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  1. Bridge is defo a good starting camera
  2. I can confirm that this is definitely a stoat and it does have a black tip to the tail, look closely and you will see it. This is the third stoat I've seen around my place, the other two our cat caught and killed. And before anybody jumps up and says a cat can't kill a stoat well I witnessed one of them along with two other people, was standing out the back and heard a commotion in a bush and out rolls the cat along with a stoat; after a brief commotion the cat had it by the neck and killed it. Now our cat is no normal cat, we were given it from an ole boy down the lane that had a feral litter in his barn and didn’t want to destroy them, so ours was raised from a very young age by us and took a long time to domesticate her, she is very affectionate to us and our dogs but has caught many a large rabbit, rats and is great for killing moles, has even killed a large grass snake!!!
  3. Went through all this last year when buying my 14 year olds first gun. Should we get a used gun or new?? everyone we spoke to had their own opinion and thats all it is their own opinion plus a bit of gun snobbery. In fairness 70% of people favoured buying new to give him peace of mind rather than worrying about what a used guns history was? In the end he bought a new 30" ATA, great gun shoots well and doesn't have to worry about anything going wrong as its under warranty. Nothing against buying 2nd hand I have two 2nd hand 12G and they have been trouble free, just wanted to minimise any hassle as it's his first gun
  4. Got a couple of hard to reach dreys in one of my fields, thick hawthorn!! got in there yesterday with the 410 and guess what falls out?? this..... One less to bother my chickens
  5. Two outing this year so far, January total of 17 and February 36 total of 53 519
  6. Mossy410

    . 410 carts

    I'm near lavenham and have loads of 410 cases, wife has used some on a ceiling decoration in the kitchen; if your near me you can pick some up or I could drop them off to you on my regular journey to Cambridge??
  7. Many thanks 243deer for the job in Bury, been in touch with the owners and worked out a plan of action with them.
  8. Thanks for your reply uilleachan. potential problem here, have discovered that some of the spent cartridges have damaged ends ? not done any testing but think this is due to gun warming up cartridges waiting to be fired and then the pump action deforming the end?? Anybody else get this with a pump action?
  9. Hi just bought a 410 and looking to reload due to the cost of 410 cartridges ? While I'm at it I will probably look to doing 12g as well ?, don't won't to spend £££££ on a off the shelf kit as this kinda defeats the object. has anybody got a homemade set up they can share and advice? Have looked online and there is quite a bit of info especially from the states, all advice is welcome cheers
  10. Hi all greetings to every like minded hunter from the very sunny beautiful Suffolk countryside ??
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