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  1. Not yet - they will make a decision on that in March apparently.
  2. I had a GSX600F in the early 90s - worst bike I ever owned and sold it within 2 months at a large loss. As mentioned above the CBR600F is an excellent bike, but if too small then Tiger 800 or a GS. Can get early CBF1000 quite cheap now, reliable, good for touring but not much fun.
  3. You gonna do something about it or are you just gonna stand there and bleed.
  4. Nandy 8 Wrong daily 5 Starmer 2 but the results below show how bad they all are - Question: What mark would you give Jeremy Corbyn out of 10? Your answer: Less than 10 No points for any candidate Question: Do you think Jeremy Corbyn should be in the shadow cabinet? Your answer: No No points for any candidate Question: "People weren't so much saying 'I don't like what's in your manifesto', because there was some good stuff in it, they just thought it had gone to a tipping point where they couldn't believe it." Your answer: Disag
  5. Yes, as Stimo22 says same roundabout as the NEC, opposite side of the M42.
  6. Went on the Friday and Sunday 2 years ago and the Friday was much busier than Sunday. Last year went to the National Motorcycle Museums International Arms Fair on the Sunday morning and to the show afterwards about 1pm - much emptier than going in the morning. Its worth going into the motorcycle museum cafe just for something to eat before the NEC - basic but much nicer and cheaper than the unpleasant slop they sell at the NEC. Parking should be free at the NEC and they've added an extra hall so should hopefully not be as crowded as previously.
  7. As said by landy george the first two numbers are the year of manufacture for guns sold to distributors outside the US - the 1G, 1V etc model codes were for guns sold to Browning in the US. The quick load feature only appeared after 1953 so 1961 would seem to be the year of manufacture. this book has all the info on the production of the Auto 5 if you're interested - https://www.amazon.com/Browning-Auto-5-Shotguns-Belgian-Production/dp/0970799764
  8. Worth a try but the one I have always used before was as in Woodbepigeonshooters post. Have used it for transfers and the automated reply was normally instant. they definitely read them when in the office as I had an early morning reply from an actual person when I forgot to attach the transfer form to the email once.
  9. Not sure if that still works, have always had an automated reply almost instantly from there but have had nothing from my last email to them yesterday. The phone numbers on their website no longer seem to be in use either. It may now be this one - SurreySussexFelu@sussex.pnn.police.uk as they have apparently merged with Sussex although theres nothing on Surrey Police website about it. Will try this email address if I haven't had a reply by tomorrow.
  10. My local Tesco used to sell Sporting Gun, Shooting Times and Gunmart but recently none of them have been on sale, the odd airgun mag is occasionally in there and thats it.
  11. Scope now sold - will include a Walther red dot. Price now £495 ono.
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