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  1. I have 31 Eley Grand Prix HV 32 grams no 5 shot, and 42 Eley Impax 28.5 grams no 5 shot and 5 Eley Impax no 6 shot, so a total of 78 Bismuth cartridges for sale. Face to face sale with SGC shown. £70 Location Attleborough Norfolk
  2. As title 2 point gun rest, fits Primos trigger sticks, very good condition, fully adjustable works perfectly. £25 including postage
  3. I've just been given a number of old cartridges from a farm I shoot on. It's a Marshall Diesel engine power start cartridge, 12 bore Eley Kynoch brass, paper case good condition. Has anyone any information about this? Thanks
  4. I had exactly the same problem a while back. It had been brilliant never lost zero, then it started spraying shots all over the place. It was sent back and a month later it was returned and has been spot on ever since. Pulsar/ Thomas Jacks said there was nothing wrong but they say that about all scopes according to my rfd. They don't like to admit fault.
  5. I'd think that on first application you would have a closed ticket. I'm sure Norfolk and Suffolk firearms departments are merged and my first application with Norfolk was a closed ticket and was opened on my first renewal after 5 yrs.
  6. Try giving up the game on Facebook. You can usually get rid of them on there. Fortunately my local game dealer is sill taking them in.
  7. On my cz452 I got a 11mm to 20mm rail adaptor and then the extended mount sits on that. It raises the scope a little but not too much
  8. I'm using my wraith during daytime and night as I'm shooting loads of rabbits at the moment. It is fantastic very clear good magnification and simple to use, for the money you can't go wrong. You will need to buy the extended mount with it.
  9. It comes with a standard ir but I already had a Pbir which I use with it. The standard ir is ok but not great.
  10. Bought mine from Scott Country can't comment on pards as I've never had 1. I've got a Pulsar n355 which was £1150 2 yr ago and the wraith is much better daytime and as good night time with a good ir.
  11. Hi I've recently bought a Wraith and it's a fantastic bit of kit at a great price. Can't comment on Pards as never used 1 but since getting mine 2 of my mates have bought a Wraith after having a look through mine.
  12. Hi Jonty Good looking ferrets I've got a mk3 ferret finder and 2 collars which haven't been used much I'm going to sell if you're interested.
  13. Bought some from Clarkes of Walsham on monday but have to contact them first on cartridges@clarkesofwalsham.co.uk Arranged time to pick them up good service
  14. I put in a variation for 1 just over a year ago. Just put 12 bore multi shot shotgun. Reason was general vermin control. Now got a Browning Maxus Max 5 camo which is brilliant.
  15. The main thing is to use common sense over the last few weeks we've shot over 150 rabbits on a few fields and instead of 2 of us going to the estate in 1 truck we drive there in separate trucks maintain social distancing. I haven't seen anyone whilst out. Pigeon shooting don't share a hide. Farmers asks me to do the essential pest control. Peas being drilled soon. So with pigeons, rabbits and foxes on outdoor pig breeding unit and lambing fields I'm busy at the moment.
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