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  1. point and shoot

    Optics warehouse credit

    can't you get a refund?
  2. point and shoot


    Excellent chairs. Wouldn't be without mine! Good luck with you sale.
  3. point and shoot

    Bear Tooth Comb Raising Kit (Boxed.

  4. point and shoot

    Bear Tooth Comb Raising Kit (Boxed.

    As per title. Complete with all five foam adjusting pieces. Never used. £18 posted.
  5. I always thought that the law stated "The chief constable WILL issue a shotgun/firearms licence unless he can show good reason not to!. HE must make the checks he deems necessary and accordingly pay for whatever information he requests. The applicant is just that. The responsibility to check suitability is down to the Police.
  6. point and shoot

    winchester sx4

    I read a recent review of the sx4 and as already said its an sx3 with a different trim. The reviewer went on to say - "if you've got an sx3. you don't want to change it for an sx4!" worth looking into. Cheers Les
  7. point and shoot

    beaters day

    A good osteopath would be the answer. Mine has been brilliant. Kept me going!
  8. point and shoot

    Izuzu dmax or l200

    You do get engine braking once you've applied the brakes down hill. I had a ne w Utah in march. Very pleased with it. IMO second to none.
  9. point and shoot

    Izuzu dmax or l200

    +1. Second to none. Bought a Utah vision in march!
  10. point and shoot

    Briley & Teague extended invector plus chokes

    You have PM
  11. point and shoot

    2x Briley extended invector plus chokes

    You have pm
  12. point and shoot

    Vintage Motorcycle

    Hi, where are you in Yorkshire? Les
  13. point and shoot


    I have used these on my Isuzu Rodeo Denver. (Now sold) There are four chunkies and one Bridgestone Dueler which was carried as a spare. all 245/70 R16. The chunkies are remoulds with 8mm of tread. The bridestone has 10mm. There are some side wall cracks but I am assured by National Tyres that as long as you don't see any steel braiding they are ok to go. The wheels are in need of a cosmetic makeover. They are six stud with a centre stud hole to stud hole of 70mm. I understand that they will fit other makes and models. THEY ARE NOISY ON THE ROAD. £50 for all five Cash on collection from Bridlington YO16 Les
  14. point and shoot

    RICHA motorcycle gloves

  15. point and shoot

    Wanted - Harris Bipod

    Hi, I have a Harris SL. 9x13 with swivel. Smooth legs so can be set at precise length. Little used. £60 posted. Les