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  1. Macca72

    Bespoke Gun Cabinets

  2. Macca72

    Bespoke Gun Cabinets

    Yes Simon Reynolds
  3. Macca72

    Bespoke Gun Cabinets

    They are beautiful I can post pictures of other cabinets he's made. A lifetime as a cabinet maker. Wonderful craftsmanship.
  4. Macca72

    Bespoke Gun Cabinets

    My friend makes these cabinets, hand made English oak can be built to individual requirements. This one is 7 gun integrated Brattonsound safe. Cost is £2425.
  5. Macca72

    250 Caledonian XL 12 g Cartridges

    They are 65 mm cartridges and photodegradable wads, hope this helps.
  6. 250 12 gauge Caledonian XL 30 gram 7 shot, for sale, fast cartridges hard hitting. £50
  7. Macca72

    20 gauge and 410 cartridges

    20 gauge cartridges sold to decoy1979. 410 cartridges still for sale
  8. Macca72

    20 gauge and 410 cartridges

    Attleborough Norfolk
  9. Macca72

    20 gauge and 410 cartridges

    I have 250 20 gauge RC Sipe 6 shot 25 gram plastic wad £50 66 410 gauge 6 shot 16 gram plastic wad £15 Cheers
  10. Macca72

    250 RC Sipe 20g cartridges

  11. Macca72

    250 RC Sipe 20g cartridges

    I have a slab of these 25 gram 6 shot plastic wad. Would accept £55 which is a great price for these cartridges Face to face sale would need to check shotgun certificate. Many thanks
  12. Macca72

    Open FAC application Norfolk

    Hi Scotty my permissions are in the South Norfolk area.
  13. Macca72

    Open FAC application Norfolk

    I recently spoke to the Norfolk firearms officer and he said automatically opened up on first renewal, but could apply after 3 years. I've got around 6000 acres but only had fac for a year, bit of a pain keep taking permission forms to police but no bother really.
  14. Macca72

    what rifle is best for rabbits

    Cz 452 American 22 fantastic kit it would be a long time before i change it