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Football is a funny old game and completely splits opinions. I thought that Gerrard was one of the best midfielders of his generation and could have walked into any team.

No doubt at all. He was a phenomenal footballer. I don't like Liverpool or subscribe to the "what a guy" stuff, but he could have played for any team in the world. (And they did indeed ask). I watch a lot of live (ie not on TV) football and Gerrard is the most complete and dominant English player I have seen in the last 20 years.

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I grant you he was a half decent midfielder but overrated quite honestly, looked good in a Liverpool team that's done very little for the last 25 years fluked the champions league, certainly not fit to lace the boots of real quality like Scholes, Keane or Robson plenty of other i could add Vieira and Petit Lampard. He is also quite a nasty piece of work and anyone inside football knows he has a :whistling: few skeletons


so no "slip" off :lol: Gerrard into the Sooooker pay day world with out your premier league winners medal :good:

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Ordinary people would have been put in prison...he had the money to settle out of court.


Decent club player but played for Liverpool in an era when they were poor generally


Never really consistent for England.


Remarkable achievement playing just for one club though in this day and age.

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He scored some decent goals, but people forget the hundreds of times he ballooned the ball into the top of the stands. Never learned to keep the ball down and over hit almost every pass.


I have a lot of family in Liverpool - by marriage - and very few think he is Liverpool's best ever player.

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