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  1. Russians would have taken the place in very short order but for the west wading in with everything but boots on the ground something boyo is not going to forget in a hurry
  2. we all been there I like the way nothing appears until your set up then in comes the first tractor better luck next time
  3. clangerman

    Mo Farah

    any sympathy should go to the other children trafficked by those responsible let’s not gloss it thanks to his failure to come forward he has enabled them to carry on their evil trade
  4. let’s not be blinded by the dress etc his priority was escape could easily have been leaving someone dying under the car while he ran of not fit to hold a candle let alone office
  5. I restrict a dogs first few times on rape to dead birds only who drop close to the hide seems to work not had one injured by stalks so far
  6. residence size is a quote from the police officer a warning to all men remove your high heels before driving!
  7. a 150 times? obviously parking is no longer part of the test lol
  8. this loon will be running the show gump has tainted his entire party chucking him on the witch fire as a token sacrifice wouldn’t fool a child he’s prob a right tool but voters will be giving him the chance to prove it just watch them vote for him
  9. you can polish every **** in the bucket but it won’t make any of them a diamond!
  10. clangerman


    only option now is garlic and a stake through the heart!
  11. very reasons the airgun owners club was formed proper nice bunch of lads picking up a few of their members from this so not a total loss
  12. no comment needed typical agf response attack!
  13. really that would be the warnings you don’t receive or even a reply to why you have been banned now tell me that’s the correct way to treat members!
  14. since when has telling the truth been a problem their bad record is known far and wide airgun owners club was formed to escape their intimidation and banning ways
  15. no loss check out airgun owners club no woolly coat required!
  16. clangerman


    more than fishy when anyone else accused of carrying out sexual assaults on men would be arrested within hrs
  17. trick is to carry it all round in cash stuffed into suit cases they won’t ask any questions then isn’t that right Charlie!
  18. fact air arms are selling while others remain on the shelf tells you why I use a s510 keep looking for one the wait will be worth it
  19. she obviously prefers living in a cell over being found dead in one
  20. you can show them the water but some will die of thirst before they drink!
  21. clangerman

    PW rules

    small price to pay we have far more freedom than agf their banned list is hundreds of pages long lol
  22. good effort there think we had seven squeakers on the barley mix stubble lot of birds stopped short below us dropping into wheat but we passed the 100 so happy enough
  23. almost had the ex wife’s trash turn into a corpse having “words” trash jumped back in front of a bus lying scumbag told police I tried to chuck him under it truth is good idea like that didn’t occur to me at the time!
  24. you would struggle to find the old type punter now evis is no fool he knew they would all turn into well of middle class chasing their youth place is a gold mine
  25. this is all part of gov honing the system so each generation works longer to end up with even less than the previous one
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