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  1. Chaz25

    Tank filling

    I like to pump! 15 min work out for a shed load of shots from a 490cc bottle, its as in house a system as you could get, and not a lot to carry if needed.
  2. Innova is a good gun I had one, there a good pumper I prefer my Crosman 2200 but the sharp is a better gun.
  3. I have the Webley pump (Turkish now I think) not that good, seal problems and the micro bore hose leaks at the crimped union at times.
  4. I think your right about the early BSA gauge, my mate had a striker in .25 the rihno's fitted the bore better on that, he did not like it due to not getting the gas ram one but a springer (helps to know what you order or can order 🙄) and before I could offer to buy it off him he sent it back, shame I found it to be a nice gun! funny how sub 12 .25's never gained much of a footing, myself its my favorite calibre now
  5. Had a tin of rihno's really lose fit in the beeza, so they got used as plinker's in my stealth, did not marksman do .25 ? pretty good cheap pellet never tried them in .25 thou, I like the H&N FTT's or JSB king heavy's for a big slap down range!
  6. It's a .25 the previous owner fitted the barrel I did the carbine work, cut, crown, port, preload etc love the big calibre even in 12lbs form.
  7. Howz about pump ups? variable power, light and gives you a work out! I have the 2200 magnum by Crossman its kind of on the cheap side of pump ups but power is good and accuracy is fair plus there are better makes out there.
  8. Chaz25

    Black Major

    Pretty much yes.
  9. Chaz25

    HW95 fettling

    If banded that should be pretty slick, never took weight out or short stroked an action so like to know how that go's if its still harsh how about more porting to gain a faster dump and pull it back by taking coils off?
  10. Chaz25

    HW95 fettling

    My carbine work tends to be cut an crown the barrel adjust port to up velocity (you tend to lose it with cutting inc's off) cut springs to take it down and smooth the action and re-time the piston so to speak and use packers for adjusting the pre-load and sub pound energy level once your around the 11lbs mark.
  11. Gunpower?/ Airforce state side, they do PCP's 490cc bottles I recall can be made with a pre-chamber for plinking so a silly amount of shots, plus you might prefer to go .25 if your used to shooting 22lr I have the stealth with the plinker style bottle toned down for are 12flbs rules and in .25 its awesome!
  12. Think I've just about had every Webley pistol ever made, the early ones are very nice to shoot, only have a Nemesis now very accurate for such a simple model, shame you kind of let it go there great guns!
  13. Chaz25

    Black Major

    Pic's!! As I got it sight mount held with body filler! the sear is the main problem not long enough on the trigger end and to long on the catch end so mechanical leverage is poor leading to very high trigger tension, if the main spring is not to much or highly pre-loaded you can get a much better trigger which is the road I took. Piston has been wielded at the running band and new head seal and cross pin, cocking arm pin and rear cylinder pin replaced with made pins.
  14. Chaz25

    Stirrup pump

    No photo just yet I'll get that sorted its the Accupump.
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