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    Country walking, wildlife, photography. Clay and target shooting, not a game shooter but in no way an anti!. Reloads occasionally (12 bore)

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  1. DrBob


    A useful little trick if dentures rub; identify the sore spot and pick up a little flour on a cocktail stick or similar. Place a little flour on the spot, and immediately seat the denture. Remove it and there'll be a little white mark where the sore spot is; this can be adjusted with a small file, Dremel or similar. As ever; beware ulcers in the floor of mouth and especially on the side of the tongue, particularly in those who like a drink and a fag. These need assessing quickly, ideally by a dentist. Any ulcer that lasts more than six weeks needs checking out.
  2. I think from his body language, speech pattern and directness, there's an element of autism here. It would fit with his impulsiveness. Not justifying, just observing. I feel for his parents, decent people by all accounts.
  3. Great fun. Powerful, accurate and endlessly customisable.
  4. Might be a simple scam. Check with the Police before giving out any details.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/they-shall-not-grow-old quite stunning
  6. I made a superb pick-up from an old walking pole and magnets from https://www.first4magnets.com/ who were superb. Fascinating site, some good Boy's Toys.......
  7. DrBob

    Horse fly bites

    Sharp end of a cleg
  8. DrBob

    Horse fly bites

    A horsefly, Tabanus, yesterday......
  9. Saw a quote in a local shop ” cats leave paw-prints on your heart”
  10. Hi Sportsbob, Wisemans were in the old Birmingham gun quarter, I’m pretty sure it was in Price St; close to Wilde. This would be in the late seventies. I used to buy all my reloading stuff from them. Wilde is still there , Colin Wilde died in 2016, Steve Horton at the helm of Hortons, the area has shrunk dramatically, I haven’t checked out Wiseman’s yet, but will make it a Spring project to drop by.
  11. Hi Teamtractor, what’s Wiseman’s like? i used to go to the shop in Price St, Birmingham, and it was an absolute treasure trove; a proper old gunsmiths. is it still?
  12. Shane wrote Fairytale (with Jem Finer) apparently after a bet with Elvis Costello, who reckoned they couldn’t write a Christmas hit without compromising their reputation. Have to say a song about alcoholism and lost dreams ain’t your normal Christmas fayre, but it’s more relevant to a lot of people than, say, White Christmas.
  13. 80 was a lovely powder, back in the Seventies. It was a bulk powder compared with the Olin ball powder used by Winchester and designed for use in the AA compression-formed cases. The main issue was that Winchester ,and similar low-bulk powders,could be double loaded quite easily, with catastrophic results. No 80 was so bulky that the wad would protrude from the case if double charged and would be immediately obvious. This engendered a certain safety margin when reloading. It was also very tolerant of cartridge case variations, I never had any signs of excess pressure over several thousand handloads, compared with factory loads where I have occasionally encountered sticking cases, blown primers, distorted wad columns, etc. it just became too much effort and expense. Now I’m older, I buy cartridges by the thousand. Back in the Seventies, few people ever did that; very often folks would shoot clays with good old Grand Prix, no 6, or Eley Trapshooting, varnished paper case and the same loading as described above. People would buy two or three boxes, often from local shops. Interestingly, I started at the Belfry Hotel, which had a little Skeet set-up, this would be early to mid Seventies. All gone now, the hotel is the PGA HQ.
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