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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. HW95J

    Hatsan V3 1/4 Choke

    Improved Cylinder/ 1/4. Flush choke. £10 posted
  2. HW95J

    DPM Camo Baseball Cap

    Where is it in the picture you ask? Well precisely! - it's the finest of camouflage patterns. Ideal for the pigeon hide. I believe this is military surplus(?) Never worn. Was given it a while back but I stick to my flatcap. £5 posted
  3. Freeview signal booster. Family member bought this a while back to try and boost TV signal in rural area. Turned out the issues were due to a different fault so this wasn't needed. I don't think it's even been plugged in before and just been sitting in a cupboard since. Has all the bits including instructions. £12 posted
  4. No idea! I'm 100% against any further regulation but you can imagine some nonsense like this coming about
  5. The most workable licensing solution would probably be something along the lines of the airgun one in Scotland i.e licensing the individual rather than specific guns. Having to prove 'legitimate' reason for ownership etc. Either way, there will be a significant amount of heritage lost through 'amnesties' etc if the law changes. I doubt the police will be advising individuals that there is potential historical/financial value in what they hand in. It'll just be straight into the crusher.
  6. HW95J

    Rented accommodation and gun cabinates?

    There might be an RFD nearby willing to offer storage at reasonable cost?
  7. HW95J

    Thin end of the wedge?

    The powers that be are working themselves up a bit over reloading. After hearing that people were reloading for obsolete calibres I think they'll try and crack down. Was that RFD case not actually in Manchester(?) I just read in the Shooting Times this month that there is further debate about regulating antique and obsolete guns. I was very disappointed to see that BASC haven't released anything regarding this recently. Now is the time to start buying Section 58!
  8. It's the complete opposite of conscientious objection if they'll actually sign them off for money. I'd argue that if money is the motivating factor, it is considerably less 'moral' than refusing to sign them at all. It just says 'Our principles can be purchased for £200'.
  9. HW95J

    Lee Enfield No.4 Butt Plate

    Hi all, I'm after the above, one of the black alloy/steel ones rather than brass. Ideally with screws but can source these elsewhere if need be.
  10. HW95J

    Sling mounts- Semi Auto

    Time for an update. As below, followed advice from the thread and got the mounts on with out much issue. At the last minute I decided to buy the swivels from a UK seller instead of China to get them quicker. Turns out that seller was full of it and they did indeed come from China 😐 paid twice as much as well! Left some v.negative feedback but couldn't find a way to report them for it. So anyway after a hell of a long wait I got the work done. Used a Dremmel drill for the stock hole (nice and easy) and cut the bolt at the front down with pliers to right length to not touch the mag tube before sanding smooth. Trouble is I had it out a few times while waiting for the order to arrive and in that time decided that semi autos aren't for me. So after all that fuss I'm getting rid of it 😂 I can operate an O/U quicker and avoid spraying empties all over the shop. Fun experience though, had to try it...
  11. Clean when barrels are still hot if using plastic and that can shift it. Alternatively, switch to fibre and after running a few down the barrels it'll clean up. I never use plastic even on clays just to avoid the fouling issue. There's not much price difference now anyway.
  12. HW95J

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Shoot what you're comfortable using. You might not get something more capable with the extra budget but if aesthetics are important then you could get a nice looking gun for that money 👍
  13. Just something I've seen written on the forum at some point. Might explain the batch number being the same if it's just a different box.
  14. Are wild game not the export version of clear pigeon?
  15. HW95J

    Best wishes,

    Merry Christmas to everyone (in advance!). May you find slab/gun shaped packages under the tree