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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. I’d wait till the lockdown is over , buy or borrow a pre charge air rifle ,and join basc covers your insurance and add your weight to shootings voice ! ( just get me tin hat for that last one )
  2. Doesn’t matter what is said , what information is given , how selfish they act ! some one will always be able to convince themselves they are in the right and providing a service !!! We all agree crop protection is important but for this period there are alternatives , what is so difficult to understand ? If we all do our bit , yes everyone is going stir crazy not being able to get out but 99 % of us are doing the right thing ! No you won’t catch the virus sat in a hide on your own it’s the other parts of the journey which they ignore , as the adverts are saying “ protect the nhs “ were not going to cure it in three weeks just slow it so the nhs can cope !!
  3. Too late ! Common sense is there ! I agree with you marsh man why anyone would set up on a footpath is beyond me yes it may normally be quiet but in these times you know there will be people out all over the place , and for this short period we are supposed to be in lockdown then again I agree as a stop gap gas guns , flags , kites etc would cover till we can get back out again
  4. Virkon is a fantastic disinfectant but expensive , does your jet wash have a separate pick up for soap or disinfectant ? If it does mix up regular bleach 1 part to 10 parts water and clean them with that , then blow them off with clean water , cheap but very effective !
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmm wine gums ! ( again ). You tease !
  6. Tell you what mate , well done , it’s nice to read a plain sensible post instead of someone convincing themselves it’s ok to go out , looking for loopholes ! Keep safe
  7. Maybe check with your feo seem to recall seeing some where they can’t be re certified from sect one , im with Dutchman cant see why not but I would check
  8. Don’t be tempted ! Do the right thing !
  9. spurs 14

    face masks

    Please accept a donation help you with post etc , and well done , PayPal on way
  10. I’d like to say no , but it’s going to happen , let’s get ahead of this before we’re forced too and before were left with no alternatives , so yes to giving up lead !
  11. Thanks for reply , will have a think ( that 2000 that as £2000 ? ) cheers
  12. Any one know of any spaces available on shoots in Suffolk / Cambs area , small and friendly more important than big bags , thanks all
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