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  1. Thank you Sir, glad I am not losing my mind completely 😎
  2. Thanks for the clarification👍
  3. Whilst we know lead is not good for you, the amount of lead in other everyday foodstuffs is much greater than in shot game (beer, cereals etc etc) as to be negligible. The oft quoted wildfowl issue is overstated and you do not see the countryside littered with dying wildfowl🙄 This is, to quote Chris Packham 'Fake news'. Buy your game from your local shoot rather than Waitrose ( only the Islington crowd can worry about this for their dinner parties😝) IIRC Denmark overturned their lead ban on shooting of wildfowl due to welfare issues about steel not killing as cleanly as lead.
  4. You need a larger whirly to fit a NE 'approved' mannequin in a deckchair 🤣 as a scarecrow.
  5. Splash of T- Cut and it will come up first rate😀
  6. Teal on here sells them - he may be able to help you. HTH
  7. I agree, Funny how CP is not on 'Twitter' (sic) letting all the BBC watching armchair conservationists know. Wait until the 11th August and he will be back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I bet his mate CP got him the gig on Countryfile. How are these minority groups ( WJ has 3 members I think !!!) able to get front page publicity to a mass BBC bunny hugger audience when BASC do not respond (or even use the media centre the members paid millions for 🙄)
  9. I would check before you go that the reloading supplies you want are available. If the exhibitors list has been confirmed, I would pre-order. At lots of GF these days getting reloading supplies or even rifle ammo is difficult, sometimes even shotgun cartridges are not available. Just Cartridges used to be at lots of these like the 'old' CLA game fair and MGF at Weston Park, but do not bother for several years now.
  10. BSS need to move venue - hitting the NEC bottom line is the only thing they will listen to !!!!!!!!!!!!!! The people complaining will not be going to a shooting show anyway , but the shooting industry needs venues that support a legal pastime enjoyed by the most law abiding section of society NOT Eco- warriors/ hunt sabs/ ALF protesters and climate change / vegan do gooders who routinely flout the law.
  11. Why not offer to EXTEND the certificates to say .......................10 years 🙄 or even till age 70 like your driving licence, that would even out / reduce workload 😀 Oh sorry , silly me the most law abiding section of society CANNOT be trusted 😭
  12. Why not put your cabinet in the rented property - many people rent 'permanently' that way you can shoot whilst the target date on your new build suffers mission creep 😀
  13. Being intrigued by this comment I have just nipped out to the Hilux and retrieved mine for measuring and indeed Teal is correct !. The backrest height is 13 1/2 inches. My missus made me a covered cushion ( foam disc from E*ay) which makes mine look lower. I do like the idea of the 'D' rings though as I tend to leave mine assembled in the pickup , any idea where to get these from ? Excellent chairs , (and Teal who supplied mine amongst other PW items 😀) , does them at the cheapest price I found online. Good Luck with the sale and apologies for hijacking the thread.
  14. You need a Firearm certificate for a section 1 shotgun . You will need to show good reason - e.g PSG, or avian pest control , ask also for clay shooting to be put on for practice (some clay grounds only allow you to load 2 shots even if it's FAC .) It may also be sensible to have them co -terminus in the future which is cheaper when you renew.
  15. Depends when it was filmed (before 24/05/19 ?) or if it was in Scotland or Wales
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