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  1. Thanks for the information gents and yes Smokersmith i will be at the gunsmiths first thing in the morning.
  2. Thanks for the offer gents but i am still not sure what i need. It has a damascus choked barrel but shows no chamber length or load rating and a proof mark that i think is black powder. The gun itself is in nice condition and has either had an easy life or renovation at some stage and although it would look nice on the wall i just couldnt do it. Is it a practical proposition to shoot black powder or would a reproof for nitro be the way to go. Thanks Roy
  3. I am in the process of buying a W Watson & son single barrel hammer gun dating from the late 1800s partly for the experience of shooting it but mainly because it is a nice looking gun. My problem is that i have no experience with reloading ( although i intend to learn) so was wondering if anyone is reloading 8 bore commercially. Thanks in advance. Roy
  4. Had two o/u in the cabinet and decided to lose one so i sold the Miroku MK70 and regreted it ever since. Nice gun that never gave a bit of trouble.
  5. Nice picture. Never actually seen a young un in the nest but did find an egg in a Dunnocks nest when i was a kid. What was the host parent with this one.?
  6. Thanks for the information gents you have been very helpful.
  7. I have no experience at all as to reloading but I have the chance to buy a Ponsness Warren 375c press and a good quantity of 8 and 10 bore primed cases plus loads of other stuff I don't know how to use...….yet. It also comes with a few 10 and 8 bore reloads so assume that all the bits are there to reload these and also 20 bore. Does anyone have any experience with this press and is there anywhere that I could go or even a book to read that will get me started.? If I can master this and as I don't like ornaments the Watson single barrel 8 bore that I have been drooling over for the last 12 mon
  8. Thanks gents I will give them a go.
  9. I am just about to buy my first ever 10 bore and could do with some advice as to what steel ammo is available. If I remember right it is chambered for 89mm cartridges and it comes with two boxes of Remington 3 1/2 in cartridges loaded with 2 0z of shot. Now I know that I cant use them for wildfowling but it gives me a chance to get introduced to shooting this gun. It has 32 in barrels and I would assume that it is heavily choked but wont know until tomorrow for sure so any advice on cartridge choice and availability would be a big help. Thanks in advance.
  10. These are a few more cartridges from my collection. The small one sitting on top of the 16 bore Eley Grand Prix is a centre fire paper case that is smaller than a .410 ..could it be 9mm. Also does anyone know of any books that may be helpful in identifying and dating some of the cartridges available. Thanks.
  11. Hello busbiter      I haven't looked yet but I cant remember there being anything out of the ordinary in the 16 bore stuff , are you after anything in particular ?

  12. Thanks for the suggestion Farmboy91 but you are trying to teach a near Neanderthal to fiddle with a keyboard so please excuse the next giant size picture I manage to get on. And yes I would buy them all day at that price..lol
  13. And could someone please tell me how to reduce the size of my files so that I can put more than one picture up at a time...…...🥴🥳
  14. As requested busbiter. Cant remember opening these before but didn't expect what I found. Don't know if these are the correct cartridges for these boxes even though I have two the same but I thought they would have had Eley on the headstamp.
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