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  1. Hello gents i am after an albino or silver kit as a pet for my grandaughter so it must be from well handled steady stock please. The younger the better and a hob preferred but i will consider a jill. I am situated in the midlands and i have kept ferrets most of my adult life on and off so will be well looked after. Thanks in advance.
  2. Its a c spanner and adjustable ones are available.
  3. I thought that might be the answer. Thank you Motty i will leave it as it is, Thanks gents you have all been very helpful.
  4. Hi Gas seal I thought after i posted that it may be for environmental reasons but had to ask. My 10 bore is also an AYA and i would be very interested in any loading data you may have thank you. Dave at Kelton was also kind enough to send me some loading information some months ago but i am collecting as much information as i can in the hope that some of it will sink in. Do you think my gun would be more versatile if i was to have it opened up to half and half ? Sorry for all the questions . Thanks Roy
  5. Is there any particular reason you substituted the plastic gas seals with the over powder cards Gas seal and could i shoot these through my double that is choked half and full.?
  6. I have posted two pictures of the same shot because i wasnt sure how it would come across on screen. The two crushed shot to the right are lead and the other two are from these cartridges and as described by Gas seal they both splintered. There seems to be a ring on the shot but i will let you gents be the judge. I am sure one day it will be as clear to me as it seems to be for you chaps but at the moment learning something new everyday. Thanks
  7. Not sure but i think its blue dot powder unless pouderT looks similar. Thanks
  8. Hi Dave As you know i have little experience with reloading but the do seem well built and not a rattle when you shake them. Thanks for the information. Roy
  9. I have been given a carrier bag full of hand loaded 10 bore cartridges that i intend to reclaim for my own first loading efforts. Some of the cases are quite rusty and will be discarded but quite a few seem very good. Most are finished with a thin plastic unmarked wads and as can be seen from the pictures some are marked with a T or TN. I thought this may mean tungsten or tin but i crushed some shot with pliers and i dont think you could do this to tungsten. Is there any visual difference between lead and the other shot materials available. Thanks in advance
  10. It must be a post code lottery with regards to how the different regional police forces deal with shotgun renewals. Staffordshire police sent me a reminder in October that my licence was due to expire at the end of November so i applied online for my renewal. Within three days a temporary licence came through the post that covered me till the end of February extending my original certificate by two months. When the police had done all there checks my certificate was granted and back dated to the original expiry date of my last certificate. How simple and effective was that. Neither have i had
  11. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Cartridge Loading by David Garrard paper back on Ebay at the moment .Bought this and as a newbie to reloading myself found this very helpful.
  13. Are they black powder proof marks ?
  14. How nice does that look...well done. I am guessing that this isn't the first time you have done this.
  15. Thanks gents for taking the time to post you have been very helpful. I recently bought some bp cartridges to put through my eight bore and had heard that it was more corrosive than nitro. I dont leave my guns dirty anyway but i just wanted to be sure to get it right. Thanks again.
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