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  1. Thats a cracker. Is it destined for some lucky devils stick. ?
  2. I use flush chokes in my gun because i am too tight to pay out for extended, but if i had payed out for them i would use them at every opportunity i had. As to comparing them to using an auto i cant see that at all. Your gun will look as safe broken with extended chokes as it will with flush.
  3. A neighbour has just told me that there have been reports of avian flu on Chasewater here in the midlands.
  4. If i only made one stick as good as that i would be quite chuffed with myself. Well done. Is the head made from Lime.?
  5. That makes sense. Thanks for the simple explanation........
  6. Thanks i will have a look for that I dont know if its because it has a damascus barrel that i have beeen discouraged from nitro proofing it but i have seen a similar gun that had been done. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Dave. I have most everything i need including the data you sent me at the beginning of the year. Just the licence and the confidence lacking. I was up your way a few weeks ago shooting a few inland ducks. Didnt see as many geese as the year before though. A local chap said it may be due to the dry summer causing the stubbles to be turned in earlier. Hope your season is going better. Thanks for your help gents. Application going in to the local firearms tomorrow.
  8. Excuse my ignorance but what is meant by a square load. I do have a powder box, a set of scales and a RTO tool. The main thing lacking is a licence, safe place to store the box and the cahoonas to load my first cartridge.
  9. Having recently made enquiries about a black powder licence i came to the conclusion that for the amount i would shoot it might be easier for me just to buy the cartridges i need. Discussing this at a local shop i was told i would need a black powder licence to posses the cartridges. Is that right. If so the only other options i can see will be to have my hundred year old 8 bore nitro proofed but when i mention this i am advised against it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Cracking pictures. I would be well pleased to see one of these let alone take pictures this good.
  11. royden


    Has anyone got any albino ferret kits for sale in the midlands that have been well handled please.
  12. Hello gents i am after an albino or silver kit as a pet for my grandaughter so it must be from well handled steady stock please. The younger the better and a hob preferred but i will consider a jill. I am situated in the midlands and i have kept ferrets most of my adult life on and off so will be well looked after. Thanks in advance.
  13. Its a c spanner and adjustable ones are available.
  14. I thought that might be the answer. Thank you Motty i will leave it as it is, Thanks gents you have all been very helpful.
  15. Hi Gas seal I thought after i posted that it may be for environmental reasons but had to ask. My 10 bore is also an AYA and i would be very interested in any loading data you may have thank you. Dave at Kelton was also kind enough to send me some loading information some months ago but i am collecting as much information as i can in the hope that some of it will sink in. Do you think my gun would be more versatile if i was to have it opened up to half and half ? Sorry for all the questions . Thanks Roy
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