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  1. hello, quite a few people have said to try JSBs heavies, i got about 30 and a full tin of AA fields, i do not the the AAs will be any good ,
  2. hello, i noticed today pigeon getting interested on OSR ? be cutting soon in the vale
  3. hello, had to meet half way so an extra tenner, 1 duff magazine but i can fix that, he said the silencer cost £60 so not sure if a hogan, any i will give it a clean up and try out tomorrow
  4. hello, today i went out and picked up/bought my self a nice 177 PCP, i was thinking to buy a new one when i sell the FX vermy MK 1 22 but this was i thought a reasonable deal, KRAL NP 02 in as new condition (3 months old) with i think a Hogan silencer and Bushnell scope, (i know there are copies) but it looks ok, paid £250,
  5. hello, thanks for that, i meant the spring guide, i do understand on what rimfire mentioned, buying on spec can have problems,
  6. hello, maybe they should send them back to him, never heard of a top hat breaking, anyway hope all goes well with yours now, cheers
  7. hello, have you not found a suitable air rifle yet rimfire, ?
  8. hello, how did a delrin made tuning kit ruin this air rifle? who fitted the tinbum kit ?
  9. hello, if you go back to the 1960s 1970s it was then most Eley grand prix 6s until we got those foreign carts like the Baikals, not sure which shooting book advocated choke sizes over decoys but the OPs question of 35 yards would be 1/4 choke and 6 shot although i had my first AYA bored out to improved/ half, interesting today though as i use most cheap 7.5s 28 g and tried those chokes in my O/U and did not pattern well so trying 3/4 and full,
  10. hello, you could try asking on the UK airgun forum,
  11. hello, yes, i use pretty much 28g 7.5s and see it costs around the same price to load a 1000 as i can get bin ends at JCs, so it will be more a hobby than saving money, i have not worked out 28g 6 shot yet, cheers
  12. hello, that was meant as a joke on McEnroe (tennis player!!!!!!!!)
  13. hello, thanks to reply, yes it was just to do in my lot/lots of spare time, maybe i could find a second hand set up going cheap !!!
  14. hello, as John McEnroe once said while playing tennis, YOU CANT BE SERIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. hello, yes with TVP they asked me to renew early as was happy to do this to help their work load in future years, as they have fewer F E Os.
  16. hello, i agree KFC should have sued the grandmother, but the person on the till in starbucks should have told her to use a tray, hello, i am sure there are people who do this or engineer an accident, i know of 2 accounts where this was done
  17. hello, what ever it is they will be up to no good as we say, if shots fired do not approach and phone 101
  18. hello, i know PW members have a wealth of experience on home loading and i just thought would like to have a go, my usual cartridge is 28 g 7.5 shot most bin ends from just carts, so i would think go 28/6 shot, or 30/6 or 7.5s . whats the general powders/ primers/ shot and advice on the LEE LOAD ALL 11 or is there another make recommended and where is the best place to buy from, cheers
  19. hello, yes i noticed that after i posted, still it is good to hear JD sorted this and continues to shoot and posting his reports,
  20. hello, i seem to remember a post on that maybe even a video, do a search, might be worth a go if pigeon are on it already but its the barley time now, every barley field i see today on the bus there where pigeon some fields in small numbers some with many 100s,
  21. hello, i think they come about 8 llb in weight but very good air rifles, as mentioned buy one already FAC
  22. hello, your right Karlbird, i bought some 1st edition prints from the original paintings of freshwater fish in the book by the Reverand Houghting and sold the Carp picture for what the lot cost to an avid carper
  23. hello, thats interesting!!!!!! was going to put an ad on here as i have a job lot of sky hooks for sale
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