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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. I have been using OpenShot on the PC - it seems pretty comprehensive. You can add titles, still images, join/overlap clips, edit the sound etc.
  2. Yes, my thinking was that this action may place an unusually large burden on membership subs/income - it's not like we have faced these challenges every season.
  3. I cannot find reference to a limit on paying only £10,000 of the opponent's costs if you lose your case and are crowd-funded.. but I was wondering if BASC should launch a similar donation scheme, I would be very happy to contribute especially after their prompt action on the earlier GL challenge.
  4. Slightly different- went diving in my own skip. I was given a nice mug in 2007. A Homer Simpson DIY jobbie. We went off on holiday, leaving builders doing a new bathroom. On our return I found my mug in the skip full of fag ash and plaster Cleaned it up, bunged it in the dishwasher and it is still in daily use 10 yrs later.
  5. Awful, thoughts are with those who loved her.
  6. Dealt with this in May - please don't bring up the heartache again, only just got over the loss !
  7. I can see that - when I have been riding in a group, we've singled out, or pulled over to let accumulated traffic from behind pass safely. On my daily ride home along narrow lanes with passing spaces, I will stop where it is safe to do so at certain points and wave drivers past me. No-one wants a frustrated driver up their backside !
  8. National road championships will need some policing to close roads for a short while. Road tax eh? not been such a thing since 1937. I pay oodles of tax - council, income, VAT, 2 x VED. Should a cyclist pay tax when a Prius driver does not ? It is an emissions duty based on emissions. This diagram may explain why groups of cyclists ride 2 or 3 abreast to make it easier for drivers to overtake. String out in single file and you can guarantee that someone will try to overtake two or three of you then run out of road barging back into the group.
  9. Congratulations, what a lovely way to get hitched ! Wishing you every happiness together.
  10. A cabinet which has the whole gun inside but is not properly installed would be far worse than separating the relevant bits & hiding them in various places. Take the cabinet & you have the gun. You can bet anyone entering a mobile home with nefarious intent will know of all the likely hiding places to search. You could keep the action in the boot of your car, for example. Obvs be very discreet when taking the gun off to the shoot & returning.
  11. Praying for a happy outcome and will put this up & around
  12. Relisted ! I would be happy to RFD by negotiation.
  13. Consider what will be planted next, what will be planted or is present in the vicinity, and what harm this pigeon population is doing/going to do there. Whilst they may not be a problem on this field, over the hedge may be a very different story and you need to reduce the local numbers to prevent serious harm to crops. Crow = protecting songbirds. Jackdaw ? no idea !!
  14. See here for Natural England's comments on stubbles https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/news/new-general-licences-106201 1) Despite repeated attempts at scaring, a farm suffered serious damage to a pea crop throughout the growing season. Can the farmer arrange for the [wood] pigeons to be shot over the pea stubble to reduce numbers and prevent damage next growing season? A: Yes, assuming that a crop such as pea that will be vulnerable to serious damage by woodpigeons is going to be sown by the farmer in the area. The general licence we published on 3 May is clear that lethal control of wood pigeons can be used where there is no alternative satisfactory solution. The farmer must take reasonable steps to prevent crop damage by other (non-lethal) methods, unless their use would be impractical, without effect or disproportionate in their circumstances. In this example, the farmer has repeatedly tried to scare pigeons away and serious damage is still occurring. The farmer can authorise others to carry out shooting for them; anyone they authorise must comply with the conditions in the licence. Read more at https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/news/new-general-licences-106201#cyokMj4uVgFDTaf6.99 (I am sure that the same logic is applicable to roost shooting in arable farming areas)
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