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  1. wraivi

    Semi Auto Club

    Pm'd you....btw, you should be good with superfasts, put plenty through mine.
  2. wraivi

    Semi Auto Club

    It sounds like you need are having issues where the cartridge stop & carrier latch need attention. It seems that the cartridge stop is mis-timing the release of the shell from the mag. Second to this, if the carrier latch is out of clearance, it will cause dragging in extraction and ejection. Possibly why its stove piping and colliding with the newly released shell from the mag tube. After years of use, these sometimes lose alignment and require tweaking to restore the specified operation clearances. Relatively easy to do with some care. Where are you based?
  3. wraivi

    Mosquito Repellent.

    I use a type called herbal armor (u.s spelling)- essential natural oils based, no nasty stuff. As above stay away from deet, it's effective but I have seen it eat paint like brake fluid, so probably not great for skin! Herbal armor was the only thing I found very effective against zambezi tsetse flies and the Mozambique coast mosquitos, and smells good too. Got my last lot online.
  4. wraivi

    Masonic Charity shoot

    Yep, a great day and thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks to Mick and the team for their efforts in organising the day, super job.
  5. wraivi

    Fly Fishing kit- basic

    SOLD pending payment
  6. wraivi

    Vitara GV1600 16V 2003 parts advice

    Good to know, saw them on flea bay, so will look there also. Cheers.
  7. wraivi

    Vitara GV1600 16V 2003 parts advice

    Good to know, I'll have a look at their site. Thanks.
  8. wraivi

    Browning BPS Hunter 12 gauge

    Apologies for the delay, replied to your gunwatch message earlier today. Cheers.
  9. wraivi

    Browning BPS Hunter 12 gauge

    Yes, 3 inch chamber & steel proofed, forgot to include that in the info. Thanks.
  10. wraivi

    Vitara GV1600 16V 2003 parts advice

    Very good, Thank you.
  11. I am after suggestions on suppliers of decent parts for the above vehicle. The time has come where I need to sort out a new cambelt & waterpump on mine plus a few other niggly bits. Just after some quality bits over the cheap rubbish of the likes of flea bay etc. Any suggestions from other Vitara users out there. Thanks in advance.
  12. wraivi

    16 Gauge MEC mk1 600jnr. Reloading press

    Yep, I've just replied to your PM. Thanks.
  13. wraivi

    Fly Fishing kit- basic

    Near Thrapston & Raunds, Northants.
  14. wraivi

    Fly Fishing kit- basic

    Sure, but too much risk of damage to the rods.