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  1. Indeed I have to return mine to the dealer
  2. Thanks for your advice 👍
  3. Hi , I have a recent issue and I thought combined wisdom of the PW would be able to assist . I had a relative pass away very recently who had a number of shotguns. Unfortunately we were unable to transfer due to my license currently in for a change of address ( it’s been over 2 weeks! ). How can we secure the guns and get transferred once I get my license back. Can the partner of the deceased leave them with an RFD? To facilitate this? thanks in advance
  4. No problems using them from me, better result that the gamebore ones . I had 2 out of 25 go fizz rather than bang
  5. I used eley eco pro 32/5 steel last season through a half choke no problems on any birds 40/50 and a couple of long range pigeon ( more luck I think ). At close range with greater numbers of pellets I think they can do excessive damage
  6. Hi there sorry now sold
  7. 250 black gold 32/5 12g, all dark storm except one box- all fibre £80 west London area will travel a bit , certificate required. Only selling as too big for the syndicate I am in ( I have improved as welll !)
  8. alic

    A391 trap Shim

    Hi , i am looking for shim set for a391/400 .specifically 40mm or 42.5mm drop both front and back parts. thanks Alastair
  9. I should have said driving up from London, I have made it to Malmo once and yet to be surpassed however unlikely to get that far . Thanks for the suggestions
  10. Hi I am driving up to Preston this week and I wondered if anyone can recommend any good gun shops not to far off the m6 . Thanks Alastair
  11. alic

    Garden gun

    Hi looking for a garden gun in good order. I am In the London area -will travel a bit or reasonable RFD Thanks Al
  12. Hi there, Does anyone know where I might be able to try one of these? Closer to London the better! Thanks in advance
  13. Why come to the UK when places like Hungary offer better value?, just a thought
  14. Super fast pigeon 29gm 6, more than suitable for all quarry on our syndicate except a fox
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