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  1. Experienced gun seeks opening for this season - Carmarthenshire, Cardigan, Ceredigion areas please pm details
  2. This one https://www.bywellshootingground.co.uk/accessories-essentials/bags/clay-range-bags/browning-hidalgo-2-tone-range-bag.html I have had this for 2 years. Holds 250 plus gloves, cans , towel . packed lunch etc
  3. Also one in the Daily Mail today (yeah, I Know😓) of a Swedish night hunter shooting a jogger 😱 using an 'electronic scope' - police looking at attempted murder charge
  4. That was why I changed to SL5i (you can part ex your old mod with Jackson rifles they give you about 60%off the new mod)
  5. Have a look at the Weihrauch 60 or 66 as well as the Anschutz 1517/ 1717. Whilst CZ are great, robust, accurate, even with a trigger kit they are not in the same league trigger wise the HW or Anschutz. Can be had for reasonable money S/H same price as a new CZ , and cheaper than the Tikka
  6. ASE SL5i small but very good suppression, It replaced an ASE utra which was good but heavy and unbalanced rifle.
  7. I have the Cael in 'blue glow in the dark' and it' superb , designed for deer but I use it for all game/ rabbits / pigeon etc. If you are nervous then Emberleaf will sharpen it for you by return post. They do hold an edge so do many, many deer before a resharpen with only a quick strop on leather block occasionally.
  8. I would stick with an annual service especially as your engineer says all is well and in good condition Companies PROMISE the earth but rarely deliver IME. They will wriggle out due to age of boiler etc (higher premiums for over 6 years old) Many stories in the press about massively increased number of claims Financial Ombudsmen about these firms - I would avoid. I have had oil boilers for last 15 years and they have occasionally broken down and needed spare parts even after the annual service but no more so than a car ! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-6645743/The-snow-boiler-cover-leave-cold.html
  9. Gents My favourite Shotgun is a Browning 12g Trap gun , Fixed choke 3/4 and full. 32 " barrels, firing bottom barrel first. I use this for game, pigeons / vermin and clays. I am thinking about having this converted to multi choke to give me more flexibility and to do more clay shooting disciplines out of the game season. Has anyone had this done ? Can you please give me your opinion on who is best to do the work ( Teague / Briley or others ? ) and what are the likely costs. Overall is it worth it ? And what multi chokes would you buy - I want extended chokes for ease of changing. I could buy a multi choke gun instead, but would much prefer to keep with my favourite. Looking for users real life experiences of this course of action. Thanks in anticipation.
  10. I use the Gamebore 35 gr no 5 fibre wad through my SX3 for crows. They do the job very well but not cheap !!!!! but a step up from 32gr no 6 which is my normal pigeon cartridge.
  11. Do they do an auto box in 4x4 version petrol or diesel ?
  12. I had a Beretta 391 28" barrel, that would cycle anything from 21 gram upwards. Plenty available S/H and well made , also agree that the 303 would be similar choice. You need a gas operated semi as the Benelli inertia action typically will not cycle the light loads.
  13. MSA Sordin Pro X, expensive, but my hearing is worth it 😎and the gel pads are very comfortable, I can wear these all day long.
  14. Can you give me some idea of running costs for electric Everhot ? We had an Aga (oil) and now have Rayburn Oil (after downsizing houses) but this is only a cooker NOT hot water / cooker like an AGA. Wife loves it for cooking especially after having the AGA for 15 years --- but it's a very expensive cooker on 24 hrs during winter. In summer we use an electric oven / LPG hob
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