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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. Got a cheap scope on it and keep it very close range, wouldn't stretch much beyond 15 yards personally as I like to play it safe. The layout where I used it for rabbits allowed me to get near enough and it did the job. Mine is a 2250XL and puts out something like 9ftlbs so you just need to be aware of the limitations and be sensible. I'm happier taking my HW95K as it's just a lot more capable but it's all about the specific situation. I can imagine it being a good rig for pigeons in/around farm buildings, nice and lightweight to carry.
  2. Un-suppressed they make a fair noise but with a moderator they're very quiet. I have one mainly for targets but also some rabbits in the past (short range). Mod does what it was supposed to do. Lots of modification potential with these which is good fun
  3. Does using coffee as a buffer give a certain fragrance to the gun smoke? 🤣
  4. I believe that wee sticker at the top on the inside of the door says that it conforms to the standard BS7558/92. Had a very similar one (possibly the same make). So debate aside, I'd be 99% sure that it ticks the boxes in that sense.
  5. Try Liveline in Bathgate, I think they have used ones. Failing that the Edinburgh Dive centre.
  6. Great, thanks. Just tracking down load data. Much of this seems to be for plastic wads but I've asked ClayGame if they have any relevant sheets.
  7. I'm going to branch out in my reloading to include 16 bore. What powders are people using for this (to allow me to start working out costs and supply). Will be looking to make some 26g and 28g fibre wad loads (RTO). Thanks in advance
  8. Check out 'Dust Devils', they're essentially frangible BBs that reduce ricochet risk
  9. I suspect BASC and the other organisations wouldn't have implemented this unless they knew the government had similar plans brewing already. I hope that they capitalise on this benefit and make sure it's on our terms as much as possible (which would never be an option had the government done so first). Allowances need to be made for older guns that can't take regular steel let alone high performance. The antique/vintage interest must be strong enough within the key stakeholders in these organisations that I doubt they'd be voting to make their own collections obsolete... I'll switch to steel for my guns that can take it but some can't and I'll be damned if I'm running bismuth through those at that price! We need more detail from BASC. Are they making exceptions, how do they reconcile this with the official line that lead isn't significantly harmful etc etc I want to think that there's some kind of higher level of plan here so let's hope it materialises.
  10. HW95J

    Cabinet lights

    Got a magnetic light in my cabinet. Makes a huge difference for avoiding bumping stocks etc. Would highly recommend for anyone considering.
  11. A lot of the arguments against can be said of the firearms we discuss 99% of the time on this forum. I.e the projectiles travel far and they're dangerous if you're an idiot with them. Learn from someone who knows what they're doing. Make sure you have the right kind of environment to use one i.e backstop and space. Then crack on 😁
  12. HW95J

    .410 Magtech Brass

    Looking for a box of Magtech brass hulls in .410. Thought I'd try here before shopping online on the off chance someone had a box they're looking to sell.
  13. Try Vintage Arms Scotland if you're after a .303. They shoot down in the borders along with other locations. Some people have .303 granted for stalking, not sure how the local FLD feel about it and perhaps unlikely for a first grant but then again it's a case by case basis and depends on the land you have to shoot over etc. If you could say you would be out with the keeper then perhaps they'd like the supervision aspect of that.
  14. I had an SGC already and applied for an AWC in time for the law change. Only cost me £5 to have them coterminus. Not sure if that's still the case, I seem to remember they only told you how much you owed them after they'd decided how long they'd give you one for. I.e some got them granted for only 2 years to stagger the renewal demand. You can have as many as you like covered by your existing tickets so long as they were valid before the change and this as you say is the case until they expire after which you need an AWC. You can't legally acquire additional airguns until you have the AWC.
  15. Depends on the clay ground as to my own approach. There are some where I don't hang about in the clubhouse so I just keep the gun with me whilst checking in and paying at the end (in a slip). Others have car park visible from clubhouse so if having a coffee etc will leave in boot in view, car is alarmed and can keep a fore-end/bolt with me. A few places I've been to I've just kept slipped gun with me while having a tea (if they're dedicated clay ground). It's just whatever is most practical in each different situation. Where I shoot most regularly I put guns in the boot when taking a break because it's a busy place and has other non-shooting related activities going on. It would be a bit antisocial to have a shotgun lying about where it can be tripped over etc. I'd feel the same if someone sat their golf bag next to their table. Something worth bearing in mind is that most places will have guns to hire which have to be kept securely, potentially an option to ask if you can leave it in that area temporarily.
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