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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. I’ve a td5 110 and was seriously waiting on the new defender coming out with a view to buying one !,,,, but no ! I’m not , it’s the price putting me off mostly , the fact they are so posh , for want of a better word , inside and there’s just way too many electrics ! I wanted a new reliable workhorse I can throw wet dogs in , muddy coats , wellies and not worry I’m still in two minds about what to get , so disappointed with jlr , at minute I’m favouring an Isuzu
  2. Ditto the above have used them for bits on a few occasions , always the right parts delivered quickly at good price , what’s not to like !
  3. Hello mate , welcome aboard , have fun
  4. Hi , sorry to hear about your problem , I’d be as above sit back give it a little time then start looking into it , but I would say it’s probably worth joining basc and using their specialists when you’re ready to pursue this , good luck
  5. Start slowly get bits as you go along , get a dozen half shell decoys that will get you shooting tuck yourself into a hedge line or under a tree , keep movement to a minimum , next add a camo net you can get away without using poles , use branches or canes , poles obviously make it easier , don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need everything at once to get started , a lot of it is fieldcraft not gear I’ve had cracking days when I’ve stood under a tree with half a dozen shell decoys and the birds were suicidal decoying in and I’ve had days when I’ve had a hide up , magnets , floaters ,
  6. These are bit more than your budget but well worth it , vortex crossfire , bought an 8x42 pair , think I paid around £150, fantastic quality, lifetime guarantee and come with a padded chest harness , I was like you didn’t want to spend a fortune but glad I spent a little extra !
  7. Dropped hints this morning of a reduction in boots on the ground and increase in new technology !
  8. I’m a member of basc but this is a no for me ! All my shooting is legal , follow the licenses and have permissions so that’s it for me , no need to record it
  9. As said it’s movement that will give you away stay still till you’re ready to fire
  10. spurs 14


    Just don’t see many about the area now , up the permission there’s one or two but mixy has got hold of them , used to see a lot on the margins and roadside between us and most of the villages , nothing now never saw many on the training grounds , they were quickly jumped on in bygone years
  11. As said if you go cold tarmac route , seal the edges , it’s the undoing of 90% of repairs , water seeps in and sits under waiting for the chance to freeze and lift the patch out ! Or if the area is big enough to hold large area of water will lift anyway ,
  12. spurs 14


    Hi, anyone got any rabbits , in skin or jointed , need a couple close to Newmarket, Suffolk , many thanks
  13. Hearing that I think I would swerve it , sounds like it may have been a lease car usually on a three year deal , so 37000 miles each year is quite hefty ! , try not to get swayed by all the extras it’s the main items you need to check as previously said gearbox , waterpump , etc , at the end of the day if it’s what you want go for it , German engineering is fantastic but that can come at a cost over parts etc
  14. Would put me off I’m afraid , regardless of service history , approx twice average mileage for year , check reason for this if it’s done lots of motorway miles not so bad if it’s been a taxi with lots of stop /starts not so good if it was a hgv not a problem Diesel engine , governed speed , long journeys ,regular servicing but a car to me ! I’d swerve it unless it’s an absolute give away price
  15. As you say you have permissions so the hard part is done , put a shout out on here for some company I’m sure you will get plenty of replies ,
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