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  1. I assume this is for Deer, many estates do not allow ballistic tips ? As ever the right factory round differs in all makes and models of rifles but as a good starter , try these, Federal Power Shok 100grain soft point
  2. HW 100 do not have a good reputation in FAC form. Buy an original FAC rated rifle with proven pedigree.
  3. Where are BASC in this with their £8M legal fighting fund. (perhaps using it to keep recruiting political officers and suchlike LOL- have you noticed how big the BASC headcount has risen since Ali and Now BELL ? WJ reportedly crowdfunded the original challenge for £37 K ! The chair of BASC is a QC *** who specialises in Firearms Law and related matters (maybe not specifically wildlife law) , BUT....surely he knows someone within his peer group who can give decent legal advice. It's like a premier league team being given the run around by a the local pub team on a Sunday morning after 20 pints each the night before🙄
  4. I have tried the original vehicle supplier as above (Toyota main dealer) and also my local Toyota dealer both said they do NOT keep these radio code records which I find very strange
  5. Stop faffing about and send it to John Bowkett, the designer .
  6. Gents I have a Hilux and need the radio code. I have just had 2 batteries replaced from originals as they were 5 years old and the local garage managed to do this without total disconnection hence radio is still working fine BUT it would be nice to know the code as a back up. I have had this 2 years and it came with full TSH but nowhere in the manuals, service history book, etc is this code recorded. Tried the original supplier and they say they do not keep this information and cannot help 😭 Anyone had a similar problem ? any advice on how to find it ? TIA
  7. My thoughts exactly and my fear with the use of data supplied by the most law abiding section of society for the 'individual' General Licence🙄
  8. Simon, I know but £50 does not go very far these days🙄
  9. These are not too expensive, look like they will last a while. HTH https://thesmockshop.com/product/bull-denim-crew-neck/
  10. Not only that but a great many of our boys (and girls) in blue have criminal convictions - I trust that helps them making a sensible assessment of character based on their own experiences of the criminal justice system 🙄 For my money you cannot be a serving police officer with any criminal convictions.
  11. This ................... What do BASC use the multi million pound media centre for ? storing their Barbours and wellies ? The new CE as a former soldier should be leading from the front but has been invisible as far as I am concerned yet the headcount has gone up significantly- they have only just (and are still advertising for) political and press officers and before anyone says it, I have paid my BASC subs for over 35 years 😛
  12. Experienced gun seeks opening for this season - Carmarthenshire, Cardigan, Ceredigion areas please pm details
  13. This one https://www.bywellshootingground.co.uk/accessories-essentials/bags/clay-range-bags/browning-hidalgo-2-tone-range-bag.html I have had this for 2 years. Holds 250 plus gloves, cans , towel . packed lunch etc
  14. Also one in the Daily Mail today (yeah, I Know😓) of a Swedish night hunter shooting a jogger 😱 using an 'electronic scope' - police looking at attempted murder charge
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