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  1. Just seen this info on another site, describing the abundance of counterfeit versions of the Howard Leight Impact Sport ear defenders by Honeywell. I have had a pair for several years and notice plenty of others wearing them too. I got mine from a reputable gunshop, but recently, on searching for a gift for my brother and looking at another pair of these, online this time, I came across this post. Just thought it was worth sharing amongst fellow members. See link below. https://canadianfirearmsblog.ca/identifying-counterfeit-impact-sport/
  2. Famous last quotes

    General George Custer...... "Where in hell did all them injuns come from?"
  3. Pump Club

    I am up for it, look forward to meeting up in November then.
  4. Bandsaw - Charnwood W 715 10"

  5. Daihatsu Fourtrak Alloy Wheels

  6. Having a bit of a clear out. I Purchased this new a couple of years back for a small project. I only used it a few times and it has since just sat idle gathering dust on my bench. It's a British made machine in excellent, pretty much new condition with the original manual, tools and accessories. £150 o.n.o. Collection only(due to size and weight) from Near Kettering,Northamptonshire.
  7. A set of 4 used Daihatsu Foutrak alloy 5 stud wheels with tyres comprising of the following:............. 2 x kumho road venture 255/70 R15 108H tyres in good condition with 7.4mm - 7.6mm tread depth..... 1 x General Grabber 255/70 R15 108s in good condition with 7.4mm - 7.8mm tread depth.......... 1 x Dunlop Grantrek 255/70 R15 108Q in poor condition ( has some perishing cracks in tread - o.k for offroad) with 5.5mm -6.2mm tread depth.......... I got these for my fourtrak which I sold last year, and I never got round to cleaning them up............ They have been dry stored for the last 2 years, the tyres are dirty but in very good roadworthy order with plenty of tread, except the Dunlop. The Grabber is almost new....................... The alloys themselves are dirty and have corrosion marks in places, but no deep pitting or cracks, just need some elbow grease for a good clean and polish. Please ask via pm for more pics in detail, what you see is what you get................. £150. O.n.o Please pm me with any questions. Collection only from Near Kettering, Northamptonshire.
  8. franchi afinity

    Have you tried removing the trigger group? With this out of the action, You should be able to see the bolt lock latch and disengage it manually....just hold the carrier so it doesn't slam forward when released. Hope you get it sorted.
  9. Browning auto5

    There was Spanish company selling them awhile ago on Amazon uk, have a look.
  10. Franchi infinity 12 g

    Beretta/ benelli mobil chokes.
  11. Indian National Park rangers

    My first full bore rifle was a 1918 Enfield bought from a police armoury sale in southern Africa. I took my first kudu with it, on iron sights. It was superbly accurate, and always used military ball ammo,of various origin. Modern factory stuff was not available. I remember a pro hunter told me that the .303 has possibly killed more game in Africa than any other calibre, but also wounded the most. I would imagine the wounding issue is down to rubbish grades of surplus ammo. I think this dubious honour may no longer be the case these days, with the arrival and proliferation of the AK and SKS type weapons and it's nasty, 7.62x39mm cartridge, commonly used by poachers all over Africa now.
  12. Browning auto 5

    Try wabbitbosher on here, also there are some from Spain I think, on amazon UK.
  13. Uber cabs

    Definitely way cheaper and I found them spot on. Use them whenever I am down in London. I heard from a buddy in Hungary that the Hungarian authorities kicked Uber out of Hungary as they undercut the local cab companies too much. Story goes that most local cab businesses are owned by local government officials ....the coffers took a hit & subsequently Uber got ejected from there.
  14. Look at vintage reloading tools on fleabay, there's always a few de cappers and hand operated rto tools. Also shot and powder dippers. Worth a look, also a lee load all machine on the web, about 50 quid new.