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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. arjimlad

    Side by Side Club

    Coming late to the party... I have an OU, a semi-auto and this SBS. I do a lot of walking about a farm looking for pigeon, or just sitting about in likely spots. I find the SBS responsive & light to carry. It's far easier to reload in a hide than the OU. I am less confident with it than with my Browning OU even though I have always had a SBS. I've had the use of an AYA #3 16 bore as a lad, and owned a San Marco hammergun, an old English SBS ejector with badly pitted barrels, an AYA #4 and now this Gunmark Merlin by Bernadelli. The bluing is a bit tired in places, the stock was once varnished but has had a half-hearted refinish by a previous owner, and I have put a leather-faced pad on the butt to take it to 15". I think it is a 1974 model whereas I am from 1972. There's some scratches in the bore just up from the chambers which might be from steel shot defacing the chrome plating. I had to have a pin on which the right cocking dog pivots refitted in the action where it slipped loose. The 27" barrels are well made & well struck-off, and I like its light weight. Double triggers appeal as they allow instant choice of the quarter or half-choke barrels. It suits its role as a gun around the farm very well.
  2. arjimlad

    Bonus groups watched

    I took some teenagers to see Moose Blood and the support band was The Dangerous Summer, who I enjoyed more than the main act.
  3. arjimlad

    Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    Would they go as far as rummaging through your/the other half's underwear drawer? Charge your stuff in your bedroom ? IKEA do a charger which takes three USB cables and pumps out a healthy current for about £10 I think. It's made charging stuff a lot easier in our house.
  4. arjimlad

    Pietta air pistol

    Self contained air-cartridge guns were banned in 2003. You could keep one on a Firearm Certificate if you owned one at the time & applied for the certificate. Let's hope that someone brings out a CO2 version of Josey Wales' weapon of choice.
  5. arjimlad

    Browning 525 Top Lever Sticking

    Had mine since 2008 I think, and it did this, has got better with time.
  6. arjimlad

    Cancel the wedding

    Should be able to get a few tips from her Granny-in-law !
  7. arjimlad

    Lamping on your own

    I used to trot out on my own without too much bother, mainly bunnies with the rimfire. However, could you not ask for a buddy to come with you for safety reasons ? I've had to deal with trespassers on my tod before & it wasn't very happy-making.
  8. arjimlad

    Chipping Sodbury Gun Club, South Glos.

    Good point - We only shoot fibre wads.
  9. arjimlad

    20 Bore Game, Clay & Bismuth cartridges

    All Sold ! Thanks
  10. This club I attend is looking out for safe and experienced new members. We try to shoot fortnightly on the edge of the Cotswold escarpment in between Horton and Hawkesbury Upton but don't always get enough numbers to put on the shoot every fortnight. A couple more members could make the difference. We shoot between 9 and 11am on a Sunday. We have some manual traps, take it in turns to trap for ourselves and put on a 50 bird mixed sporting shoot for the eight or so regulars who attend. It's very basic, relaxed, low pressure, and not competitive. Guns keep score if they want to but not if they don't. Cost is modest - £10 for visitors. Membership fee varies annually, but includes BASC membership as we are affiliated. For more information or if you'd like to visit us please PM me and I will alert you to when we will next be shooting.
  11. arjimlad

    20 Bore Game, Clay & Bismuth cartridges

    Gamebores are now sold to Shooting Egg. Clay & Bismuth still available.
  12. arjimlad

    How do you control moths

    Cedarwood blocks can be sanded when they dry a little on the outside..
  13. arjimlad

    Dead ni-cad battery

    I bought non-Makita replacement NiMh batteries for a Makita drill set & they were surprisingly cost-effective if that is any help.
  14. arjimlad

    20 Bore Game, Clay & Bismuth cartridges

    On sale elsewhere also