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  1. LPJA

    FF6 rapid dc

    I will take this if it’s still for sale
  2. All yours jtaylor91, I am working down south the next few weeks so won’t be able to get up there. Good buy though and a decent bit of kit.
  3. Where abouts are you located?
  4. I would love to know who this was sold too, it wasn’t me.
  5. I will take it if it still available, pm sent
  6. More than willing to lend a hand, pm if needed.
  7. Could you let me know the mileage please
  8. Shame your not in the midlands, I would of had these.
  9. Is this the battery version? if it is I will take it.
  10. Hi,

    I see you just bought a few anshutz mags, fancy selling a 5 shot one ?



  11. I will take these please
  12. Where about's in the Fens are you?
  13. LPJA

    cctv wiring

    I thought that about viewing on bigger screen but to be honest I use my phone and laptop more. It's quicker and more convenient for me anyway.
  14. LPJA

    cctv wiring

    What about a wireless bridge, put a router (capable of wireless bridging) by you DVR in the loft and connect it via wifi to your modem. No wires!!
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