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  1. Diver Dave's water repellant , I think he posts on this forum - great stuff https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=diver+dave+water+repellant&_sacat=0
  2. Gameking


    E*bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Camo-Tape-Adhesive-Camouflage-Stealth-Rifle-Gun-Wrap-5cm-x-4-5m/232994644081?var=532509328543&hash=item363f902071:m:mZ8uJEh4UFGaDh9ZGmZ76BQ
  3. Looks to me more like BASC and other groups have thrown Welsh shooters under the bus 😭 no furore like with England GL. We can and do contact our AM's / MP's etc but where is the BASC £8M fighting fund being used. the social media generation is all about small numbers achieving policy changes ( like wild Justice !!!) The 6 new political officers are not earning their corn if the political approach is still being pursued - despite damming evidence that it does not work (like the increasing number of police forces moving away from HOG on licencing, lead shot, medical reports etc etc) Note the increasingly softer stance on lead over the last 2 months, BASC staff and council members in ST saying how great it is🤣 I think the £8M is being kept for redundancy payments when it folds due to people voting with their feet like me after 40 years of subs with nothing but ever increasing red tape and restriction which are always detrimental and battles never won !!!!!!!! (well not even going into battle - surprising that the CEO is ex-military - if you read his first ever ST interview he talked about not being confrontational ! the writing is on the wall..........................
  4. Conservation efforts now doomed by WJ 'clever clogs' legal challenge effect and anti shooting NRW (Labour Party policy on Pheasant shooting on NRW owned land? ) Remember Chris Packham has never been opposed to shooting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discuss 🤯https://www.nationalgamekeepers.org.uk/articles/new-welsh-general-licences ...and wait for BASC et al to go for JR 😭 ( they could dip into the £8m 'Fighting Fund') but I am not sure they would 'Welcome' doing that ! after all they have been found out by not publishing the legal advice on Firearms Licensing ( not going for JR but preferring the political route by employing 6 new political advisors 🙄) ...............and look at their new 'softening stance' (read resignation) on lead shot 🤐 their latest magazine articles by some of their own employees on how good the new ELEY steel shot is ( £440 per 1000 as opposed to £240 ish for 32g No 6 lead ) / Shooting Times and letter to ''The Times' on this.
  5. Thank you Sir, glad I am not losing my mind completely 😎
  6. Thanks for the clarification👍
  7. Whilst we know lead is not good for you, the amount of lead in other everyday foodstuffs is much greater than in shot game (beer, cereals etc etc) as to be negligible. The oft quoted wildfowl issue is overstated and you do not see the countryside littered with dying wildfowl🙄 This is, to quote Chris Packham 'Fake news'. Buy your game from your local shoot rather than Waitrose ( only the Islington crowd can worry about this for their dinner parties😝) IIRC Denmark overturned their lead ban on shooting of wildfowl due to welfare issues about steel not killing as cleanly as lead.
  8. You need a larger whirly to fit a NE 'approved' mannequin in a deckchair 🤣 as a scarecrow.
  9. Splash of T- Cut and it will come up first rate😀
  10. Teal on here sells them - he may be able to help you. HTH
  11. I agree, Funny how CP is not on 'Twitter' (sic) letting all the BBC watching armchair conservationists know. Wait until the 11th August and he will be back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I bet his mate CP got him the gig on Countryfile. How are these minority groups ( WJ has 3 members I think !!!) able to get front page publicity to a mass BBC bunny hugger audience when BASC do not respond (or even use the media centre the members paid millions for 🙄)
  13. I would check before you go that the reloading supplies you want are available. If the exhibitors list has been confirmed, I would pre-order. At lots of GF these days getting reloading supplies or even rifle ammo is difficult, sometimes even shotgun cartridges are not available. Just Cartridges used to be at lots of these like the 'old' CLA game fair and MGF at Weston Park, but do not bother for several years now.
  14. BSS need to move venue - hitting the NEC bottom line is the only thing they will listen to !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people complaining will not be going to a shooting show anyway , but the shooting industry needs venues that support a legal pastime enjoyed by the most law abiding section of society NOT Eco- warriors/ hunt sabs/ ALF protesters and climate change / vegan do gooders who routinely flout the law.
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