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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. Judicial review proceedings have a strict "as soon as possible" time limit and a longstop of three months from the decision complained of, so if they were going to issue proceedings they had to get a wriggle on. Here's hoping that the Welsh government can get this action dismissed with costs.
  2. https://robyorke.co.uk/2020/01/we-need-to-talk-about-lead-shot/ I thought this was an interesting read
  3. Thanks for these Ed, very good - decent amount of light, magnets make it easy to fit to the cabinet and they turn off fine after a minute or so. Fits diagonally inside the roof of a 3-gun cabinet and under the ammo compartment of my six-gun one.
  4. I seem to recall that Baikals can't be imported at the moment due to trade sanctions on Russia.
  5. In the meantime you might want to check for Property protection cover on your legal expenses insurance (buildings & contents) just in case you need it.
  6. Absolutely, if we sit here with our heads up our backsides in our own little worlds, thinking that our organisations stand a chance of successfully arguing against phasing out lead, or phasing out non-recyclable single use plastics, then we will have nothing to shoot & nothing to shoot with when a ban comes in. This statement shows foresight by the strongest shooting organisations in calling on us and manufacturers to work harder to provide affordable viable alternatives. The biodegradable wad cup is a huge step in the right direction. Economies of scale will kick in when we have critical mass buying these products, which means that we have to be open minded about alternatives & use them wherever possible. I expect to have to open up a choke barrel to use some non HP steel in my SBS, and stick with the more modern guns for the HP stuff. I'd welcome better facilities to recycle cartridge cases. If enough of us are clamouring for these products them someone will fill the gap in the market - and I don't see our main cartridge companies failing to grasp the opportunities.
  7. Looks like a Ugartechea or similar to me.
  8. Mine is the main family wagon so I had to consider the comfort of getting 16 & 19yr old lads 5`11" or taller sitting in the back with a booster seat in the middle. Your X-trail sounds ideal for your needs.
  9. The gun you fondled is about 22 years old and weighs 6.5lbs or so..
  10. Bah - get well soon ! Flies are looking good.
  11. Reminded me of this incident from September, young driver again !
  12. I can't comment on the off road ability other than to say it made it up a wet muddy grassy slope better than a Range Rover or a Jeep Cherokee on our clay shoot. It also gets through a muddy gateway which left 2wd MPVs stuck ! However, when we have a child seat in the middle, this was the only vehicle we sat in which had enough room either side of the child seat for an adult to sit comfortably. We have teenage boys and a 9 yr old daughter. The X-trail's roof was too low for me to sit in the back seats and I am only 5`11", the RAV4 was too small across the back seats too. I was disappointed with the X-trail as it looked like a good contender. I do love my CR-V though, it has been a fantastic car for our needs. We take our sons fishing with all their carp gear, it copes with the potholed rutted tracks far better than our old fragile Citroen C4 GP. We have taken it abroad with three bikes, all their fishing gear plus the five of us with usual holiday luggage (roofbox full) and it was still doing 40mpg even with all that on board. There are a lot of 2WD CR-Vs for sale so you have to be careful to get the 4WD model - which has 160BHP I believe.
  13. Lol.. had some PMs recently so I thought it best to update the post.
  14. We are not looking for new members at the moment.
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