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  1. I think they do their own sprayer , sure I’ve seen one in halfrauds , comes with various extension tubes etc , if memory serves wasn’t cheap but must work
  2. That second photo ? Whatever happened to it’s eye ?
  3. spurs 14

    foreign aid

    This whole foreign aid is a joke should be done away with there’s enough people in this country that need looking after , homeless ex service personnel, Nhs , cancer research , shall I go on ! How can the government warrant sending millions to countries like India who then spend millions on a space programme yes there are countries that are in need of help but how much gets to where it should - corrupt officials milking it at every turn , warlords stealing aid when it does get through ! Stop the foreign aid program but instead give a portion of the money to units like the Red Cross ,oxfam , unicef that way everyone knows the money is spent on aid
  4. Couldn’t agree more , a bad day out in the fields is better than a good day at work !!! And if you have a bit of success so much th3 better
  5. id say eBay would be you’re best bet pick up kit that someone is upgrading from or basic kit from new ,
  6. Well done now go enjoy yourself !
  7. It’s an annoying pain in the **** !
  8. spurs 14


    I guess he got his just desserts and the lions got their main course !!! No sympathy if he was poaching that wasn’t to put food on the table that was for money !
  9. Hi all , this last week boss wanted a clear out of the pigeons ,crows ,jackdaws at work , large stable , paddocks , indoor ride etc so been having a wander lunch time , tea time and just before dark , picking up 2 or 3 woodies every time air rifle all around 50 yards ( hw 100 ) , yard is in town yet last couple of times been out up the farm decoying lucky if I’ve fired 20 carts came away with 8 or 9 , there seems to be plenty of woodies in @nd around town but not finding them in the fields hopefully this will change - least I’m getting a few for the freezer
  10. As above don’t get too hung up on colours , shades ,patterns etc it’s movement that will give you away Wharever you use blend it with a bit of local foliage and ideally keep still until you’re ready to shoot
  11. I’ve got one love it never had any issues with it but do keep it maintained, been great with all carts put through it mostly 32 g 6’s used mostly for pigeons only thing I would say is I have seem them new with 3 yr warranty for less than £300 , don’t think you will regret buying one
  12. It’s the marmite semi , the love it or hate it , hatsan synthetic . Had thousands of rounds through it now and accounted for a few pigeons and never missed a beat , kept it well maintained and mostly use 32 g carts Bit early at minute but still think I shoot better with that than the o/u
  13. I shoot with a mate who had eye dominance problems , tried a few diff things but found his most natural way of shooting was ( hope I explain this properly ) found when pigeon shooting He said it was more reflex and not having the time to think about it - he would mount the gun closing his left eye and pick the bird up with his left eye shut , open both follow the bird sorting out lead , said he tended to pull through the bird then as he was about to fire close left eye again and bang ! Sounds complicated but it’s all done in a second or two and to be fair he’s a good shot
  14. Good luck ,I’d say to be positive , they would put a lot of thought into feo report and it sounds positive , remember it’s more they have to have a very good reason not to grant
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