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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. 2392 Two this evening, one at about ten feet which I surprised at a feeder.
  2. A tubby female from a group of three with the .177 GX40. The others scarpered. 2351
  3. Squirt of Napier V90 down each barrel, set aside & clean the face of the action and flats with oily toothbrush, wipe over metal parts with oily rag. Run kitchen towel on a plastic jag down each barrel, inspect for leading. Use phosphor bronze brush or chamber brush on leading with Youngs 303. Run more kitchen towel down to finish & remove excess oil. Inspect extractors and clean behind them with rag. Remove for a more thorough clean every 4-5 times. Put barrels back on the action and wipe exterior of the barrels down with oily cloth. CCL stock conditioning oil for oil-finished stocks, otherwise a bit of Mr Sheen on a duster. Sorted !
  4. Aren't they a Brazilian make? Always looked a bit rough to me. What about a Baikal?
  5. I had some Champion ones years ago which lasted very well. Bought some more last year and they shrunk in the wash quite alarmingly. I'll make sure they're polycotton next time.
  6. Lovely stuff, great to see Jack enjoying the day. Great shooting as always.
  7. Very sad news, my thoughts are with his friends and family. Grateful for his contributions on here.
  8. Me too, had an issue with a Hawke scope years after purchase and Deben checked it out & sent me a new one straight away, which has been spot on ever since. I now have three Hawke scopes & am very happy with them.
  9. @Blueflame Thank you - I put the magnet downwind of the pattern which meant that the birds approaching into the wind would have had to pass it to land in the killzone - that might explain it then. Wind was coming from my right and birds landing from my left and magnet was to my left.
  10. I was out on stubble yesterday & after a quiet spell, put the magnet out. The magnet drew the birds in from some distance but they flared off at about 40 yds. Turning off the magnet, the birds then came into the decoys happily. Where do you site your magnets? Mine was a few yards downwind of the tip of the main pattern.
  11. A couple of weeks ago, my boys (18 & 20) both had a nasty chest infection thing, coughing etc, feeling tired and unfit for work. Both tested negative on a PCR test though and the whole family had negative lateral flow tests throughout. There are some nasty bugs about, and after being isolated for a while our natural immunity to these things is perhaps not what it would normally be. Hope you feel better soon Edd !
  12. My friends & I are struggling to get hold of fibre wad clay cartridges at a reasonable price at all. We have 4,000 on back order with a local shop but they can't seem to get them in from their supplier. Pretty soon we'll have nothing to shoot with. Paying £200-£220/1,000.. North Bristol area.
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