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  1. hello, which model are you looking at, ? the Sceptre is just over 6llb so it will recoil with any cartridge over 30g, my Yildiz is 6.5llb which is much the same gun except it has auto safety 28g are good but slightly extra recoil with 30g both have decent butt pads, the Zenith would suite better at 3.15 Kg around 7llb,
  2. hello, i could tell you more horror stories than hammer films produced, when did it become the norm for clay shooting shotguns to have no auto safety, and relying on the user to remember to return the safety catch? i suppose it is what you have been use to but i can see the advantage for clay pigeon shooting more so in competitions, i am old school so always have auto safety, hello, having had past dealings with Coley gun shop, if your friend was told the gun had no auto safety as they wanted and then found not the case, Coley gunshop should pay or do this work,
  3. hello, my thoughts to Swinton
  4. hello, my son has a form of Autism so it makes it more complicated to help him try and lead a normal life like work/ paying bills/ look after his home, as for the original topic i know from experience you do not learn much from those type of bosses, better to do a college course or of similar building construction course.
  5. hello, ok what rifle did you put down for Target, is that with a Club Range, Private range, once you have a permission it would need checking out by the FEO, guided stalking am not sure, i expect a PW member will know, good luck
  6. hello, did you not show the FEO land you have permission on, or land that has been already subject to what caliber allowed
  7. hello, the new shape Terios do look better, i want something with a lift up back door,
  8. hello, i keep looking at a Dacia Duster ?????,
  9. hello, very true JD but not always that easy
  10. hello, SNAP TT just had to do a little paint job yesterday on a wheel arch apart from that its in good condition, mine is a 2006 registered but old shape, only done around 45,000, i keep thinking to change it but what for
  11. hello OB, are they not just a standard type you could buy from somewhere else, ?
  12. hello, i see Packham in the paper again today, blaming grouse moor shoots for the killing off the Harriers
  13. hello, looks good to me, i get the same distance with my hand held N/V spotter (Boblov type) but it is not as clear on the screen as this Pard and i need to use extra I/R with a T38 with AS pil, the screen type i bought recently is much better but only good for 150 yards, i am sure it will be a very popular night vision spotter with those who shoot at night
  14. hello, i am sure he only rents his farm.
  15. hello, i cannot see any stars, i do not think the Italian gun makers used stars, but i maybe wrong
  16. hello, well i checked the franchi falconet all over but could only see proof marks and serial numbers and the 18.5/6, the RFD i bought off must have measured the barrels as it stated 1/4 and 1/2 which barrels i have no idea, anyway it will be off to a new home soon,
  17. hello, thats a nice stick, i had my friend make me one some 30 years ago for my mum, it whistles to,
  18. hello, i will check mine out later, those numbers were on the barrel
  19. hello, my friend got a nice pump 12 g off Mick, fine condition as advertised , its like a Aladdins cave so my friend said
  20. hello, well you have made me think on that so much i just checked the franchi the top barrel is 18.5 choke the bottom is 18.6 choke, front trigger fires bottom barrel back trigger fires top barrel, before this i had a lamber multi SST and had choke on bottom, much before that was a Bruno O/U double trigger but rear could shoot both barrels, now theres a thought on what model that was, at the club a few were just getting Brownings and Miroku hello, anyway i will not be using the franchi as its going to a young man who just starting out, i will just have the Yildiz and continue with the chokes as i like to use,
  21. hello, no it is a double trigger model, fixed choke 1/4 1/2 ideal hide gun, i will have a look and see which barrel is choked 1/2 , but i am trying to get use to my new O/U Yildiz with single selective,
  22. hello, perhaps i should check my old franchi, anyway my new O/U i have the top open choke and bottom choked as i prefer that way
  23. hello, i am sure my dad joined after leaving school until demob when i was about 8 , he was stationed in Portsmouth, so many vessels he went on, i can remember the family parties we had on their arrival home, seems such a long time ago, cheers
  24. hello, if you look at a fixed choke O/U top barrel is the more open choke, well mine have always been like that and i prefer the bottom barrel to be the tighter choke, look at side by sides ? as to why they make fixed choke shotguns this way i think you need to ask gunman,
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