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    I have the air force 1 crono it wont convert the velocity to energy but with a bit of math's its easy to do, there pricy but solid kit, and you can mount them as I have done on a camera stand.
  2. the stealth gets a yearly with a pull through.
  3. Best of fortune with it, my mates Winchester rep had problems with the valve body after only a few months so the replacement was free, not as well put together as I think they should be but he like the CO2 replica's, I have repaired a few of his (striped threads, leaking seals etc) I'm not impressed, hope yours has no more issue's šŸ˜
  4. Is the old seal useable could you try that in the valve body again? and are the replacement seals correct? can you measure them, I don't assume a part is correct Its very easy to have a spec change, I had a seal kit for my LP mod 3 only the piston seal was of use and that was after machining the head to fit it!
  5. Chaz25

    New to me

    Love it that's some serious space age James Bond ****!šŸ˜
  6. Chaz25

    diana 52

    think my brother had one, if its the one I recall, they make a lovely sound when fired there is a kind of ring on discharge.
  7. I just can'tšŸ˜ Its going to be the shortest carbine barrel I've done, so worth knowing how to balance it out, so its half science half rolling a t*** in glitter LOL
  8. Many thanks to strimmer13 for the parts, well I say parts but I feel a bit bad about parting it out for bits, so I'm going to try and save this one, the barrel is shot so that has been removed from its block, the frame is twisted and the rear cylinder to frame block is also off line so the frame is out of line in two directions ho and the rotating nut/sear looks to be wielded so will need re-making! with all that in mind I have got the frame back in shape and I have 7 inch's of a .25 barrel I'm going to machine....
  9. Good scope for sure, but total over kill when shooting at 15-20 yards I've moved into the use of a dot sight, would like to find one with a bit of mag built in, but the 30mm hawke is much more suited to how I'm using my stealth.
  10. last time I tested my PCP think its about 400 fps but it is pushing a 34 grn pellet so more bumble bee than wasp!
  11. I'm thinking around a value of Ā£90
  12. As titled Nikkon Stirling Gameking 6-24x50 illuminated mill dot boxed, got this new a year ago its good but more scope than I need, so I would like to trade for a good stirrup pump for my PCP would like one with a gauge (as my PCP dose not have one ) but would consider one without. thanks Chaz
  13. I do like the pump ups, there seems to be quite a tradition for them in America, like the 2200 magnum by Crossman, Benjamin392 etc, there much like a pcp with a pump built in and can give fairly good power depending on pump, chamber volume etc energy's around 15-18fpds they will be much nicer than a spring gun at the same power plus its a work out per shot šŸ˜
  14. The Ranger is very cool, hard to find! I have the early trooper with the long fore grip that some fool cut down to look like the model that's in your picture, trouble with that is mine is made with only one grip screw so it move's a bit under use! Mine cost me Ā£60 and is fairly good so yeah tad over priced šŸ™‚
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