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  1. Yes might give that a try,would maybe get away with a thinner wrap, Not so far,
  2. I had the 16g tube made for me to cut down 70mm cases to 67mm simply insert the case and run a Stanley knife over the top, the ramer is just from some old loading bits, Jim.
  3. I push an 8g card into a 16g brass case trimming tube, Trying to be plastic free on wraps,
  4. Them ones,👍 I only have the long ones so cutting to length I need, Jim.
  5. Up date today, fund some thicker card to try, also added a inverted 8g card over powder which now produced around 1250 fps, but I used the thick card as a wrap which was overlapped and with the extra pressure on the overlap it cases the case to split so going to have to make some kind of wrap that meets end to end, the card I used still disintegrated on firing but I did find the outer layer which had not been holed, now going to test the paper cup wads from C&G to see how they stand up, Jim.
  6. Now looking for a tougher card,and ideas? Jim.
  7. Fired a few today, although they still felt punchy, chrono reading were low as smokersmith thought they would be,don't know if it was because the card wraps I used were turning to confetti on firing and may be giving a false reading, so now looking for a tougher card to try again, here's the patterns through a 1/4 choke, Jim.
  8. If your on your own post it will have three options, Jim.
  9. The first 16g I had was when I was a young boy back in the early 60s, I used to play cowboys with my brother ,we played with this rusty old gun which always lying around somewhere, it wasn't till I was a bit older that I decided to clean up this gun,when I set about cleaning the rust off the barrel I came across the name purdey of London , that 16g single barrel underleaver is still in my gun room hoping one day to be restored but I doubt I will ever be able to afford that, Jim.
  10. Hi Dave, this particular original load was tested with 28 grains of ici C3,= AVG 811 bar/ V 2.5 408 ms , Jim.
  11. Yes rub through is the thing I am looking for, I may have to use a thicker wrap and reduce the payload slightly, if it works it will be a nice and easy way to load plastic free as long as over powder cards and fibre wads are readily available, the other thing I thought of using was and inverted 10 or 8g over shot cardcup over the powder as in big bore loading to help with gas blow by , Jim.
  12. Been playing around in the loading room today trying to come up with a simple plastic free load, decided to use a tested 3" load with 32 grams steel shot in a B&P 32 plastic wad, I have put a over power card in then a 10 mm fibre wad then a card wrap cut from some packaging, 32 grams # 3 steel shot , over shot card,all fits great , will try to get them over the chrono tomorrow to see if there is a big difference in speed,will also have to check the card wrap for rub through,might need to go thicker, what do you all think? Jim.
  13. (Are you home loading? ) Yes home load all my 16g , Down South, glad you are on your way with the 16g steel, 👍
  14. 16g Lincoln no.2 ejector , great guns for the price, shoots steel shot very well, Jim.
  15. Well that's good news, plenty food there for them! Thanks again,👍
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