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  1. Or a one way ticket to somewhere very cold, bleak and barren.
  2. Cheshirelad

    No need...

    Take a drop more water with it.
  3. Hello Daz .... welcome to the Forum!
  4. Hermes - never had a problem with them (so far!).
  5. Yes, and it still seems to be as popular as ever these days in some areas as it ever was. Fortunately, Labour seem to be doing everything in their power to make themselves unelectable, so we'll just blow untold £bn's on HS2 instead.
  6. Great stuff, and I hope the birds appreciate all your efforts!
  7. It sounds like a return to the 60's & 70's where the unions destroyed more industries here than the Luftwaffe.
  8. The original Weihrauch HW80 was set at around 18fpe when it left the factory. This is a realistic power level - anything much more than this would probably kick like a mule.
  9. Hello .... welcome to the Forum!
  10. Why would I want to waste time doing that, when you'll probably just surf the internet to find conflicting reports.
  11. Once again, you are cherry picking items off the internet to back up your "argument". There are just as many which contradict it. The FACT remains that increasing numbers of illegals are arriving on our shores, and there is very little that we can do about it.
  12. Pardon? I never even mentioned Poland. As it happens I have Polish neighbours and they are wonderful people. My problem is with the illegals who are literally coming in by the boatload, and once they arrive they stay, which creates a mockery of the "points based immigration system" that the government is espousing. Why do they not stay in Italy? Or Germany? Or France? Why are they crossing the English Channel in ever increasing numbers? Is it perhaps because they know that they will land with their bums in the butter? It certainly isn't because they know that they will be deported straight back to where they came from, because clearly this isn't happening.
  13. It's just another excuse for the BBC to push their own agenda.
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