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    Spent years shooting smallbore and fullbore target rifle then moved into airgunning and shotguns. Primarily clays and pest control/rough shooting. Also collect shotgun cartridges and have a strong interest in firearms of historical/mechanical value.

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  1. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Have liberated an old mascara brush from my better half and after a clean it's proving ideal with a bit of ballistol to do the job Have used it a grand total of twice but yes I did wonder that. Didn't spend quite enough time following that thought process though
  2. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Had been doing this- just in blissful ignorance of the one part that actually needed attention As they're hidden under the ring that goes over the magazine tube, I didn't see them or know to look for them. Might not be shooting until January but I imagine this will sort it. RE the O-Ring- had replaced the old one with a spare already so it's not that
  3. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Serial starts TR AK if that helps. Have given the ports a good brush and they're looking nice and clean now 👍
  4. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Having just taken it apart, I've realised that it is gas I had expected there to be a gas tube rather than the direct ports on the barrel as is the case. I must have read something somewhere that made me think it was inertia then combined that to reach an incorrect conclusion. Looks like it could do with a clean in those ports, though they're not particularly obstructed. Semi autos are a learning curve, I think I prefer my O/Us - they've always gone bang without issue
  5. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Pretty sure it's inertia operated rather than gas. Very clean but could be more lubricated, I think I'll try the teflon option to see how that goes.
  6. HW95J

    Semi Auto Ejection Issues

    Thanks everyone, will give it a good oiling before next shoot and see how that goes. I might just have to stick to heavier loads. I had a couple of 32g 5s and decided to give them a try- ran just fine. Just surprised that the same lighter load previously ran OK.
  7. Was out shooting yesterday with my Webley 810 (inertia operated semi). Having previously used English Sporter 28g PW without issue, I purchased a few slabs of these in fibre. I had a few different issues with it cycling. Often it would fire and eject cartridge number 1, chamber and fire cartridge 2 but not eject that one. Other times the first case wouldn't eject enough to leave the gun so obviously it jammed. Do fibre wad loads produce less recoil and therefore not eject as well as plastic? It's a bit strange because I've previously run 24g steel pretty reliably and as mentioned, the same cartridge in plastic. Suggestions welcome as I now have a good few cartridges which I may need to just put through the O/U instead...
  8. No worries. The label suggests something hotter (I think 12.9?). I started out with 12 and still found it a bit snappy so on advice from the forum reduced to 11.6. Tried the new load out yesterday and I think I've found what works for me
  9. Powder: 11.6 grains of Lil Gun Shot: 18.5 grams of #6 Wad: 12mm fibre from Folkestone Engineering along with 2mm over-powder card. Primer: Fiocchi 615
  10. HW95J

    Custom Fit [Ear] Guards

    Was just thinking about getting some of these (passive). I believe the passive ones allow you to hear conversation but not gunshots- which are automatically filtered out as with electronic. The duo have a switch to go between being able to hear and not. That's the impression I got from the website anyway. The Youtube channel SRSPower did a review a while back and that may have involved a discount code for viewers, worth looking to see if still active.
  11. HW95J

    How far

  12. HW95J

    Odd cartridge

    Maybe you've won a tour of the factory? Do Eley have any 12 bore loads that come in yellow cases? Definitely worth chasing up as there's evidently some kind of problem if this has been mixed in.
  13. HW95J

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    Yes, I just stick to keys for this reason. As convenient as a keypad seems at first, there's plenty more that can go wrong.
  14. HW95J

    Digital Key Pad Gunsafe

    There will be a key that comes with it for using if this happens.
  15. HW95J

    10 bore cartridges

    Angler's Choice in Dundee stock Gamebore Mammoth 3.5" in both lead and steel. Check out their website. I think Malloch's of Perth also have 10 bore ammo.