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  1. Thinking of getting a hilux next, around 2011-2014 , anything to look out for on these trucks?
  2. Thanks all, the annoying thing is it runs so sweet, never needed anything much in the last 5 years I have had it, now considering a small van and a quad bike for off road,
  3. Hi all, garage check today they bypassed some type of water cooled valve on Side of the block and left it all day but on starting it again a 5.00 pm , it was just the same, hydrologicing they called it, even only running a few seconds there's a little pressure in the radiator, not looking good, it's a December 2009 ford ranger with 108.000 miles so don't know if it worth the repairs or just sell it as is,
  4. Thanks guys, no sludge on filler cap or dipstick, in garage this morning to check on a cold start, have noticed the last few mornings that it didn't start as usual, turned over a bit longer and fired up a bit uneven,
  5. My ford ranger has a suspected head gasket leak, coolant keeps needing topped up, its an expensive repair, has anyone tried the radweld type head gasket sealant that you add to coolant and did it work? Just trying to find a cheaper fix, Jim.
  6. Very handy bit of kit if you do a few different loads on your loadall,👍 Jim.
  7. I got an A612 a few weeks ago a its never missed a beat, really good guns for the money,
  8. Are you letting the bolt close as you pull the barrel? Don't think the barrel will move unless the bolt it forward on these guns,
  9. Some good clips on dismantling on YouTube, Jim.
  10. Otters are responsible for clearing goose and duck roosts around parts of Scotland, nothing nice about otters!
  11. Hi, anyone got any Invector chokes for sale, flush or extended,
  12. Anyone had this problem, our Audi A3 wouldn't start the other morning, seams the instrument cluster is faulty which effects the immobiliser, instrument cluster now has to come out and sent away to be repaired, anyone had this problem?
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