns. sometimes the circle gets quite tight and the last few hares literally escape the circle through your legs! The standing and walking line guns are spaced at about 40m apart.
  8. Last year they were paying £5 per hare. But like Pheasants, you could sell a days shooting them for a lot more. 100 hares, 20-30 guns >£4k/day.
  9. I have a hilux invincible, double cab with truckman top, 61 plate. I have two kids, eldest is 7yrs. I use mine for everything from working on the shoot to the school run. Yes its a bit noisy, but only from the outside. Don't really notice it inside. Its great on the motorway and comfortably cruises at 70mph, with lots more power in reserve! We quite often go on holiday in it and the back swallows the luggage (all girls!!!) including their bikes etc. Used to swallow, cot, pram, pushchairs etc. Excellent off road and in the snow (with All terrain tyres). Last time it snowed the girls loved going out and rescuing all their school friends parents! The only downside that i have found is its length. Its the same size as a vivaro van. You need a big parking space. I have a reversing camera which is invaluable. In some multi storey carparks it can be a bit tight manoeuvring. I will definitely be getting another pickup when the time comes to replace mine.
  10. Sussex Ambulance service use it as well.
  11. Me neither! I would imagine that the ones that it happens too, may have been badly soldered in the first place? Be interesting to see what temperatures are reached
  12. But your reasoning, about the plastic cartridges melting, seems valid and would like to know from some of our experts on here why they don't?
  13. I am no expert but just done a bit of research on t'net and general opinion is that the "soft soldered" ribs, especially Perrazi will melt if shot too much.
  14. Im only quoting what i was told by someone, who's full time job is repairing them and has repaired hundreds. Maybe i misunderstood and the ribs start to peel off due to the different expansion rate of the barrels/solder/rib? But he definitely said that the soldered ribs suffer on big simulated days.
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