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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. I’ve used both and to be honest if the pigeons are in the mood both will draw them in , I guess at the moment most of the decoys I have and use are un flocked half shells , easier to carry , cheaper and will lay out a bigger pattern ,
  2. Matron , matron ooooooh it’s happened again !!, last time was only a few minutes ago looking at some one doing a weather report ! A perfect lady ! What more could any man desire ! And best wishes to her for the future
  3. It would worry me a little bit that it jammed 3 times in only 50 shots , shouldn’t matter if it’s a budget cartridge , should cycle as long as cart was heavy enough , not using 21 g or similar personally I’d go for the new one , peace of mind , etc as it’s your first gun until you get experience behind you don’t really think you will tell them apart as long as it fits you and is comfortable if you go the s/h route I’d make sure it had a full service good luck. And enjoy
  4. Well let’s hope that they decide to change their ways and come out fighting !!! Got to be a big bonus in the public eyes that they are using a cowboy firm of solicitors that tried to prosecute British troops !
  5. Think you will find it’s tongue in cheek humour !
  6. spurs 14

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    Very nice , welcome 👍
  7. Yep another for the 19 plate , thousand miles is nothing and it’s a six grand saving , the car has already taken its value hit driving off the forecourt
  8. I’m not sure anyone is seeing pigeons in big numbers at the minute , but keep looking they will be about at some point , as for crop rotation I wouldn’t worry too much just look at what’s in the fields at the mo and look to keep them clear , we all start off somewhere picking it up as we go learning from mistakes and success
  9. I’d say fox or possible badger grabbing a free meal
  10. If you can time it right best time is when farmers are being hit by pigeons !!! , be smart , polite and presentable , ask if you could help them with their pigeon problem , if you could. Set up in the field being hit and shoot /deter them there , that way he’s not under the illusion you will be wandering all over with a shotgun shooting at anything that moves , if you get a no be polite give him a card and if you can help him in the future please call , Good luck
  11. Let’s hope all the organisations do ! Thing I don’t understand is if it comes from a government department and it’s legal to do , animal protection , crop protection, how can it be challenged ? Why are they just told to get stuffed it’s legal and that’s an end to it !
  12. Hi come in sit down join in and enjoy 😉
  13. This is an absolute joke , these so-called animal lovers ! They don’t give a **** about wildlife !!! They don’t care that lambs were attacked and had tongues and eyes pecked out , ewes were attacked as they lay birthing crops were being destroyed by millions of pigeons thus less being produced and driving prices up , just so long as they stay in the news being seen to be the saviour of wildlife I just hope defra have a pair ! And fight this and not just rollover !
  14. Show food didn’t look up too much last year but there were some great stalls selling their own produce , game pies etc , well worth it !
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