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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. arjimlad

    Side by Side Club

    That 16 looks gorgeous. I have happy memories of an AYA no3 in 16 which my Dad bought new, which I used for pigeon shooting, and which I really should have bought from him. It was a dream of a gun for handling & did the business on the pigeons very well indeed.
  2. arjimlad

    Fuel efficient 4x4? Do they exist?

    I have a diesel Honda CRV 65 plate, the 4x4 160 bhp version. It does over 50mpg in the summer and about 46 in the winter. Not a proper off-roader but it has got through muddy field entrances which stranded a normal FWD car, and up wet grassy hills, as well as over stubble fields. The 4x4 has a little more ground clearance than the 2WD version. It would fit your requirements well.
  3. arjimlad

    Possession and the law

    Land - adverse possession - you need to occupy the land for 12 years and exclude the lawful owner - without force, openly and without permission. Usually means fencing it off. But as the Burpster says, it's too open a question to give any meaningful reply.
  4. arjimlad

    A day of two halves...

    Nice work chaps !
  5. Bottle Green "Spencer" moleskin breeks, 32" long, velcro fastening. Flat fronted, two pockets on the rear & the usual two at the front. I usually take a 36" and they are a tad too big for me, should think 39-40" would be fine. in good used condition. £20 posted
  6. https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys/dates/2018-08-26?q=%3Apopular&page=0 I may get some new trousers for out & about on the farm.. some of this looks useful.
  7. arjimlad

    Panorama (Merged threads)

    The programme completely glossed over how you need FAC to buy essential components for ammunition in the UK, in the interests of sensationalising the "loophole". They didn't want to say "our plan came unstuck when it came to getting our hands on ammunition components" as it would have detracted from their message. I don't know whether the components in question are available without licensing abroad though. As Scully said above, only once they ban everything will they realise that it's utterly futile insofar as certain criminal elements are concerned.
  8. arjimlad

    Side by Side Club

    Sportsman Gun Centre were selling Faustis like this a few years ago. They were about £1,000 if I recall correctly and there were cheaper OU guns available. I think they were testing the water with their budget ranges. I held one in the Newport store and it was too short in the stock for me but appeared to be well made. The latest Fausti guns coming into the UK with a new importer appear to be higher grade more expensive guns.
  9. arjimlad


    Marinaded for 24 hours in curry spices and olive oil, then just pop it on a few minutes each side.
  10. arjimlad

    Side by Side Club

    Coming late to the party... I have an OU, a semi-auto and this SBS. I do a lot of walking about a farm looking for pigeon, or just sitting about in likely spots. I find the SBS responsive & light to carry. It's far easier to reload in a hide than the OU. I am less confident with it than with my Browning OU even though I have always had a SBS. I've had the use of an AYA #3 16 bore as a lad, and owned a San Marco hammergun, an old English SBS ejector with badly pitted barrels, an AYA #4 and now this Gunmark Merlin by Bernadelli. The bluing is a bit tired in places, the stock was once varnished but has had a half-hearted refinish by a previous owner, and I have put a leather-faced pad on the butt to take it to 15". I think it is a 1974 model whereas I am from 1972. There's some scratches in the bore just up from the chambers which might be from steel shot defacing the chrome plating. I had to have a pin on which the right cocking dog pivots refitted in the action where it slipped loose. The 27" barrels are well made & well struck-off, and I like its light weight. Double triggers appeal as they allow instant choice of the quarter or half-choke barrels. It suits its role as a gun around the farm very well.
  11. arjimlad

    Bonus groups watched

    I took some teenagers to see Moose Blood and the support band was The Dangerous Summer, who I enjoyed more than the main act.
  12. arjimlad

    Charger leads, plugs and thieving magpies

    Would they go as far as rummaging through your/the other half's underwear drawer? Charge your stuff in your bedroom ? IKEA do a charger which takes three USB cables and pumps out a healthy current for about £10 I think. It's made charging stuff a lot easier in our house.
  13. arjimlad

    Pietta air pistol

    Self contained air-cartridge guns were banned in 2003. You could keep one on a Firearm Certificate if you owned one at the time & applied for the certificate. Let's hope that someone brings out a CO2 version of Josey Wales' weapon of choice.
  14. arjimlad

    Browning 525 Top Lever Sticking

    Had mine since 2008 I think, and it did this, has got better with time.