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Suppose how well bred your dog is maybe help in deciding whether you need a premium or basic policy. . . . Heinz 57 variety should be fairly strong health wise but a pedigree one maybe more at risk of health issues, however, the both will need stitches after a run in with barbed wire

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We put £50/month into a seperate account for our Dogs and discussed the fact that we have no insurance with our Vet. I'm fairly certain that we get a special rate because the Vet knows he isn't being paid by a large company and he has done several exploratory examinations/Scans and we have had consultations with him several times and he simply hasn't charged us at all - might be an option depending on how well you know your Vet?

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23 minutes ago, ilovemyheckler said:

Kennel club insurance doesn't cover working dogs.


PetPlan does and have been great for me, one dog had a £6,000 bill 18 months ago and they paid it without question and the policy hardly increased the following year.


cheers ill have a look at them

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