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  1. Chaz25

    Wasted morning

    You now know more than when you started
  2. That works! I use a pellet box as I have plans for the lead.
  3. large pellet catcher for garden plinking?
  4. They still can be had second hand, there powerful if a bit crude, well mine is!
  5. Problem may be low grade "O" rings might be better to strip and find better grade automotive equivalent.
  6. Chaz25


    Just put yer gun(s) in a golf trolley !
  7. There still made, the 2200 got discontinued for some reason, same as yourself, but I had the 2200 as a youth, so it was like gold to me to find these two and to be boxed and unfired plus the price was stupidly low, kind of made my year!
  8. Chaz25

    AirArms Galahad

    Ho yeah! I'm happy with it, its a great little thing! I'm with you with the wildcat being drool worthy.
  9. Chaz25

    AirArms Galahad

    I was tempted myself as it was up for sale, but to much of a lump for my taste, so I got a gunpower stealth instead, not the most perfect of creations but it suits me.
  10. Chaz25

    AirArms Galahad

    Only handled a Galahad, looked awesome then I picked it up and thought jesus! for this weight I would want it to burn powder.
  11. These are second hand, kind of rare to have there box's so I got them both. I kept the .22
  12. Chaz25


    You know the saying "the more you use some thing the lighter it gets"
  13. Dang that's a nice one! pretty good scope to, I have one on the stealth got it new last month
  14. Cocking arm roller, one channel is for said roller other is for the anti-bear trap if its like my supersport se which it looks to be.
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