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  1. Gamo compact but the trigger is too heavy, a slightly longer adjuster screw would sort that.
  2. Try 50 yards with a point .25 it will look like your aiming for the moon but what a shot!
  3. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    Or you got a mother load of lead for slugs! get yourself a .50 cal pop gun and a casting kit
  4. Chaz25


    Thanks gents, I think for the cost it would find a role, I'm getting a tri-rail to move the scope up and a seal kit, so for a bit extra to the order, its not going to be a big dip into the wallet!
  5. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    When plinking I collect the lead, next would be a way of making your own (casting and sizing ) if not scrap value would be good anyhow.
  6. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    Thank you! Good site worth a bulk buy I think!
  7. Chaz25


    In woodland I mostly brace on trees, and in the field I would use the various forms of gun yoga to gain a stable shot but I like the idea of zeroing on the pod with staying on target for cocking and loading, being my first PCP its a novelty I could not entertain before, so I'm thinking it may be better to have than not as the saying puts it "better to have and not need than to need and not have!"
  8. Chaz25


    I can think of times when one would been of use but in the main have not made use of them, I'm thinking of one for the stealth, so my question is of those of you that have one in use, for the extra baulk and weight how much use have you found for it?
  9. Chaz25

    Pellet prices

    JSB king heavy's in .25 about £15 a tin of 300, I do like to plink with the stealth but the cost means I load very very slowly!
  10. Chaz25

    Airgun target

    What happened to shooting plates, tins and shaken up pop cans!? looks good thou!
  11. Chaz25

    SMK air rifle

    How very dare you sir! I have a stealth and it is the finest looking James Bond space gun prop every!
  12. My mates new Kral leaked in the first week of use, so called got repaired..... and just leaked from some were else, hope it's not the same for you if you go for one.
  13. Same trigger group as my .25 supersport, its sort of light then a bit more firm then brakes so yeh not great! but not heavy so I just work round it but I have a spare group and will have a look at it, would any one like me to do a mod thread?
  14. Gunpower stealth? I have one in .25, the safety is clunky and sighting through a scope can feel awkward (the stock is the air cylinder) but in all other ways its a lovable gun.
  15. Chaz25

    Get the gat

    Not easy to shoot well, they have a fair bit of recoil, but also compact and quiet, hard to find a good one hope you get lucky
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