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  1. Agreed, but all Corbyn manages to do is to make himself and his cronies look incompetent. Mind you, in Jezza's case that's not too difficult.
  2. It's a lot easier for Corbyn & Co. to criticize than it is for them to actually come up with something useful (and sensible).
  3. I did a bit of hedgelaying with the BTCV (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). The actual laying was easy - it was harvesting all the hazel stakes that was a killer.
  4. The Eley Action is similar to CCI Standard, and the Eley Action Plus is similar to CCI MiniMag. The first batches of Eley Action seemed to be OK. Fairly accurate and reliable, but the last lot I bought had so many FtF's that I gave up on them. I haven't tried Action Plus, so I can't comment on 'em.
  5. Beat me to it by a few seconds!
  6. He's just trying to push his agenda so he can wangle another series of Springwatch out of the beeb. He couldn't give a monkies about farmers, livestock or anything else but himself.
  7. I wonder if one of these would work on the wife?
  8. Cheshirelad

    The Repair Shop

    Yes, it's good to see it back. They're a very talented group of people. Oh, and +1 for Kirsten.
  9. Crisp butties Jam butties Thick toast with loads of butter.
  10. Your browser e.g. Firefox will usually have a variety of Adblockers under the "Tools > Addons" heading.
  11. Hello Dan .... welcome to PW!
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