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  1. Look on eBay ,sure I have seen them there, search outdoor waterproof seat, Jim.
  2. I used to shoot on Montrose basin with Arthur C. He did not like Jack at all, here's a photo of one trip,
  3. I never liked the idea of dragging a muddy jacket over my head ,👎 Jim.
  4. If these guns want to shoot at 80yds go to a clay shooting ground, these shoots are what gives shooting a bad name and will end up getting all game shooting banned, no respect, Jim.
  5. No used the milk trick myself but must have eaten many hundreds of coastal wigeon over the years ,skinned ,crowned, and strait in the pot, Mmmmmmm. 😋 Jim.
  6. Don't use it anymore £25 posted
  7. Yes I agree, the rubber glove treatment as you put it is nothing to be afraid off ,. Get it done!, 😳 Jim.
  8. Yeah that`s it. I was fortunate to meet and chat with Clarissa Dixon-Wright and she said that leaving them immersed in milk overnight removes the flavour, yet I still could not bring myself to do it just in case I still didn`t like them. I also stopped eating goldies and tufties for similar reasons too. needs to be full fat milk,. Jim.
  9. The slippery slope has started 😀 👍 Jim.
  10. She is very much hated by many up here, she certainly doesn't speak for me,. Jim.
  11. Hi Jim do you mind if i pick your brains on the sx2 ? as you see i have been in the process of selling one it is fairly unused i have probably shot 80 shells through it and the owner before me probably less.

    Now i never had a jam or problem with it dry cycling or live fireing i used a 70mm 32 gram shell .

    The chap who has just bought it tried it today and said the shells get jammed every time live or dry firing he was using a 32gram 67mm shell, could that be the issue ? i have said i will take it back but asked him to try with at least 70mm shells as i know Winchester state to use 70 to 76mm in this model.He seems like a great chap and was brilliant and easy to deal with so there is no aggro.I spoke with my local gunshop today and they said he should use at least 70mm shells.I dont want to put any of this on the forum in case i offend him and also because i had 2 others waiting to buy it so i dont want people thinking its duff (obviously i wouldnt try to sell it if it was ) what do you think ?

    1. I am well aware of setback but there's a lot of shot to setback, not tried them yet will report back,. Jim.
    2. I bought some 16g steel shot cartridges from a very kind gentleman on this forum, I decided to cut one open to see components used, the shot was well above the wad ,anyone recognise which wad it is?The photo is the components transferred into a clear case
    3. Sx2 the best semi auto Winchester have made! Jim.
    4. No ,. One of them would spoil her looks😉,. She in good condition considering they stopped making them in 1958,. Jim.
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