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  1. Ben Taylor retired some years ago. Best chap is KevG on Airgun BBS he runs the rapid7owners forum too I think.
  2. Couple of questions Simon please ? 1. Where's the gravy ? 2. Is that Cranberry sauce with Snake and Pygmy pie ?😁
  3. OK, you wanted green - here is green 😁 Roe schnitzel, wild mushrooms and green stuff , now where is my insulin pen 😝
  4. Whatever happened to Bob Ruggles of peddling PAX zinc pellets fame on Airgun BBS ????????????????
  5. Could someone kindly post a picture of said items please ?
  6. Last night's dinner. Venison Wellington Fallow fillet, homemade Fallow liver pate, shortcrust pastry , Jersey Royals, Cauliflower cheese.
  7. It started about 1965, I have those up to pistol ban when it folded - shame -- best UK shooting mag nothing has come close since.
  8. Corned Beef Hash for me with pickled red cabbage and beetroot.
  9. The posh tool bottles it - what a ******* Should hang is head in shame BUT he is a posh (rich) tool who is playing at it --when it goes T*ts up he will call daddy/ mummy for £1 million quid interest free loan This is a scam TV. then go back to his 'normal job' as a gay dress designer / rainbow gender fluid ****ole
  10. Make / Model / Cost please ? I was looking at a De Longhi bean to cup but they are £400 ish - too expensive for me.
  11. I suspect something like that, like the Health Minister eating chips last Sunday with his family when sitting on park benches for a period of time and picnics both of which were were not allowed , and then after a picture in the Sun rag and a tweet from Andrew RT Davies ( conservative) alleging different rules for some 😉 the guidance changed on the Monday - but it was purely coincidental (honest)🙄
  12. That' s easy -- look at what a mess we have here in Wales where Labour has been in power since devolution. No ambition, no strategy, not a clue -- leadership - what's that ? We are however, allowed to go to garden centres ( essential )☹️
  13. Given the CV19 situation, greater emphasis in the future will be on local supply chains, food security and even a rise in vegans 🙄 and then NI do this ....... I have no doubt that NRW (whose CEO has made anti shooting comments in the past - surprise surprise) will think of this. Where is the NFU ?????????????
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