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  1. Fair price. I love mine. Very versatile.
  2. The bars fill up progressively until it's ready to do a regeneration. Then it all happens automatically. Brilliant!
  3. Some vehicles have demisters built in. They usually operate with the rear screen register.
  4. I have this 2017 model. Never been a problem. Just drive It normally. I have never had to do a manual regeneration. I do a20 mile ish journey once a week. Nothing special.
  5. Idle back. Expensive but never let's you down. Had mine for years.Faultless
  6. Hi you're in luck. I have one for sale. How does £120 grab you? Les
  7. I agree Paulem, but it doesn't feature in any charts or lists that I have seen. Seems odd. Les
  8. Hi gents, I have been trying to date my A5 but without much luck. All of the above doesn't get me anywhere.mine is marked as follows. In small size 59 thenin larger size 7650. Any thoughts please. Les
  9. Has anyone come across any directive/advice re traditional roost shooting on Fridays in February
  10. I have a DMax Utah 2.5 twin turbo 2017 and average 32-35. Les
  11. Thanks for that but neither cover the browning T bolt unfortunately.
  12. As per title. The standard trigger is too hard a pull. The adjustment leaves a lot to be desired. I've found the 'Jard' replacement although it doesn't seem to be available at the moment. Are there other replacements or does anyone know of any adjustments that can be made to the original? Les
  13. Try your local caravan spares shop. They should have adjuster plates to raise or lower the tow ball height and all the proper bolts you need!
  14. Go for variable direct debit. That way you only pay for the fuel you use!
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