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  1. How nice does that look...well done. I am guessing that this isn't the first time you have done this.
  2. Thanks gents for taking the time to post you have been very helpful. I recently bought some bp cartridges to put through my eight bore and had heard that it was more corrosive than nitro. I dont leave my guns dirty anyway but i just wanted to be sure to get it right. Thanks again.
  3. Can anyone tell me please if there is a different procedure for cleaning a gun when using black powder . Are there any solvents i need to get? Thanks
  4. royden


    There is a knackers yard on the A5 at Cannock that had a ferrets for sale sign up a month or so ago. I will have a look tomorrow to see if its still there and if there is a number to call.
  5. Thanks for the heads up with regards to Angela. Phoned her this morning and now waiting for a call to collect my black powder cartridges. Very pleasant lady and very helpful.
  6. I did the same with the 12 so that i could shoot close rabbits the ferrets bolted and still have something to eat.
  7. A couple of pictures of the Webley and Scott made .410 adapter that i bought in the seventies so that i could use my 12 to shoot bolting rabbits when ferreting. The other one is a 12 to 16 adapter that was in a load of old stock that i bought with an Eley paper case well and truly stuck.
  8. I met Alan at Weston park and was sad to here of his passing. I will call the shop today and would never be anything else but respectful. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Wanted both 8 and 10 bore rollover tool please . Also after good quality powder scales for same. Thanks
  10. There is a guy near Hednesford Staffordshire goes under the name of the Airgundoctor who i believe worked for Logun that may help. His number is 01543876800. I bought a Mk11 off him over ten years ago that i still have and never had a moments trouble with it. Good luck.
  11. So if this goes through before the end of the Brexit transition the planned five year phase out of lead shot in the UK will mean nothing.?
  12. Last year a delivery guy knocked on our door after 9.00 at night. When i made comment about him running late he said he had about half dozen more to do and if he went back with them he wouldnt get payed for the day.
  13. Thanks for the information gents and yes Smokersmith i will be at the gunsmiths first thing in the morning.
  14. Thanks for the offer gents but i am still not sure what i need. It has a damascus choked barrel but shows no chamber length or load rating and a proof mark that i think is black powder. The gun itself is in nice condition and has either had an easy life or renovation at some stage and although it would look nice on the wall i just couldnt do it. Is it a practical proposition to shoot black powder or would a reproof for nitro be the way to go. Thanks Roy
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