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    Hello I am now in my 60th year been a game fisherman for 48 years a bass fisherman for 30yrs and a shotgun and air rifle shooter game and pest since 1977. I gave up my shotgun several years back, I mainly shoot and fish with my brother who has the same sporting back round to me except 8yrs more.

    My air rifles now are Air Arms tx200 mk3 .177, Webley Stingray xs .177 and my now favorite rifle is a modified SMK xs19GR .22.
    Other interests Astronomy, photography, cars bird watching, music and youtube. TX200 NOW GONE.

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  1. madmax666

    1st time fly fishing

    I started tying flies for my salmon fishing seatrout "sewin and and browns and now bass back in 1974 and I am am still tying them now, my advise is never start coz once you start you wont stop and end up like me with boxes stuffed with the things....but there is the very big buzz with rising a trout on your newly tied dry fly and seeing it take off downstream. 😃 MM
  2. madmax666

    Up To His Neck In It!

    Should rename the dog Skippy.
  3. madmax666

    Music Video

    On youtube the music vid The Damned - Alone Again Or (1987) is that bike used a BSA 650 Star. Ta.
  4. madmax666

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Use her for target practice...
  5. madmax666

    Winter tyres, even on 4WD vehicles.

    Strangely enough I am going over to Bridgestone weather control tyres next on both our cars, I have had enough of lighty treaded summer tyres for a while. I would think though that the spray you have seen is the tyres doing what they are supposed to do as they let the water travel under the tyre through the tread and outwards to the rear instead of out sideways in front of the tyre...just my thought 😊. cheers MM
  6. madmax666

    My Shame

    I'm starting to dress in long raincoats and wide brimmed hats now even in our spare room, interesting today I was watching Gdansk airport this morning and what they had to do to get a Ryanair plane up, they had 4 snow plows going up and down the runway run after run, this bit got me thinking about the things we don't see sitting on a plane. They took this plane about a mile away from everything then got 2 cherry picker type trucks and blew the snow and ice off the plane.. about 3 times then they waited about 15 mins to see if the plane moved, if I was on that plane i'd be a tad twitchy. Then the plane taxied back down the mile run and then took off with quite alot of trucks standing by..very interesting stuff this voyeurism. MM
  7. madmax666

    My Shame

    I know I'm lower than a worms do da.. I didnt know the Rhine had a waterfall....
  8. madmax666

    My Shame

    My name is Madmax I am a .........VOYEUR...oh the shame of it all, thats what I would be saying in a addiction clinic. Story so far my misses is laid up home after a serous op in hospital so I have taken leave from work to look after her. While Mrs MM is resting there was little for me to do but "go a wondering " on the internet, and came apon this live webcam site called Worldcam .tv and went in. Well I have watched wild animals in Africa day and night viewing, been to bars in Florida and the Caribbean, watch planes taking off and landing around the world, watch shipping movements,done trains and cities, New York Time square is interesting..the list goes on. This stuff can be quite addictive, so while Mrs MM is at home I'm eating chocolate and drinking beer with others around the world and seeing things I will never get to see up in our spare room...I am doing it right now, I wonder if I will become a dark shadowy figure of my former self..who knows. 😎 MM
  9. madmax666


    Well sort of'ish, whenever I try their website email contact link/button to email them and click its does nothing. They probally know its me calling again to naff them off 😁 Cheers.
  10. madmax666


    Hello all, has anyone ever been able to email the R.S.P.B via their website contact links. Cheers MM
  11. madmax666

    Property Madness

    I DONT BELIEVE IT......I know the saying location location but its now gone mad. I have spent a lot of time in Cornwall and Devon since 1984, back when a b&b was £7 a night and a tenner was expensive. I know Padstow very well and have stayed there too many times to count and I know since Steiny got his claws into the place property prices have rocketed to the extent hardly a young local couple can afford to buy in the village they were born. Now and again I like to look at places I cannot afford to live in just for larf, I have just come off a property website and found a fantastic looking farm near Crediton ..its a beauty of a house that looks like a gentleman farmer and family had owned it.. got the thatched roof the lot ...its sold with 83 acres of good land with a internal swimming pool to boot, and looks like a place you wouldn't mind dying there when the time came...the price £1,350,000, in Padstow I found a 4 bed plain jane house set in a big sloped plain grass lawned garden and the price 3,000,000 squidollies ...what the ####### is wrong here. cheers MM
  12. madmax666

    Does the the team think..

    Yes its a poser, do we eat and drink what we like and take the risk or knuckle under and go with the flow. I am 61 now 5ft 9 and 15st but my weight is largely due to my weight lifting that I have done for many years and still do. I do like a drink which I am cutting back especially on the bottles of real ale I do enjoy, what I use to drink on Friday night is now spread over 5 days. I do also like my dark chockie about a bar a week. My cholesterol is 5.2 which I had checked recently, my elder brother was on statins to reduce his but his legs drove him crazy with constant itching so he ditched those and now is happy as Larry. For the last 20yrs each morning before work and week ends my breakfast consists of ...2 pc of toasted Hovis 2 med free range soft boiled eggs, one piece of bacon and a tin of baked beans, but sometimes the bacon is replaced with wood pigeon breasts. Many will think I am nuts but its good start to the day for me and I will carry on till the doc says different. Like clakk and others have said its the **** our modern food is filled with to extend its shelf life... cheers MM
  13. madmax666

    Does the the team think..

    That's you lot, 200/300yrs ago was blood pressure and cholesterol an issue like it is today, I realise it might have not been known as it is today ..but was the diet of the time and lifestyle contrary to early deaths. cheers MM
  14. madmax666


    Hi all, this is a topic that annoy's us greatly..so what I did is i went on vegan forums for a butchers..err excuse the pun..a look at what these people are about and not just what I see in the news and papers. Well what I read was very interesting, many vegans have made the decision not to eat meat , they do not want to bother meat eaters or force their opinions down our throats and generally get on with life..their way. What they do not like is the extremist vegan tit going out and being a pain in the ar## and given all of them a bad name and making enemies of us who do eat meat. They do not like extreme vegans given their pets ..cats and dogs vegan pet foods which cause their pets internal health problems nearly to the point of dying and then being told by vets ..give them meat based foods. The extremist vegans are under verbal attack from their own kind on their forums to wise up and stop making their lifestyle a target, they have also mentioned what would happen if the meat eaters started marching into vegan eating places and shouting at them ..its works both ways. This did surprise me I thought they were all the same..it seems they are not. MM
  15. madmax666

    Queens Speech

    Yep..queenie the tops.. MM