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  1. Top chap, an a top morning! I used his 10 an it was great fun. I may be keeping my eye out for the right gun... but let's not tell the Mrs!
  2. Casserole is good for Canadian Goose, just cook as long as possible. I like the recook the day after lol Its basically a beef flavour. Grind the mean and mix with alot or pork mince (for lots of fat as Goose is Lean!) and make beef burgers for the summer. Topgunners loves my Goose Burgers and Muntjac sausages!
  3. For a number of weeks now i have be meaning to write a short report and most importantly a note of thanks! Since then we have had a bit of an up and down time in the family plus i turned 30 so I just lost track of time so here goes! Last year I posted on PW regarding a Holiday the family was taking to the lake district, to see if any one knew or was a memeber of the wild fowling clubs in the local area as part of the BASC memberships. To my suprise a member of PW (Fandango) responded and turned out he was a memeber of the South Solway club, which was not far from where we were staying!
  4. Tim85


    Use the pre paid cards. Fair FX is great, Tavelex are fine and Post Office. Travellers cheques just seem like a real pain in the a55 option. at least with the cards you can take out cash when needed rather than havin large amounts on you. Plus its easier to get your cash back if stolen.
  5. Tim85

    Car search

    As i see this, its firstly and most importantly illegal for anyone to search your personal property full stop. Which in the eyes of the law would more than likely make any evidence found in that search inadmisable and the case in a tribunal would be thrown out straight away. Secondly unless you have breached H&S rules by not washing / using PPE before handingly other poultry then what is the problem here? End of the day, they have broken the law, whether you have broken your companies rules or not!
  6. Thought the thread was a bout a rifle maker called Sue.
  7. I love my Browning Camo Baseball cap, top quality and isnt fading like the cheap ones!
  8. I would but just dont have the time! I may see if i can whip something up on Sat night for ya! Plus i think there will be more than enough food lol. Im picking up the game pie tomorrow in Knowle
  9. Apple Wood, Cherry Wood, Hickory is great too! I have an offset smoker that is outside and more of a summer thing than anything but i love it! I have made Pulled pork, Ribs, Chickens, Wings, brisket's, Also!!!!!!! Smoke your steak for 20 mins or so before you sear it! it is simply amazing!
  10. depends what the job is, at work at the moment but could it be done later?
  11. Im waiting for them to start bashing out a Defender when JLR stop making them next year! The Evoque is a ladies 4x4 really, an to say 4x4 is a push, yes its 4 wheel drive..... like the panda 4x4 is but its a posers motor.
  12. I think so! I live in Solihull an use this motor way probably 5 days out of 7 as a minimum so yeah i have a little bit of experience with it......
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