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  1. Reckless the wife called it😁but better that than a new tv I thought.....and what's this decree nisi she keeps on about getting ?????
  2. I bought the George Bate off a friend who told me it had been his grandfathers and he couldn't recall it ever being fired. When he handed it too me it was so loose it rattled and had it not been for the Damascus barrels I wouldn't have give him the £50 he asked for it. A visit to the gunsmiths for the repair work and then submission for its first ever nitro proof cost me another £600. It would have been easier to buy one already done (and less risky financially ) but where's the fun in that.
  3. Thanks for that I will get some tomorrow
  4. Thanks for the encouragement gents, I was using Gamebore clear pigeon 30 grm but for no other reason than I didn't have anything suitable in the box for my old side by side. I have on old George Bates hammer with Damascus barrels that I would like to use but I am a little unsure of a suitable cartridge. Any suggestions please.?
  5. Just got back from my first day this year on the rape and shot like a complete bell ...d. As soon as the decoys were out the pigeon came low across the field as it was quite blustery and the gun and cartridges were still bagged up. In the rush to get on them the first shots were rushed and well off target and this seemed to set the pattern for the day.Now I don't proclaim to be the worlds best shot but I was so glad to be shooting on my own to save me the embarrassment but it started to go right and eventually I settled down with the last two cartridges from my pocket in the gun...…..and then it happened .Three pigeon came down the field to my left and then turned to come into the decoys the first two crossing over them and me dropping the back one so it dropped into the pattern. I swung onto the other birds and dropped them both with the second shot. Now if this is normal for most of you then you will have to forgive my excitement but to say I was chuffed would be an understatement and the chances of me doing it again is probably nil. The day finished with twenty pigeon in the bag but the cartridge to kill ratio is not something I shall brag about if I tell this story in the pub.
  6. royden

    Sunday shooting

    Sunday and Christmas Day Shooting England and Wales No game may be killed or taken in any county on Sunday or Christmas Day. Game for the purposes of this section means pheasant, partridge, red grouse, black grouse and hare. Orders prohibiting the shooting of wildfowl on Sundays made under sections 2 and 13 of the Protection of Birds Act 1954 still in existence are in the following counties (or parts of counties in existence before the 1974 local authority re-organisation): Anglesey, Brecknock, Caernarvon, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Cornwall, Denbigh, Devon, Doncaster, Glamorgan, Great Yarmouth County Borough, Isle of Ely, Leeds County Borough, Merioneth, Norfolk, Pembroke, Somerset, North and West Ridings of Yorkshire. Scotland There are no statutory restrictions on the killing of game on Sunday or Christmas Day but it is not customary to do so. The wildfowl species listed may not be shot on Sunday or Christmas Day This is the official response from BASC this morning and yes gents you are right, if your County isn't on the list it doesn't include you. Thanks to all that replied. Roy
  7. royden

    Sunday shooting

    Thanks Kalahari and yes you are right it isn't as straight forward as I thought . The quotation from the BASC website is exactly what caused my confusion in the first place JJsDad as on the one hand it tells you that the orders prohibiting the shooting of wildfowl on Sundays across England and Wales according to the Protection of birds act 1954 has not been rescinded. Then goes on to state that Sunday shooting is prohibited in the counties stated of which Staffordshire isn't one of them. So It would seem that there isnt a blanket ban across England and Wales but still doesn't answer the question can I shoot duck on Sundays in Staffordshire .After a call today to BASC ( a member for many years ) I await an email that may help and will post the answer when I get it . Roy
  8. Just been reading an old copy of the BASC Handbook of shooting and on page 116 ( The principles of wildfowling ) read that in some areas the shooting of wildfowl on sundays is illegal . Now I always thought that was the case throughout the country so my question is can I shoot wildfowl on a sunday in Staffordshire.?
  9. Thank you gents for the information and yes Gunman you are not far off the mark with your description . It has a snap on forend and is a non ejector with simple engraving but I will take your word for the lockwork as I wont ruin it with my amateur meddling . The barrels could do with rebluing at some stage but for now I will get some use out of it . Thanks again for your help.
  10. .The triggers are in the normal positions ( front trigger right barrel ) so presume that it was built as a right handed gun. I have included a photo of the proof marks on the flats but I cant see a date stamp anywhere . Thanks for the information Gunman.
  11. Thanks Wilksy 11 that would make sense if you were taking the first incoming bird far out and the second as it got closer although I must admit to never having shot grouse. Thanks for that and yes I will get the chambers measured.
  12. Hi folks just bought an English sidelock side by side made by A.H. Marsh of Birmingham in usable condition and I am looking for information about the maker if anyone can help please. It is nitro proofed and looking at the proof marks I think it was manufactured post 1955. It doesn't show a chamber length but it does show 1 1/4 oz load which I was told is 2 3/4 in chamber. The right barrel is choked 3/4 and the left 1/4 which I thought a bit odd. Any information would be helpful thanks. Roy
  13. Nice photo .The best I have managed yet is a half decent picture of a woodpigeon on my bird table........hardly the same lol.
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