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  1. I would think twice before pushing to change rules regarding Sunday shooting, you may end up worse off that we are now, Jim.
  2. I have had one for years,usually use 2oz lead shot here in Scotland, that gun your looking at will handle 2oz bismuth fibre waded loads no problem , Jim.
  3. Anyone agree that autumn watch was the biggest load of pointless tree hugging load of **** that I've seen yet, they spent a week up my way and all they showed was seals and the odd red squirrel , what a waste of money,😡 Jim.
  4. Just buy a lee loadall and buy the extra bits from aberisle on here to load 3 1/2" as well, job done! Jim.
  5. Think Kevin at tidepool has then, Jim.
  6. Better if it was Massey red!😉
  7. That's a great service, what price per kg does it work out including postage ordering from China? Jim.
  8. wigeon jim


    To post on here I have to email the photo to myself and then save the photo to my photo album again, this seams to resize it for using here, worth a try! Jim.
  9. Ok but now I have to sign in every time, can I set it to stay signed in and get notifications on home screen? Jim.
  10. I go a message on my iPad saying I have to update my AOL mail account, gives 3 options but not sure which to use, any AOL users on here done the update? Jim.
  11. I had that one time and put it down to the temperature inside my shed was a lot hotter the day I returned to loading which I suspect made the plastic cases a lot softer, 🤔 Jim.
  12. 1kg of SP3 powder for sale, £60, pickup only,centre Fife, Jim.
  13. As you say the moment will be stored in your memory, 👍Maybe next time. Jim.
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