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  1. Sold to the man above pending the usual. PM sent.
  2. Selling my reloading press & anciliaries. It's an older mec600jr, not sure what mark/model but it is in good working order and comes with powder & shot bottles, 4 x charge bars (no bushings) and a Lee balance scale. As depicted in the photos. It's a heavy machine, so collection is preferred but it can be well packed and posted for Mainland UK only. £100 collected or £120 posted. I can send better pics via whatsapp or email, pm me if you need further info. Thanks for looking.
  3. Having a tidy up of the toy box. A couple of knives I came across, just been languishing in the cupboard and never used, just collected and handled a few times. K-BAR USMC Knife, excellent condition with sheath - £75 posted HANWEI Reproduction of the V-42 commando (WW2) knife, some wear to the blued finish on the blade from the scabbard - £45 posted
  4. Not got any plans to do so right now, sorry.
  5. https://www.paint-direct.co.uk/en-GB/product/1217/3139-0-0-0-12.aspx I got mine from local decorator outlet, but the link is to the same stuff. Way better than the screwfix no nonsense.
  6. Blackfriars paint & varnish remover does the job, faster than the screwfix stuff and dries off nicely. Ive used both and the Blackfriars was way better. It's Strong smelling and a bit more expensive but does a good job.
  7. I'll take this please captC. Pm me your payment details.
  8. Completely different. The AL48 is a long recoil operated gun, with a reciprocating barrel, the Affinity is an inertia operated system, and much less clunky. I enjoy long recoil actions, had an AL48 once and still have the Browning Auto 5. I have had my Franchi Affinity for about 5 years and it is a superb gun, no issues to speak of. I also had a Stoeger 2000 and it was rubbish, jamming constantly and got rid of it.
  9. Got some olive drab ones if any good?
  10. Diana Oktoberfest Luftgewehr.... multishot bolt action based on german festival gallery rifles. Supposedly doing a 4.5mm version in the U.S. Looks like fun. Not expensive either.
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