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New to the forums thought i'd introduce myself.

I'm  a 49 year old welder fro Newcastle

In full time employment,  like to unwind with a few hours shooting at the weekend, at Steve Smiths range and back garden as well as where I work for those feral pigeons. 

I own a .177 Walther Rotex UC and currently looking to upgrade to a Pard 007.

 Already enjoyed reading posts and tips from the forum.


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Hi Figgy thank's.

We originally has a quote for a private company to come in with a hawk, to many girders and beams for the pigeons to hide, and the cost was pretty high.

After longs talks with the on site health and safety gaffer, risk assessments ect.. it was agreed that i'd take care of the problem, the fabrication building where I weld is the worst, they use the lamps as a heat source, but hope to get on top of it soon.

Just been to washington range this weekend W.A.R.

It's ok for an hour when it's bad weather, use it for zeroing the scope mainly.


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