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  1. I see Rooks are off the Welsh and l think Scottish GLs. It may go same way here in the future perhaps. Personally l think shooting young birds near the nest cruel and opens us up for more bad press that we don't need and would be happy to see it stopped. Rooks can still be shot in Scotland under general license 02/2020,. Jim.
  2. I would guess half that distance,. Jim.
  3. As cookoff013 says, that is what I do with some of my 16g loads,works well,. Jim.
  4. Are these handloads, Jim, or commercial stuff? Yes these are hand-loads,. Jim.
  5. The crop protection licenses for pinkfoot geese ect didn't allow decoys or big bore guns but nothing in the new general license about decoys for greylags,. Jim.
  6. I shoot 1 oz # 4 steel at pigeons (around 1480fps ) and I don't notice any difference to 1 oz lead loads, Jim.
  7. Still used a lot on farm tractors,,. Jim.
  8. It definitely was Alan Myers who built it , I remember holding the gun at Kelso, Jim.
  9. Good call , use one myself for years, works on wigeon as well somehow! Jim.
  10. Back in the 1980/90 shooting times printed a few pages of myself and friends shooting days, one that stands out was ptarmigan shooting where there photographer got so exhausted walking in the snow we had to keep stopping so he could catch up, I also used to supply a lot of photos to the magazine and was lucky enough to make a few front covers,. Jim.
  11. Going to the gent above,. Jim.
  12. I have a land rover 90/110/Defender 1983-1995 up to N reg, service and repair manual if anyone wants it for the price of postage, say £3
  13. i have started to use ITX 10 in my 8 bore, if you want a few new resized Remington black cases to get started let me know,. Jim.
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