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    1. I have had a look for that under that name bit hard to find, did you get them here or from the states. cheers
    2. While I have been looking through my old stuff I found one of my old invoice/receipt's from 1972 from J.B. Walker fishing tackle down in Kent. It was for a 4ft aluminium landing net handle, a 28" apex landing net frame, 36" nylon net and 18 x size 2 mepps the whole lot came to with postage £7.24. It would cost me now just over £62 just for the mepps. 😁
    3. I am both fly and lure, Tim I think you've got me on this one its a tadpole maybe of some sort but I am leaning to a one legged weedless frog could be Heddon maybe...I give up. 🙂
    4. To be fair OF it was a bit of an obscure one even for me after 55yrs of fishing. It brought a thought to me from my old Field and Stream mags I use to get before internet was about..it looked familiar. I have a few buzzbaits I have used on pike they do make a splash its easy to see why these things work I also use surface lures on sea bass. How did you come by it Tim. MM
    5. t’s a thingy wotsit lure designed to catch anglers 😂😂 and I think it’s worked 😊 To be precise its a Norman Weed Walker Topwater Lure. 😉 Found out a bit more about it, they were very popular in America and Canada for pike and bass devised by Bill Norman a top fisherman.. anglers are still trying to get hold of them apparently. OF better luck next time.
    6. Large mouth bass topwater frog lure.🤔
    7. madmax666


      Hi Mr K yes I do a bit, I have fished Daymer and across at Hawkers Cove just up from Padstow but only fly fishing for bass. If I was to fish there again I would go on the lures, my choice would be soft minnow shads up to 5" anything with a paddle tail, to save me going through all the lures to which there are many go to Henry Gibleys website and check out his soft lure section ..its more or less most of us use these days My advice for Daymer is to fish a wind coming up the estuary and not off the land which there will be off the west, a big flood tide there will be a handful and a lot of back walking so be careful and safe a low to med tide will be better or follow out a big tide on the ebb. MM.
    8. P1 I think that bit was above me nice work on the salmon tho, I think I had 3 off the usk when I was there but I found them hard work they seemed to run through my bit without stopping. Down south I fished about 8/10 of their rivers and made some now life long friends from there its a lovely part of the world and I like the small streams. Aye your are right they have some very good seatrout and salmon water, I think one of the rivers cant remember which starts in February as well. I have fly fished the Camel but at the sea end at Padstow and Daymer near Hawkers cove for bass, had to wade out far as possible as people "will" walk behind you when your casting😁. opp yes I like the old shops too it gives you a comfy feeling in them, I have also started LRF in the last 3 years and will be doing some more down that way as I did a bit in Mevagissey last summer.
    9. Hello opp, no I have never been to the shop but I did meet Lionel Sweet many years ago and he gave me a casting lesson I have to say for the short time I was with him ..what a lovely man he was. Nice for you to be on the Usk which bit were you on, I was on the Gwent Anglers water ..cracking water big browns and when they were on emerger's omg what a sight. One day off a high bank I saw two big browns fighting each other over a 6 inch trout one of them had duffed up and wasn't letting go..hell of a sight. Yes fishing is becoming hard work these days, I do like going down to Devon and Cornwall and fish the small streams now with the West Country Passport lot, good value well priced fishing and in beautiful countryside. I will get out somewhere this year or kill myself trying lol. MM Sweet
    10. Well I am totally at a loss what the hell I do this season. The best wild brown trout fishing near me is on the Usk which my brother and I have had many seasons on and did very well on the dry, but is nearly a 100 mile round trip each time..but omg the fish are something else. My salmon and sewin fishing has vanished due to very low fish numbers in the rivers and droughts in the summer months..after over 50 yrs of top fishing it is hard to entertain even given it a go these days, so my double hander's and big singles are just gathering dust with all my 100's of home tied flies ...and I am really missing casting a fly rod big time putting out a dry over a rising trout or doing a triple salchow with the 14 footer in a fast flowing river. My bass fishing is hard work also.. coz of work I am missing the best tides and wind conditions and on weekends people are everywhere.. so the loneliness of the long distance fisherman is long gone... I will have to work out what to do this year and get my head down...so I hope the rest of you do well this season and have some memorable " fights" and escape from the hum drum of everyday life for just a short while. MM
    11. Hi, if you go on the SMK website into the SMK co2 bit you will find some reviews and a video of a few of those rifles. MM
    12. If you like the oldies, try and pick up a few Dibro Minnows from the 70s , I still use them even now if any of the old salmon boys are on here they may remember the old advert for them in Trout and Salmon..remember boys paint them in your own favourite colours. I didn't like their mounts the swivel was too small and weak so I made my own. In the early 80's I started reading Field & Stream from the states, and moved over to plugs or as we say now minnow lures and purchased from Cabellas by phone..I do miss the personal touch these days as its all online. Then it was a case of for me Rapalas and Canadian Wigglers which caught me a lot of salmon and seatrout back then. Funny these days even 80s lures are retro. MM
    13. It is a leather wagtail lure, used for salmon in the early days probably before they went over to mounted sprats for spring fishing, which then in turn was more than likely the fore runner development of the devon minnow. Bit before my time as a salmon fisherman/boy when I started back at the start of the 70s, then it was the toby, devon and quill minnow and mepps, and home made spinners with swiss wing spinner blades. Cheers MM
    14. Hi all, I contacted a stable a few miles away and explained the situation they knew of the horse and its location, they told me someone did look in and checked it out and was considered healthy, the horse now I have found out is a Vanner. MM
    15. Al4x, you are quite right I don't know much about them and I could well be a bit overly concerned perhaps this a breed that does fair well in adverse conditions like the pony's on moors, I was just taken aback to the response the RSPCA offered me, I am sure they know more about it than me. But I will try and keep an eye out, as I mentioned to someone via pm I cant be there all the time to see if feed goes in I am sure it does plus I did see someone giving giving the horse water when it was hot in the summer, my concern was where the horse was. cheers for the advise. MM CH thanks as well.
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