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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. Could be a nice earner flipping cheap mags 😂 Seriously though why should anyone hand in a scope? Nothing wrong in a legal sense with having a lot of that stuff. You get decent money for an optic but a few quid for a punching dagger? Seems the wrong way round thinking about apparent harm reduction. Pocket change going to convince gang members to hand in their stash of zombie knives? 🙄
  2. Attempt to turn an AYA into a Greener?... 😂😂😂 Seriously though it's your gun, embrace the fact it's distinctive 👍
  3. Powder is a difficult one to get delivered, somewhere local enough might drop it off. Primers will be £10-15 delivery. Folkstone do hazardous delivery up to 20kg for around £10 so you can buy shot alongside the primers etc and only pay the one delivery fee.
  4. Another shout for Folkstone Engineering, great prices 👍
  5. Thanks for the input everyone- obviously wanting to avoid a potentially awkward situation! I think I'll go down the envelope route
  6. Handshake with discreet passing over of a tip is probably the most common way to do this. With distancing and other regulations how is it best to go about it this season?
  7. Checked in with ERSG again and now sorted with some Unique 👍
  8. Wabbitbosher will undoubtedly have what you need! Also look on Ebay
  9. Another good shout but tried and they've not got anything suitable in stock. There's also the angling centre but that's quite pricey so backup option. Might end up heading to Bushwear in Stirling, prices look decent there
  10. Good option, have them in mind but just seeing if there's anything a bit cheaper on the doorstep first 👍
  11. Looking for powder suitable for reloading 20bore (E.g Psb2, A1, Unique, Longshot) in Edinburgh. Anyone got some kicking about that they're looking to sell?
  12. 👍 Should have components by end of the week. Christmas come early!
  13. That's what I've gone for so good to have confirmation! What wad length does the 27g recipe use?
  14. Thanks, makes sense 👍 Hoping John at FES has stock still, I know he was due some in recently but demand has been something else
  15. Mainly thinking RE case length, is it likely to be alright? Wanting to avoid buying components then having to put a very deep RTO on because too long. Planning on 67mm case
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