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  1. silver pigeon69

    How far

    Hi Tomquin, what are the rules and what is the difference between the two pls? Are these different in Scotland to England? Thanks
  2. silver pigeon69


    i did try and google but nothing came up! Thank you I thought as much, just couldn't find anything on Google etc. Thank you
  3. silver pigeon69


    Theres a local homeless bloke "Will" who stays near to where i work. He never begs and doesn't even has a "collection" tin. He always says good morning when i pass. I normally stop and have a chat and give him a few quid for some food. A few days ago i was chatting to him and he was saying how cold it was, especially as someone had nicked his sleeping bag. There's a local army surplus store nearby and i noticed they had a "Maggot??" sleeping bag (the one with the hood). He was so made up when i gave it to him! (seeing his face, i think it made my day more than his!) On the flip side, there is another homeless man (more beggar than homeless!) who "begs" a few hundred yards away. He always asks for money, never says anything else. I don't like giving money to homeless people if i see them drinking or smoking cigarettes. (not that i have a problem with this, i have a problem with funding this!) Last year, before Christmas, i walked past him and he asked and i said i didn't have any change. He was smoking a cigarette (not a roll up!!). I passed him to go to Argos to buy a laptop for my daughters Christmas present, that wasn't cheap! Whilst in Argos, i felt guilty thinking about the presents and Christmas we would be having compared to his. I decided to give him so money on the way back. i took a few notes from my wallet and had them in my hand. As i walked towards him, he was speaking on his mobile telephone, it was an iPhone 8!! About a grands worth of phone at the time! The money stayed in my hand and i walked on! What i think i'm trying to say is, there are genuine homeless then there are others who can make many £1000's a week.
  4. silver pigeon69


    Any one know anything about this company or similar ones? The cars seem very cheap. Are they legit? What are the risks, apart from no warranty and no test drive? Thanks SP
  5. silver pigeon69

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Its not the only deal! There is "The Deal" as you put it (although i wouldn't call it a deal, far from it) and Hard Brexit.
  6. silver pigeon69

    personal navigation assistant.

    If you drive, there is an app that will take you back to your car.
  7. silver pigeon69

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    Thanks, i'll have to take a look as i imagine all the Truckman tops have the same type of lock.
  8. silver pigeon69

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    Thats good, but how would a cut in the wire stop the manual key from working???
  9. silver pigeon69

    Izusu dmax locking issue

    i had a similar problem with the truckman top on my hillux. It was a sticky central locking motor. Manually work the arm and see if this helps? After it happened a few times i changed the motor/actuator (£3 off fleabay!) and works fine now. Just re-read your post! if its not locking/unlocking with key, see if the rod that connects the lock mechanism to the key mechanism has come unattached.
  10. silver pigeon69

    Tradesman rates

    3.5 days for a boiler change? That must be a very big/complicated boiler?
  11. silver pigeon69

    Tradesman rates

    Is this working for the general public or subcontractor rates???? when you say pipe fitter, do you mean drainage/ground works?
  12. silver pigeon69

    Tradesman rates

    Prices around the SE, Labourer 80-100, bricky £180 , Plumber £200, Chipie £150, Plasterer 120-140. (These are prices i am paying/have just paid) But It depends, and varies quite a bit, on how fast they are and how much they knock out in a day and the amount of work you have for them. ( The plumber had 5 complete combi systems to instal, back to back, in the same building) Also, I organise all materials etc and have them ready on site, so they don't need to spend time ordering/collecting etc According to the trade organisations they average £70k (that may be what they put down on their returns??)
  13. silver pigeon69

    Problems with Neighbours (again)

    Is it classed as littering, if you leave food in a public place? If so that will be the next visit!
  14. silver pigeon69

    Bricks and Mortar Discount used shotgun

    I have always got either money off or some freebies, if they couldn't drop the price. I have had a gun slip, a bore snake, a slab of cartridges etc.