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  1. hello, whos idea was it to have these athletic games in such a hot country, DOH
  2. hello, thats a blast from the past Simon Z cars
  3. hello, did i see a post regarding this on the airgun forum ?
  4. hello, some time back on PW it was mention on the Decathlon UK web site they were about to sell cartridges and showed a range of game and clay, despite the error it was noted on the cost between UK and France, seems here even the cheapest lead cartridge is nigh on £200 per 1000, steel being cheaper but do not reflect on cartridge prices, i have just look on Decathlon France and a box of cheap 6s is about 6 euro, i could not find any price per 1000 but i am sure the french shooting people buy in bulk, so would it pay to go over the channel and buy in bulk, is that legal ? note the range of cartridges sold in Decathlon is quite impressive,
  5. hello, have a look on this web site, www.digitalnightstalker.co.uk, a bit more expensive but a better kit, you might need a I/R torch, give Damien a call or email.
  6. hello, very true mick, as a prime minister though
  7. hello, looks like she needs the BBC fee for tonights Question time
  8. hello, i tried some of those quorn sausages last night 🤮, i did not buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. hello, why would any normal parent/parents put their child in this position, it is obvious her parents are not in this category, i would hesitate to say but i can see her having what we call in uk a BURN OUT, all this to appease her parents,
  10. oldypigeonpopper


    hello, what add on are you looking to use for ratting?
  11. hello, best silver find i had was a Lizzie shilling in VGC as found in blue clay, minelab safari a good way down,
  12. hello, that looks nice, did you find it metal detecting?
  13. hello, did i hear Donald Trump gave it a miss ??,
  14. hello, try a look on google, Kral jumbo air rifle bottle removal, i am sure it can as said on USA forums, of course empty first and check right or left hand thread, replace with new O ring
  15. hello, i expect even longer for the million who booked a holiday when they knew it was going bust
  16. hello, should be as a stated this morning through ABTA or ATOL, and maybe if paid with credit card,
  17. hello, in answer to the heading of this post GOD HELP US !!!!!!!! and i am an atheist!!!!!!!
  18. hello, its no matter, a few home truths would not go amiss in every school now,
  19. hello, another good post John
  20. hello, excellent post Rewulf,
  21. hello, it has all the hall marks of the dog and owner being in the right place at the wrong time, lad using a 410 with his black lab on a bridle path, early evening, yes your right there is only so much information to go on from the BBC and local news, , but then if your not sure what you see dont shoot.
  22. hello, yes i see those just thought that one was a good deal, depends if seller will do the RFD sending
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