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  1. Most Section 1 shotguns were granted by virtue of 'avian pest control' as the primary 'good reason' . (you could also then use same for PSG and clays with those appropriate conditions specified.)
  2. GMK should be able to post you one
  3. The Airgun BBS (http://www.airgunbbs.com/) is the forum for these --- The adjustable cheekpiece model is the 300SU (Universal) Also egun.de in Germany .
  4. I suspect donors to Leicestershire Fire Service ( or Council Tax payers in Leicestershire) did NOT envisage their hard earned being given to hedgehogs when plenty of HUMAN health charities ( Cancer research for example could benefit) 🤨 I do like hedgehogs But in the current crisis people come first !!!!!!. We all know that the Badger is the main cause for the crash in Hedgehog numbers (except Brian May and Chris Wakman)
  5. Rook pie anyone https://www.shootinguk.co.uk/recipes/rook-pie-recipe-15406
  6. On my Tikka 223 I have a SL5i ,light compact and does the job very well. Jackson Rifles will send to your local RFD and if you have an existing ASE moderator they do a trade in 😎. I swapped a T4 for the SL5i.
  7. Just like the ex Friends of the earth TJ going to NE ....................😁
  8. Is it coincidental that the former Head of Shooting for the CA (who has links to BASC) is now CEO of the BGA 🙄
  9. NGO did indicate on their website that they were to seek legal advice on the NRW GL for Wales with a view to JR as they believed them to be unlawful. However, I have not seen any updated information from them.
  10. I wonder what the interest accrued is on the £8M Fighting Fund that BASC will not unlock ? vs 3 WJ bunny huggers and an ambulance chasing legal firm who prosecuted British troops for war crimes !!!
  11. BASC have already given up on Wales , so I would not hold my breath. The most restricted GL in Uk - once species are lost they will not come back , although if you use NRW logic that declining birds are removed ( like rooks ?) then buzzards which have enjoyed a massive resurgence in numbers due to protection should be put on the list ? The BASC response of use 'it or lose it' was for individuals to apply - which is the opposite of what GL were introduced to prevent. GL is supposed to be light touch regulation , a single sheet of A4, Not a Box File full of restrictions
  12. Diver Dave's water repellant , I think he posts on this forum - great stuff https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=diver+dave+water+repellant&_sacat=0
  13. Gameking


    E*bay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Camo-Tape-Adhesive-Camouflage-Stealth-Rifle-Gun-Wrap-5cm-x-4-5m/232994644081?var=532509328543&hash=item363f902071:m:mZ8uJEh4UFGaDh9ZGmZ76BQ
  14. Looks to me more like BASC and other groups have thrown Welsh shooters under the bus 😭 no furore like with England GL. We can and do contact our AM's / MP's etc but where is the BASC £8M fighting fund being used. the social media generation is all about small numbers achieving policy changes ( like wild Justice !!!) The 6 new political officers are not earning their corn if the political approach is still being pursued - despite damming evidence that it does not work (like the increasing number of police forces moving away from HOG on licencing, lead shot, medical reports etc etc) Note the increasingly softer stance on lead over the last 2 months, BASC staff and council members in ST saying how great it is🤣 I think the £8M is being kept for redundancy payments when it folds due to people voting with their feet like me after 40 years of subs with nothing but ever increasing red tape and restriction which are always detrimental and battles never won !!!!!!!! (well not even going into battle - surprising that the CEO is ex-military - if you read his first ever ST interview he talked about not being confrontational ! the writing is on the wall..........................
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