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  1. Edinburgh Rifles http://new.ersg.com/🙂
  2. John Bowkett , the designer ! I have not got a phone number but I understand he has a face ache page or post on AirgunBBS forum and someone will tell you HTH
  3. Is this a 1 in 8 twist barrel or 1 in 12 twist please ?
  4. Try RWS Subs in your P94s Finnfire - much more accurate than Eley Subs IME
  5. Blue Fox Glade ? Devon I think - never been but have seen many positive comments on websites
  6. Victorinox Hunter XT and XS (no saw ) are available in UK similar to yours https://heinnie.com/victorinox-hunter-xt
  7. Ratcatcher - I have some 15 years old and still look smart. buy once, cry once https://www.ratcatchertweed.co.uk/collections/moleskin-trousers
  8. The original prometheus had steel heads. They did not have a good reputation for accuracy only penetration but the two part design broke apart. Save you money and buy quality lead ammo - and hit what you aim at !
  9. WJ ( amongst others - especially orgs that 'welcome' a lot of things !!!! should crowd fund this well respected, INDEPENDANT, scientific body 🤣 ( but I don't suppose DR's Avery and Tingay would agree with their well known fondness for 'science')
  10. gentlemen I am considering one of these for mainly squirrel control. I have never had a .410 or a pump so this ticks 2 boxes. I usually use a 12G SX3 but fancy something small / light - I do a lot of squirrel shooting and a bit of trapping for red squirrel conservation. Can I have your opinions please and recommended cartridges and shot size , brand . As I say, only shot a .410 a few times ( O/U) at the clay club where lots of guys use the Yilditz 30" to good effect on clays as a challenge and also getting on in years as a nil recoil option. I fancy the pump aspect (3 shots) but am happy to consider a O/U if you think that may be a better option. TIA
  11. Steve Try these 'variety packs' https://www.pellpax.co.uk/airguns/airgun-ammunition/airgun-pellets/pellpax-pellet-sample-kit-22/1238
  12. Very Nice................................just wait for her to drop into the conversation , ( after you have shot 2 pigeons) about the £35K new kitchen she has her eye on 😁
  13. Steve best of luck with this - would love to see a happy ending to delight all of us on here ( but of course, mostly your) spirits 👍
  14. That is a MK2 Stock so would imagine it's a Mk2 with regulator - value will depend on trigger - Early Mk2 had Anschutz trigger and a few had an Anschutz Supermatch trigger . The trigger shoe is an add on after market one too and the threaded barrel is a modification . You can see a pressure guage fitted to buddy bottle .
  15. Steve Not used them myself but they advertise photo restoration - worth an enquiry I would have thought . http://www.ystiwdiobrint.co.uk/ best of luck
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