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  1. I got some sillosocks for winter shooting to reduce weight etc and they work well give a bit of movement. I wouldn't bother with full body decoys.
  2. Ok thanks if I haven't sold them and I head out your way I'll message you. Cheers
  3. A slab of 250 7.5 shot 28 gram plastic wad Eley First Clay Cartridges £40 location Attleborough Norfolk sgc required
  4. They are beautiful I can post pictures of other cabinets he's made. A lifetime as a cabinet maker. Wonderful craftsmanship.
  5. My friend makes these cabinets, hand made English oak can be built to individual requirements. This one is 7 gun integrated Brattonsound safe. Cost is £2425.
  6. They are 65 mm cartridges and photodegradable wads, hope this helps.
  7. 250 12 gauge Caledonian XL 30 gram 7 shot, for sale, fast cartridges hard hitting. £50
  8. 20 gauge cartridges sold to decoy1979. 410 cartridges still for sale
  9. I have 250 20 gauge RC Sipe 6 shot 25 gram plastic wad £50 66 410 gauge 6 shot 16 gram plastic wad £15 Cheers
  10. I have a slab of these 25 gram 6 shot plastic wad. Would accept £55 which is a great price for these cartridges Face to face sale would need to check shotgun certificate. Many thanks
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