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  1. Interesting the phase one valves are quite different from my phase 2, mine has a brass valve body that screws in from the front, the stem on mine is threaded on the front so the top hat is screwed on and secured by tiny cross drilled grub screws, the delrin valve seals on the valve body itself and as well as the valve body seal I have one in the top hat and one for the stem. The white bit would be the stem body? if you look at both ends one side will show an imprint of where the delrin valve has been seating. also I got all my seals from Gunpower.
  2. There should be a valve stem sticking out the top unless you have already striped the valve? Ok you have the phase 1 valve body two things tend to happen one the valve stem gets hammered into the delrin seal closing up the transfer port next the top hat keeps moving so the opening time go's to hell making them inconsistent' got pictures of the other parts? Also dose it have grub screws on the left side of the main frame? past the "upper handle" towards the muzzle basically extra screws for the barrel rings.
  3. I have one what do you want to know? Is the valve body brass or steel?
  4. If your looking for something that works a little like a PCP but without the tank then that would be a pump up gun (I have the 2200 Crossman) There mostly American makes out there, Crossman are the low end but there are others if you can find them.
  5. Nice gun, I also will vouch for Trevor only got some pellets from him but spent an hour talking! comes across as a very genuine character.
  6. I have the Airforce and Combro both good the airforce is easy to use but the combro has more functions
  7. Never been that bothered about twang, but if you just brake the sharp edges and give a finishing polish to some riding surfaces of the piston and guide most guns respond well to such things. thou due to the construction of the action I would think the piston rides on a plastic ring washer
  8. Think mine would be a latter model considering the matt finish. sounds like they were a pricey scope!
  9. Thanks gives me some idea on a date, matt or gloss finish ?
  10. Anybody know of them? its a (Hunter 4x40 wide "coated image moving Japan") reminded me of the wide angle Tasco's (image view is flattered top and bottom ) which I think is what it is or the parent company that made them for Tasco? matt finish with good crisp lens, any info on them would be nice to know, thanks!
  11. Chaz25

    Gamo compact

    I have one its been modded to offer a much better trigger £120 posted to you?
  12. Yes, but I want the target style turrets and a bit more magnification as the master model offers
  13. Chaz25


    Buddy Jesus! that was a good moment in that film! George Carlin?
  14. Looking for one, drop me a PM if you wanting to move one on, Thanks!
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