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  1. Gun has now been collected, many thanks to captain Christopher jones for a pleasant and speedy sale. sorry to everyone that PM’d me
  2. Mossy410

    Hip flask

    Many thanks for all suggestions 👍 Wife has now ordered one online so will find out what it's like when it arrives
  3. Mossy410

    Hip flask

    Hi all looking for recommendations for a good quality hip flask that will last cheers
  4. Got a Mossberg 410 hushpower in mint condition wood stock 150 assorted cartridges based in suffolk, £465
  5. My 14 year old has had his ATA for some time now and loves it, does the job great and looks good 👍
  6. Just downloaded the license 👍 we keep sheep, lambs, pigs and chickens. Got a large crow population around here so were very concerned about the GL balls up, roll on Monday and hopefully get the other licenses sorted
  7. If your shooting them for the land owner you probably should shoot it, I shoot all I come across as little ones soon become big ones and start digging up the paddocks that can cause our horses a lot of damage.
  8. Had a TX200 HC .22 for many years, got very well used and never ever let me down great gun and very accurate. I also have and still own a ultra MS, wanted a hushpower and got a good trade in offer against the mossy so off it went. Only decided to let the TX go instead of the BSA because of noise (got horses at home) otherwise the BSA would of gone. Never owned a HW so can't compare.
  9. We kept chickens in an uncovered run and as soon as you got inside the crows would appear ready for breakfast, tried the tie up dead bird technique which worked for a few days then they returned, didn't seem to matter if I moved them and then they got used to it and it hardly seem to bother them. Had to cover the chickens in the end.
  10. Last bit of drey bashing till winter, only got 8 this time 630
  11. Bridge is defo a good starting camera
  12. I can confirm that this is definitely a stoat and it does have a black tip to the tail, look closely and you will see it. This is the third stoat I've seen around my place, the other two our cat caught and killed. And before anybody jumps up and says a cat can't kill a stoat well I witnessed one of them along with two other people, was standing out the back and heard a commotion in a bush and out rolls the cat along with a stoat; after a brief commotion the cat had it by the neck and killed it. Now our cat is no normal cat, we were given it from an ole boy down the lane that had a
  13. Went through all this last year when buying my 14 year olds first gun. Should we get a used gun or new?? everyone we spoke to had their own opinion and thats all it is their own opinion plus a bit of gun snobbery. In fairness 70% of people favoured buying new to give him peace of mind rather than worrying about what a used guns history was? In the end he bought a new 30" ATA, great gun shoots well and doesn't have to worry about anything going wrong as its under warranty. Nothing against buying 2nd hand I have two 2nd hand 12G and they have been trouble free, just wanted to minimise an
  14. Got a couple of hard to reach dreys in one of my fields, thick hawthorn!! got in there yesterday with the 410 and guess what falls out?? this..... One less to bother my chickens
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