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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. I got my better half a 20 and it still turned out to be too heavy, might be worth considering a junior 28? On reflection should have gone for this but she doesn't shoot much so just uses a single barrel .410.
  2. I've got one with a flip up breach and I think if you have restricted movement with fingers it might not be the best option. You'll need to thumb the hammer down etc and might be a bit of a fiddle. I think a break action would do the business in a more accessible way. Falco do a break open one, as do Chiappa. I got mine from MGR guns near Lincoln and if you're happy to collect then they do some very good prices on the ammo. If I lived anywhere nearby they'd be my go to for that!
  3. That it is, their ammo prices are something else. To be fair I had a great chat with the guy in there the one time I visited, looked at various guns etc. Couldn't fault the customer service in that respect but nothing else about the place was doing it for me! They had a selection of absolute scrap as project guns but at prices for which you could buy something decent elsewhere. Not sure who uses them to be honest, probably propped up by the fishing side of the shop along with the occasional muppet who wants to fork out for an overpriced slab of Hull 😂
  4. The Edinburgh Field Sports one down in Granton?
  5. Sounds about right though never actually seen one in 20. The 12s tend to be around the 250 mark + depending on model and condition. Not got a bad word to say about them as a brand. I've got a 12 bore as my main gun. Got a 20 bore Lincoln though and as above, nothing wrong with them either! That was around £450 second hand.
  6. Do I understand rightly that holders of individual licences will have their names and addresses given over if a FOI request is made? That would be shocking if it's the case. Not only does it open them up to abuse and potential threats, it's as good as a catalogue of gun owners as where they live! That would be an incredibly serious security flaw.
  7. They take 4.4mm BBs which Protek stock as well in bulk. The other model is Anschutz 275
  8. Hi, yes looks like a Haenel 310. There's a similar model made by Anschutz but I can't remember the designation. They come up for sale frequently on German forums and you see them at shootings stalls at fairs over there. I think the Haenel actually takes a slightly different calibre of projectile to the usual. I know that ProtekSupplies sell the right ammo and occasionally have spare magazines etc which are hard to come by. Great fun for a bit of close range plinking. Not sure about the condition of that one in the picture though. I mean come on that should be taken into protective custody and given a good oiling 😯
  9. HW95J

    Hades pellet

    Not tried them but imagine they would expand better with FAC power as do any hollowpoint. I've had good results with .177 H&N Hunter Extremes (sub-12) though, so it's not to say the design won't still be effective at this power. In .22 on the other hand I never had good accuracy at all. Might be that if you're going to have a less aerodynamic pellet in sub 12 then .177 is the way forward. Will get a tin of the Hades and give them a shot at some point, along with the regular JSBs.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48058693 Article suggesting the highly innovative approach of controlled burning in Scotland, starting next year. To be done by the Scottish Fire Service. A brief mention of gamekeepers but overall ignoring the fact that this has been done for years and that a lot of land for shooting is already managed like this. No acknowledgement that there have been recent fires on land that could have been protected this way already if it was managed.
  11. Not sure I care what you call a ship (be it BoatyMcBoatFace or anything else 😁) However - Is it not more reasonable for a person to have a preference about how they're referred to and for that to be respected, than a boat? My point I suppose is that if people can make an effort to call a machine 'she', they can adapt to whatever an actual person prefers. A ship, or dare I say it even Desmond (sorry Des!), would likely be indifferent on the matter 😂
  12. Leatherman micra for everyday, the knife on that is miniature and non-locking but does the job. I've needed the screwdriver tools and bottle openers etc quite a bit as well as the knife/scissors. As it's a very small multi-tool, I don't think there could be any argument against it. I still don't take it along if going for a drink etc though. Not worth the risk of an overreaction. If in rural area then it's a Swiss and if on private land then an Opinel or a fixed blade.
  13. I wholeheartedly agree with the petition. However, the first comment below it is damaging to our cause. Whilst they're certainly not wrong, it's damaging to our cause to have that language associated with the petition. On that basis, I wouldn't be comfortable putting my name down on this one.
  14. Typical, I asked at every gun shop if they knew of any reloading stalls and none of them did. Did you find out where they had been put?
  15. HW95J

    Paper case cartridges

    As above, there's a flash sale on at the minute and they've got Purdey Paper Case 30g 7's for 7.50 a box. Try finding paper case for £7.50 normally!
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