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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. HW95J

    .410 Magtech Brass

    Looking for a box of Magtech brass hulls in .410. Thought I'd try here before shopping online on the off chance someone had a box they're looking to sell.
  2. Try Vintage Arms Scotland if you're after a .303. They shoot down in the borders along with other locations. Some people have .303 granted for stalking, not sure how the local FLD feel about it and perhaps unlikely for a first grant but then again it's a case by case basis and depends on the land you have to shoot over etc. If you could say you would be out with the keeper then perhaps they'd like the supervision aspect of that.
  3. I had an SGC already and applied for an AWC in time for the law change. Only cost me £5 to have them coterminus. Not sure if that's still the case, I seem to remember they only told you how much you owed them after they'd decided how long they'd give you one for. I.e some got them granted for only 2 years to stagger the renewal demand. You can have as many as you like covered by your existing tickets so long as they were valid before the change and this as you say is the case until they expire after which you need an AWC. You can't legally acquire additional airguns until you have the AWC.
  4. Depends on the clay ground as to my own approach. There are some where I don't hang about in the clubhouse so I just keep the gun with me whilst checking in and paying at the end (in a slip). Others have car park visible from clubhouse so if having a coffee etc will leave in boot in view, car is alarmed and can keep a fore-end/bolt with me. A few places I've been to I've just kept slipped gun with me while having a tea (if they're dedicated clay ground). It's just whatever is most practical in each different situation. Where I shoot most regularly I put guns in the boot when taking a break because it's a busy place and has other non-shooting related activities going on. It would be a bit antisocial to have a shotgun lying about where it can be tripped over etc. I'd feel the same if someone sat their golf bag next to their table. Something worth bearing in mind is that most places will have guns to hire which have to be kept securely, potentially an option to ask if you can leave it in that area temporarily.
  5. Try taking the ejectors out and cleaning. I've got a Lanber which is more than 2nd hand but it has a tendency to stiffen up sometimes and a good clean of ejectors does the job
  6. It will be difficult to find a small enough gun but perhaps a single barrel is the answer? Some of these folding ones are quite light and compact. Or perhaps go for a rested PCP air rifle shooting at static clays? That way could enjoy some shooting without developing a flinch from recoil etc and move on to a .410 when a bit bigger
  7. Check out QuickFire Auctions online, a good source of vintage cartridges. There is a Cartridge Collector's Association which meets up etc but I'm not a member, might be some others on the forum?
  8. Please tell me this hasn't been passed? Registration of deactivated guns, can you imagine the cost of setting up that system...
  9. Very tempting but can't justify the purchase at the moment! Lovely bit of kit with a great history
  10. Overall I think it's something we have a real responsibility to be encouraging and using. What we do is relevant to conservation and the natural environment - we make sure to communicate that every time we're criticised (i.e all the time). We have to be promoting best practice and obviously distributing plastic over fields and wetlands is the complete opposite of this.
  11. Not as bad as anticipated. With any luck the price will come down a bit as people switch.
  12. Anyone have an indication of price for these yet?
  13. You'll need to be a member of an approved target shooting club. Increasingly common now, .22 semi auto or other calibres as revolvers etc. Look for places that do gallery rifle. A regular prone target rifle club won't entertain the idea!
  14. I've got one of the ones from forest camping. Good quality, never had any issues with it. Would recommend!
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