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    Hello I am now in my 60th year been a game fisherman for 48 years a bass fisherman for 30yrs and a shotgun and air rifle shooter game and pest since 1977. I gave up my shotgun several years back, I mainly shoot and fish with my brother who has the same sporting back round to me except 8yrs more.

    My air rifles now are Air Arms tx200 mk3 .177, Webley Stingray xs .177 and my now favorite rifle is a modified SMK xs19GR .22.
    Other interests Astronomy, photography, cars bird watching, music and youtube. TX200 NOW GONE.

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  1. I know what you mean, an ex of mine once asked me what can you cook in a Beetoven, I looked at what she was trying to read and said nearly there luv but Beethoven was a composer. what can you say..😐 MM
  2. Mine was a 1970 Hillman Avenger 1500 super, my fathers hand me down when he'd had enough of it. Family 1st car a 1967 Morris 1100 as we had bike and sidecars for donkeys years. That little car took me my best friend and mother and father with full camping equipment through France over Switzerland and down to Pescara in Italy our average speed was 50mph when we got back it had to have a de-coke...those were the days. MM
  3. I'm looking forward to it I hope we win....its going to be a tough ole game also really glad at the mo that Italy aren't that good yet as I'm Welsh Italian I might be dead before that game comes round 😃. All the best to both teams but..two teams enter one team leaves. cheers MM
  4. Do you think you will try the rivers near you or just stick with the stillwaters. Cheers MM
  5. I started tying flies for my salmon fishing seatrout "sewin and and browns and now bass back in 1974 and I am am still tying them now, my advise is never start coz once you start you wont stop and end up like me with boxes stuffed with the things....but there is the very big buzz with rising a trout on your newly tied dry fly and seeing it take off downstream. 😃 MM
  6. Should rename the dog Skippy.
  7. madmax666

    Music Video

    On youtube the music vid The Damned - Alone Again Or (1987) is that bike used a BSA 650 Star. Ta.
  8. Strangely enough I am going over to Bridgestone weather control tyres next on both our cars, I have had enough of lighty treaded summer tyres for a while. I would think though that the spray you have seen is the tyres doing what they are supposed to do as they let the water travel under the tyre through the tread and outwards to the rear instead of out sideways in front of the tyre...just my thought 😊. cheers MM
  9. madmax666

    My Shame

    I'm starting to dress in long raincoats and wide brimmed hats now even in our spare room, interesting today I was watching Gdansk airport this morning and what they had to do to get a Ryanair plane up, they had 4 snow plows going up and down the runway run after run, this bit got me thinking about the things we don't see sitting on a plane. They took this plane about a mile away from everything then got 2 cherry picker type trucks and blew the snow and ice off the plane.. about 3 times then they waited about 15 mins to see if the plane moved, if I was on that plane i'd be a tad twitchy. Then the plane taxied back down the mile run and then took off with quite alot of trucks standing by..very interesting stuff this voyeurism. MM
  10. madmax666

    My Shame

    I know I'm lower than a worms do da.. I didnt know the Rhine had a waterfall....
  11. madmax666

    My Shame

    My name is Madmax I am a .........VOYEUR...oh the shame of it all, thats what I would be saying in a addiction clinic. Story so far my misses is laid up home after a serous op in hospital so I have taken leave from work to look after her. While Mrs MM is resting there was little for me to do but "go a wondering " on the internet, and came apon this live webcam site called Worldcam .tv and went in. Well I have watched wild animals in Africa day and night viewing, been to bars in Florida and the Caribbean, watch planes taking off and landing around the world, watch shipping movements,done trains and cities, New York Time square is interesting..the list goes on. This stuff can be quite addictive, so while Mrs MM is at home I'm eating chocolate and drinking beer with others around the world and seeing things I will never get to see up in our spare room...I am doing it right now, I wonder if I will become a dark shadowy figure of my former self..who knows. 😎 MM
  12. madmax666


    Well sort of'ish, whenever I try their website email contact link/button to email them and click its does nothing. They probally know its me calling again to naff them off 😁 Cheers.
  13. madmax666


    Hello all, has anyone ever been able to email the R.S.P.B via their website contact links. Cheers MM
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