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  1. Just done a flow test, only getting 8 L.P.M. On hot tap
  2. Just slowed up the cold supply coming into the house and it's now producing hotter water, so should I just keep it at that or should the boiler flow restrictor be doing that,. In the process of fitting a mixer shower at the moment but on hold till I know boiler will cope,.. Jim
  3. It's a Baxi platinum 33 combi Erp boiler
  4. Thanks to the above,. The hot water in the kitchen near the boiler is not to bad ,you can just hold your hand under the hot flow but the hot in the bathroom above the kitchen is only half as hot even running a bath with only hot water its sill not hot enough,. Used to be OK as you needed to add cold water to the bath before,. Jim.
  5. Hi, any heating engineers on here now what is wrong with my Baxi boiler, heating side is fine but the hot water is not nearly as hot as if used to be, it's only a few years old and was serviced last July but since then the hot water has been getting cooler, anyone know what's up,. Jim.
  6. Will I have shooting rights on my croft,😀 Jim.
  7. Choke measurement means nothing it's the pattern the gun produces with whatever shell you use which will vary greatly between cartridge types,. Jim.
  8. If we all started to only eat veg wouldn't we be farting instead of the cows,😉 Jim.
  9. Well that's it done, thanks to all for the advice,. First few hours worked already today,. Jim.
  10. Yes I got 20 years redundancy, don't want to sign on for the reasons above , just looking for the best way to work a few hours here and there and keeping every thing above board,. Paper work shouldn't be to bad as it would only be hours worked, I think! Will probably still work part time after retirement age ,( so the wife tells me) ,. Jim.
  11. Yes 65 but no state pension till 66 for me in Dec this year, not going to be working to many hours just a helping hand when they need me, just wondering if it's the best way to go, Jim.
  12. After 50 years working on the same farm I was made redundant at the end of October , been enjoying the free time to do more fowling ect, I now have a few local farms offering me part time work, they say everything would be easier if I was self employed , has anyone gone down that road and is it an easy enough thing to sort out? Jim.
  13. In terms of risk to humans, it is probably OK to cook it and eat affected birds but not sure it's recommended(!). We had a wildfowler from last season who said he'd eaten his affected bird - personally I like wild meat because it's healthy so the idea of eating meat that's weirdly full of parasites is rather less appealing but perhaps I'm a bit soft! It's worth noting that affected meat shouldn't be fed to dogs either as they might become the intermediate host for the parasite. This is part of an email I received ,. Jim.
  14. Yes reported , have also been looking out for it in geese for them but so far not had any with it,. Jim.
  15. Had one about two years ago then this one on the 2nd January a drake mallard, anyone seen any this season? Jim.
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