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  1. Pistol is for me more about that instinctive snap shot but done with calm action you just don't have the same hold time as a rifle. Reflect sights really gel with pistol shooting.
  2. The ultra .25 is very nice my mate has one, and agreed Villaman every collection should have one! I think of this calibre best at pistol ranges as said, I have at most 15 yards to play with at home and if I gain permission at a local wood its very closed in so again favours a short range heavy hitter if there is anything in there to eat! if not another place to shoot, also I'm kind of done with long gun's in the main and a short range gun is better I consider to be handy so its a bore that suits a carbine well in my thinking.
  3. At 20 grn's your at or close to 500 fps but the pellets CSA has more drag, ho I think I just found a BSA "SS" carbine in .25...might need some rhino's or make a sizing die
  4. Do it! it's the most fun your have with tweed on.
  5. I have a supersport with a .25 later barrel all modern pellets fit, but its a bit of a job so sell it to me it sound like a burden for you 😁 So as a calibre what are you thoughts? what do you use the gun for? what ranges?
  6. I know the debate on calibre 177 vs 22 is pretty much never resolving but I find .25 never bought in on said debates, now being a man having owned sub 12 guns for 40 years and have a liking for all size's I'm now totally taken with the bumble bee of flying lead that is the .25 it suites me and where I shoot, so what are your thought's? have you owned sub 12 .25?, why do many not consider it that much (this is a good thing more guns for me then!) all opinions are welcome and if your going to be scathing about it just at least be funny! 😁
  7. banning the tool never changes the intention, if we go down that road then we need to ban pretty much everything 😁 also as an engineer I don't see an easy form of conversion powder munitions develop quite high pressures could you explain? I understand if you would not want to as its an open forum.
  8. nice guns I liked the fox shame about the ****tard law change.
  9. Not too hard to get then really, .25 is not overly common here so I bulk buy think I have a stock of about a thousand + now.
  10. Everyone knows .177 is for pistols, .20 and .22 are garden guns and .25 is when you really want something to happen down range 😁
  11. With the power levels you can have state side I would really consider .25 even here with are rules I have gone .25, heavy impact over short range is quite something whether plinking or hunting, once you adapt to its reach I'm sure you would not regret your choice.
  12. Think they only changed some of the finish, also they are a tad loud so a suppressor might be in order and the blow off valve has become an issue on mine but I don't think its a common fault.
  13. I don't know of a MK6 just a few tweek's to the alecto and now its a zoraki hp01
  14. I use mine without optics as most don't like to be used as a cocking handle! I would say some of the hawk reflect optics are tough or buy a cheap optic and don't worry if you bend the tube. the last option is a short style reflect sight like say the Walther but then that just means less area to slam the upper frame down with.
  15. Go vintage and classic then the options open up to Gamo Webley BSA etc I have a BSA 240 magnum I've had the scorpion pretty much every Webley, Walther LP mod 3 still have that one there all pretty good my fav's are the black star Mod3 240 magnum and a Webley nemesis hence why I still have them.
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