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  1. Wet - windy - dry - windy - wet windy - dry........................................ etc etc etc
  2. There's plenty to choose from here - including original and look-alike Milbro's, so you can amaze your mates with your lovely new black thumbnail.
  3. As far as I know, the official post mortem result has definitely reported the death as homicide. GF's brother has called for an end to the burning and looting, so hopefully it will have the desired effect.
  4. That's probably as good an explanation as any. The GF death has been recorded as homicide according to the ongoing news reports, but I'll be very surprised if the police officer concerned is found guilty.
  5. I'm still gobsmacked every time I see a video of the returning rocket. I can't help thinking that a landing at sea must be a risk, though. It looks like anything more than a mild swell could risk toppling the unit into the sea. Very impressive, though, all the same.
  6. It surprises me that 90% of the protesters in London seem to be white. There's probably some explanation for it, but so far I haven't found it.
  7. Would a licence have stopped him being an idiot?
  8. Great result, and a beautiful gun!
  9. Here lies the body of my cousin Dave He followed a Leopard into a cave.
  10. Life just doesn't get better than that. Great pic.
  11. Used:- Weihrauch HW 97K or 77K. Air Arms TX 200 or TX200HC As has already been mentioned, there are a few decent new Weihrauchs that would fit the bill too.
  12. Stu, I've noticed that this chrono will measure velocities up to 6500 fps. Have you tried it with any RF/CF rounds at all?
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