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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. Henry, she cannot normally be held responsible for his debts but if a creditor gets a CCJ against him, they can register a charge against his share of any jointly owned properties and in some cases force a sale. Whilst her share isn't available to pay the creditor, this can have difficult consequences as she may have to sell her home.
  2. New owner James has been very good when I've bought there recently. Well worth checking them out. They do seem to especially cater for stalking.
  3. @ClemFandango I've only ever done this with Canadas and been very happy with it every time. Tender and toothsome.
  4. I've only ever added a gloop of lime juice, maybe the whole thing was too much.
  5. It's a family favourite in my house. Been on tenterhooks to know how @Smokersmith got on yesterday though ! PS you can always add a little cream near the end of cooking to thicken it up & give it a bit of a massala flavour.
  6. May your mouth be watering all day with anticipation... will you hold out until this evening ? Bon appetit. Hope you enjoy it. Not too late to add a little chorizo to the mix.
  7. A goose tagine? Pop the meat in a plastic bag with your favourite curry spices & some olive oil to marinade in the fridge overnight. Slice & fry 2 large onions, with a dessertspoon each of ground cumin, coriander, turmeric. Let it sizzle until the onions go all soft. Chop & add the meat & some garlic & fry that in the mix until it's sealed. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, some paprika, crushed green cardamom pods, a tablespoon of tom puree, a glug of lime juice and dried apricots. Fuzz into the slow cooker for a day and it's yummerama.
  8. 330 million people in America and these are the best choices they can come up with for President ? 😕
  9. arjimlad


    Obviously Scully, as you are aware, it's not as "straightfoward" to identify the registered keeper of a bike. I say that in inverted commas because of a recent incident where an unregistered/untaxed/no MOT Transit pickup driver crossed the white line and drove at me, without provocation, as I cycled home from work along a lovely wide road. The sort who enjoy illegal coursing and similar, I reckon. Left me a metre of road at over 40mph. It was terrifying but the police won't be able to trace the driver. Identifying the sort of twit on a bike who jumps on/off the pavement, no lights, no
  10. arjimlad


    That idiot was identifed by the event organiser, and banned from organised rides for life. He was also fined in court & had to pay over £900. His riding was widely condemned by cycling organisations. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-47009149 You're quite right of course, bikes aren't registered. The government has said the following on that point : - Significantly, the Met managed to penalise over 30,000 cyclists between 2012 & 2016 so it does happen..
  11. arjimlad


    I rarely bother speaking with dangerous drivers, unless they're stopped in traffic ahead & the opportunity arises. As you say I just let the police contact them. If I do catch up & decide to have a word, I don't rage, I start politely & if the politeness is not reciprocated I end the conversation. Simple. In this instance, however, the proximity of the HGV warranted immediate intervention. How would I have felt saying nothing and the next cyclist up the road getting squashed?
  12. arjimlad


    @Newbie to this Your comment is that there are loads of pedestrians killed by cyclists. That's just not true. 2 per annum is not statistically significant (although clearly very significant to the families affected). It pales into insignificance when compared with the numbers killed or seriously injured by motor traffic.
  13. arjimlad


    Your comment was that there are loads of pedestrians killed by cyclists. This just isn't correct. I don't have the data on proportions but West Midlands Police have explained their views about that. We're so used to road casualties now that we seem to accept 5 killed and 60 seriously injured per day in 2019, that these just about make the regional news whereas the nationals run it when it is the other way round. It's that unusual.
  14. arjimlad


    About 2 per annum, compared to five per day.
  15. arjimlad


    Full house on the cycling hating bingo methinks.. Although thankfully no-one seems to have mentioned "road tax" yet ? I cycle 3,000 + miles p/a, mainly commuting on country lanes. Since Nov 2018 I have managed to film and report 145 drivers to the rozzers who have agreed that their driving fell below the required standard, made contact with them and warned or prosecuted them. About 50 of those were on their handheld mobile phones, the rest were close passes or dangerous overtakers pulling out into oncoming traffic. I ride carefully & considerately & obey traff
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