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  1. Just seen on Facebook that cock wombles latest crusade is trying to ban the live transport of livestock for slaughter ! In the uk this is heavily regulated so as usual don’t know what he’s on about ! Why doesn’t the **** go after halal slaughter which I would say is only getting bigger , animals having their throats cut while alive and bleeding out- justfor religous reasons ! Oh no I think we all know he won’t pursue that one and upset all the Muslims gamekeepers-and shooters are much easier !
  2. Tried a lot of camo jackets and I don’t think you can beat mtp British army current issue , new or surplus ,
  3. Don’t want to upset anyone but why would you bother , what good is catching the odd one to re release , they go around in flocks it’s a numbers game !,,
  4. Hi and welcome , down you’re neck of the woods at the moment and irs peeing down , not nice
  5. Probably the worst champions league final I’ve seen , should have been one of the best , think what really digs me is the lack of urgency the keep passing it back and that he dropped Moira to the bench for Kane ???.?? Who scored the hat trick to get us there and who hasn’t played for months ????. Still it’s all over now back to square one still no silver ware unless the losers medals go up in the new trophy room at the lane
  6. I’ve supported spurs for nearly fifty years now , seen highs and lows , I don’t mind being beaten as long as they go down fighting !!! *** they did get told it was a final didn’t they ? That was a shocking performance no bite no edge no urgency it should have been their night Liverpool were poor they can only look back and blame themselves !
  7. That hits home with me , have a semi auto and a pump both same make that I probably use 75% of the time , pests and rough shooting , shoots lovely , fits great etc and an o/u I mostly pull out to shoot clays , I can hit much more with the semi yes probably if I persisted with the o/u I’d improve but the semi is my go to shotty
  8. What everyone should do is email the bbc with these comments, tell them you won’t be watching due to their association with cock Womble , that he breaches their own rules etc , only way to hit Them is viewing figures !!!
  9. Need the name of that hotel you’re heading for ,just to avoid it !
  10. Want to buy the chairman a large drink !!! Bit long but worth a watch
  11. Yes go for it ,think the basics are as long as you try the non lethal bits first then you can shoot them , as long as you and the farmer are on the same page , chances of anyone snooping would be zero as can’t think n e want to check out of their hands, police maybe if they get a call of “ there’s a man with a big gun acting suspicious “ , I’m out Sunday work permitting , have fun
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