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  1. Another rainy Sunday ....so Chicken , Ham and Leek with Broccoli 🍷
  2. Last night's supper. Minced beef and onion pie with shortcrust pastry and mashed swede. Hit the spot on a rainy night .
  3. Liver ( albeit pate) from a Fallow on top of Venison Wellington
  4. This is what it looked like on the inside 😍
  5. I can offer trifle, check out the deer silhouette 😁
  6. Chicken , Ham and Leek and Venison and Kidney ( Roe)
  7. Edinburgh Rifles http://new.ersg.com/🙂
  8. John Bowkett , the designer ! I have not got a phone number but I understand he has a face ache page or post on AirgunBBS forum and someone will tell you HTH
  9. Is this a 1 in 8 twist barrel or 1 in 12 twist please ?
  10. Try RWS Subs in your P94s Finnfire - much more accurate than Eley Subs IME
  11. Blue Fox Glade ? Devon I think - never been but have seen many positive comments on websites
  12. Victorinox Hunter XT and XS (no saw ) are available in UK similar to yours https://heinnie.com/victorinox-hunter-xt
  13. Ratcatcher - I have some 15 years old and still look smart. buy once, cry once https://www.ratcatchertweed.co.uk/collections/moleskin-trousers
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