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  1. I have had a stern word with the catering manager after your comments and she has vowed to try harder ! I have, of course, deducted two shillings from her housekeeping this week to make sure she is more vigilant with the next batch. You are correct though, in that they taste great πŸ˜‹
  2. Batch of Pasties made with Jonty's recipe from earlier in the thread .
  3. My Mrs always uses pastry 'symbols' like this.- She does not like kidney, so when making venison and kidney or beef steak and kidney pie she puts stars or similar on the right hand side of the pie and I have the left with the kidneys in 😁 See attached picture of Roe and Kidney pie ❀️
  4. Winchester CYLINDER Invector plus choke new Β£60 posted
  5. Simon ( says the man who can re handle an Opinel with stag antler in his sleep 🀣) I can't claim credit for this it was the wife - I am only guilty of putting the beast on the deck. but here's one of mine - Corned beef hash with pickled red cabbage and beetroot❀️
  6. This is stalker's pie - Venison (Fallow) and Kidney
  7. Shepherd's Pie with cabbage and gravy, glass of Aldi Malbec 🍷 This was made with minced Roe Venison.🦌
  8. Absolutely stunning work Sir, good enough for Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee πŸ˜€
  9. Try SB using Venison mince instead of beef - you will be surprised how good it is.πŸ˜€
  10. Gameking

    HW 57

    Have a look at the HW 95 or HW 99.
  11. Jonty quick question on recipe / quantities You got 5 pasties out of that as per your picture ? ( thinking of making a batch up )
  12. Jonty Fabulous, very many thanks - I think I remember seeing this on one of his programmes with the lady concerned. Butchers Tuesday for ' skirt ' 😁
  13. Jonty Could you please post the recipe or pm me with it - would love to try these. GK
  14. Patra silk https://www.patra.com/category/Mens-Pure-Silk-Thermals
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