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  1. Bloody hell! Thats a big red! Well done bet your well happy D!
  2. You don't need photobucket you can upload them straight to the site. Unfortunately i have an iPhone so cant help you, but i'm sure someone will help you soon.
  3. I had this same problem for about 4 yrs! It was a tiny leak on a soldered joint, that only leaked when the pipe was hot. The drip ran down a fall on the pipe and had evaporated/ dried itself before dripping onto anything, so no wet patch.
  4. £1200? How many windows was that for?
  5. Do you own your house? Do your neighbours own their house? If the answer is no to either question then contact the landlord. Under the human rights act, you have a right to peaceful enjoyment of your home. If they are breaching this, which they appear to be, then you have a case against them or their landlord. Compensation for these breaches can be very high! A letter from your Solicitor/Lawyer, with threats of compensation for your stress, may be enough.
  6. Yes pls. Pm,d you
  7. I haven't a clue! Don't question it, just buy it and drink it.
  8. This is the one! Its Very Good!
  9. You say Farrow and Ball colours. I hope you mean you will be taking the Farrow and ball catalogue colour to B&Q or a Dulux centre and getting them to mix you that colour? And pay £10 a litre rather than £40. You can also get some 200mm/ 8 inch wide by about 2m/ 6ft lengths engineered flooring that comes bare and looks like floorboards. I can take a picture of mine, to give you and idea, if you want but its oak.
  10. I'm with Lloyds and they do seem switched on. They recently declined a payment of mine when ordering a Thai delivery and sent me a text asking if i had tried to make the payment. Weird thing was that i had ordered from this same place using the same card on quite a few occasions in the past.
  11. You keep trying to back peddle and keep quoting "extreme view of Brexit". In you original post you said he was extreme RIGHT!
  12. There are exceptions/exemptions. If your doing "renovations" you can extend it, they may want to see the work and the important factor seems to be that you do NOT have a toilet. Evasion or Avoidance? One is legal
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