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  1. They think it a safe place to put up a breeding mound,😀 Jim.
  2. Good luck with the new putage traps, new ones are not easy to set as the triggers slip on the new metal surfaces, I usually put them in a bucket of water for a few days first rust them up, also did you remember to order a setting tool for them? good luck and keep us posted, Jim.
  3. You should print off the top photo in full mallard size and sell as a target for cartridge pellet count testing, I would buy them,. Jim.
  4. Are you using quad sticks? If so do not rest the barrel on the front pair,. Jim.
  5. Only one for me also last night but it was my first with my 17 HMR , head shot at 80 yds off the quad sticks, . Jim.
  6. https://www.angle-park.co.uk/. Try them,. Jim.
  7. Hi, can I ask what size steel shot you use,, I got good patterns with BB ,. Jim.
  8. Anyone still have and use an Ithaca mag 10 ? I have one but it doesn't get out very often, usually I pick up the Lincoln ou 10g or the 8g if after geese but considering using the mag 10 more this coming season, . Jim.
  9. Just looking for a cheap lamp that will do for foxing and will last a few hours, Jim.
  10. Hi, anyone use these cheap rechargeable lamps off eBay for foxing and do they hold a charge ok? Jim.
  11. But just look what you get when your garden is a jungle, Jim.
  12. wigeon jim


    Been hearing them for the last 2 weeks on the lomand hills behind my house,. Jim.
  13. Also have some here if required,. Jim.
  14. This is where I got the shape/s from, Did you print the images or redraw them bigger ? Jim.
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