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  1. stu nesling

    Hunting/shooting caps.

    i will take 2 pse. send details for payment
  2. stu nesling

    Bren Gun Magazines and Case - For the Collector

    go nicely with the carrier and 6 x bren guns the buyer has .
  3. stu nesling

    Bren Gun Magazines and Case - For the Collector

    Yes I will take these please. Will be collected
  4. stu nesling

    Bren Gun Magazines and Case - For the Collector

    not a problem,tks
  5. stu nesling

    Bren Gun Magazines and Case - For the Collector

    i may have a buyer for you, not me. but a work colleague who actually has a fully functional roadworthy bren carrier!! can you hold until i see them tomorrow?? stu
  6. stu nesling

    Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    4 hares plus i was carrying 1 as well.....ouch! every time one came close i had to drop it, then pick it up again. tried to get one in the netting but was a bit big to fit. those were on just 1 drive. only about a 1/2 mile walk. bag was well tested... so was i bag for the day was around 200
  7. stu nesling

    Pigeon Watch gamebags - £5 off sale

    had mine a few years now, spot on with no issues. you can get 4 hares in there at a push...thats a test for any bag.
  8. stu nesling

    New boots

    if you can still find them, altberg field and fell. good quality leather and very comfortable. picked up a pair a couple of years ago for £70 new. just like wearing slippers. buy a half size big if you can as they a comfy fit.
  9. stu nesling

    Rc2 competition size 6

    wish i could still get em,great shell. english 5.5
  10. stu nesling

    Franchi shotgun

    i have had 3 franchi auto's, all gas operated and i still have 2 now. i kept both 712's one is a std black action the other a grifone with nice wood stock. the 912 3.5 inch i sold went to a wildfowler and was a bit of a beast, not really for pigeon loads!! will never part with the 712's. piston settings are only really a problem on a light load, what did you want to use yours for??
  11. stu nesling

    Franchi infinity 12 g

    had a franchi 912 for a while, that was a 3.5inch chamber. a real beast!!
  12. just been to get a slab of shells and had a bit of a shock. even the basic power pigeon shells have increased form around £45 a slab to £55 !! 2 letters, 1 from gamebore 1 from another manufacturer on the counter blaming lead prices. has lead really gone up by 20%? whats it like in your dealers?
  13. stu nesling

    Pike Fishing

    nice one, used to love lure fishing for them. nice to see it held low over a mat,as you know.. they are fragile fish. lost all the enthusiasm after my "30"
  14. stu nesling

    Spot welding needed for magazine

    silver solder! if done right.plenty strong enuff.
  15. stu nesling

    Beretta poor quality?

    a sign of the times i think,i purchased mine back in 1988. with all the cost cutting etc the stock would be a good place to start cost cutting. iam not against plain stocks,1 of my franchis has a plain black plastic stock and i love it. care is nearly zero!!