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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. A couple of weeks ago, my boys (18 & 20) both had a nasty chest infection thing, coughing etc, feeling tired and unfit for work. Both tested negative on a PCR test though and the whole family had negative lateral flow tests throughout. There are some nasty bugs about, and after being isolated for a while our natural immunity to these things is perhaps not what it would normally be. Hope you feel better soon Edd !
  2. My friends & I are struggling to get hold of fibre wad clay cartridges at a reasonable price at all. We have 4,000 on back order with a local shop but they can't seem to get them in from their supplier. Pretty soon we'll have nothing to shoot with. Paying £200-£220/1,000.. North Bristol area.
  3. Very early morning shooting down into the lawn from upstairs, behind curtains ... if not trap and dispatch as above. Much depends on the locality itself, of course.
  4. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/p/500-horse-riding-gloves-black/_/R-p-304500?mc=8520227&c=GREY I have a pair of these which have been great, the only thing lacking is something on the index finger to work a mobile phone. Used for concealment when squirrel shooting as the trigger sensitivity is pretty good too.
  5. Two yesterday. I had a job or two to do on our shoot and put the Webley .410 in the car. A job completed, and finding myself with a spare 20 minutes before I had to leave, I stalked through the woods and whacked one as it gambolled along playfully towards me. He could not have known that I am congenitally immune to the charms of the grey marauder. This startled its chum, which legged it up a tree before obligingly stopping to check me out. 1721
  6. @Mice! great shooting, it's lovely when you have three on the deck in quick succession like that.
  7. @hatter will do - thanks !
  8. I had a 12bore similar gun and yes, the lever's stiff because it cocks the hammer spring as well as opening the gun. Great experiences for the boys there.
  9. Ta, will come up with something else !
  10. @Mice! thanks - good shooting too !
  11. Some great squirrel control going on here. Has anyone had any success with a Primos squirrel call? Only ask because I'm stuck for ideas for a birthday present & the family are asking..
  12. 3 this weekend in 2 trips to the shoot. On the 2nd trip, both presented themselves for a shot at about 5 yards away. The first a youngster when I first entered the wood, and the second a doe as I was preparing to leave. It just ran down a large oak, spotted me & barked at me, waiting long enough for me to get the gun up. I need to practice very close targets ! 1526
  13. Nice. It might be worth getting it tuned up to make the most of it, but that sounds like a good start.
  14. @Scully I think the government thought the cost would outweigh the benefit given the comparatively low damage caused by cycle crashes compared with motor vehicles. There are still plenty of examples of cyclists ending up in court or getting tickets in towns.
  15. N-bound pedestrians now have toucan crossings over both sliproads, but s-bound there's nothing, and you can't see what the lights are doing to judge when it's safe to cross the M5 entry sliproad. Southbound it's safer for a cyclist to stay on the road and benefit from a green light in your favour rather than trying to guess when it's safe to cross, although you need to ride confidently & own the lane. The council say it might get improved in about 2023... 🙁
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