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    Shooter since a boy, Solicitor interested in appeals against revocation/refusal to grant & other. <br /><br />Chipping Sodbury Gun Club member.<br /><br />Born in Hampshire, living in Bristol since 1990.

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  1. arjimlad

    Beretta Ultralight 12 gauge

    Price now £1300
  2. I spent some time yesterday evening making these lights from a cheap set of battery lights and twenty empty cartridges. I trimmed them with a Stanley knife and melted the rough ends on a heated tin can. Knocked the primers out and put a little loop of garden wire around the cable to stop it pulling out of the holes.
  3. arjimlad

    Beretta Ultralight 12 gauge

    This is my Dad's gun which I am selling on his behalf, please bung me any messages about it. Thanks
  4. arjimlad

    Aya gun

    Pictures would be helpful, is it a side by side, pins or screws on the action, etc ?
  5. arjimlad

    Webley Axsor

    Do you not have to take the barrel off by undoing the grub screw hex bolt at the breech end, then you will slide it off the muzzle support and inside that is where the fixing is located ? A photo of the topside of the gun might assist.
  6. arjimlad

    Cheap Dash Cam recommendations required

    http://amzn.eu/d/cpz9ZtI has a video about them. They need plugging in to the lighter socket. Switch on & off with the ignition & run on a loop basis.
  7. arjimlad

    Cheap Dash Cam recommendations required

    Ta everyone, Nextbase 212 on order. Audiots and BMW (anchors) beware ! We get issues with the way others drive around the little Hyundai i10, but not so much with the Honda CR-V... 😕
  8. I run cameras front & rear on my bicycle but now need one for the car after a BMW shoved my son out of its way when coming round a bend on the wrong side of the road, and an Audi smashed our wing mirror in similar circumstances all in the last 7 days. Any recommendations ? There seem to be a lot out there with loads of good reviews for £25 or so... Thanks
  9. arjimlad

    Smart ear defence

    Howard Leight Impact Sport are very good, and reasonable value in my experience.
  10. arjimlad

    Not guilty - but pay up!

    It's not as though the civil court won't hear evidence, cross examine witnesses and make up its own mind whether it is more likely than not that the rape occurred. The standard of proof is different in criminal cases because it's the resources of the State/society lined up against the individual, with the power to deprive the defendant of his/her liberty if convicted. It may seem unfair but the complainant would still have had to provide convincing evidence that it was more likely than not that she was raped.
  11. arjimlad

    Mrs. webber R I P

    Very sorry to hear of your loss.
  12. arjimlad

    Head tourch

    Alpkit do very good headtorches for not much money. https://www.alpkit.com/lighting I have a Viper and the beam/battery life is very good.
  13. arjimlad

    Bottle green moleskin breeks 38" waist

    £12 posted ?
  14. arjimlad

    Closing a gun.

    At 3.00 in that video the chap appears to swing his newly-loaded gun up in direct line with the flag man. I'd try to avoid doing that.