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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. Don’t know how far you want to travel but the six mile bottom shoot is great as is the quidenham shoot which is near thetford , both a great day out , plenty shooting and plenty of food and drink but I guess that may be off the menu at present TIL we get the all clear !
  2. spurs 14


    I’ve found it’s just not worth bothering with cheap pellets ! False economy ,
  3. Hi no won’t fit , even if one of the others are wrong , thanks Top man , thank you , that’s it finished , cheers
  4. Who’s got the latest basc mag , anyone done the crossword ? Stuck on one to finish it , 8 down clue = minced meat patty ? (7) its not burgers ! If other clues are right it’s R—S—O—E Cheers all
  5. Hi ya , welcome to the playhouse !
  6. spurs 14


    Stick with your local dealer , support them , I know it’s maybe a little cheaper online but it’s even more important when these restrictions are lifted to support local business’s , I love calling in having a natter and a wander round , miss it !
  7. I’m on Suffolk / Cambs border and not seeing any in any sort of numbers , havnt had guns out of cabinet since lockdown really hasn’t been any need, even drilling on farm is direct drilling so hardly any spillage , might be lucky and their reappearance coincides with lock down being lifted - Wouldn’t that be nice. Stay safe everyone
  8. From what I’ve read , and people I’ve spoken too and on the “ guns on pegs “ website I’d say 70% of shoots are going ahead , some are cutting the number of birds shot on a day but having the same number of days one or two are starting a bit later but planning on having more smaller days later in year and jan / feb , hope this helps
  9. Thanks for replies , hands are tied at moment , cheers all , keep safe
  10. Hi all , hope everyone is safe and well , couple of questions thinking of putting in for fac tkt when this crisis is over at min not sure on .22 lr or 17hmr so will probably put down for both , any thoughts on that ? Secondly what numbers would you advise to put down for ammo for both , for buying and holding ? Many thanks
  11. Personally I’d go with the vortex , but that choice would be made strictly on cost , as I’d be out once or maybe twice a week ! If I was doing it professionally then maybe spend the extra if I was going to get the use out of it , you’re doing the right thing go when you can and put the two side by side , only you can make the choice !
  12. Thanks , stay safe mm , guess we will be out soon enough with luck , all the best
  13. Evening marsh man , hope all is well with you , keeping safe , had a walk up the farm with the dogs today , drilling’s went in a number of fields late last week , spoke to owner and he hasn’t seen much in the way of pigeons on them , few getting on the rape but that’s pretty tall now so fairly safe , so luckily still no need to get out with a gun , getting itchy but hey keep doing the right thing !, they use a direct drill system and hardly anything is spilt or wasted so normally till they start popping their little sprouts above ground they are pretty safe ! ,in fact this farm hasn’t seen a plough in last eleven years ! Id say if a farmer is ringing people to come out and shoot on recent drillings they maybe want to have a look at what they might be doing wrong ? Stay safe folks
  14. Couldn’t agree more ! Kids today and for a while havnt had apprenticeships to be mechanics they are just fitters ! , plug in the diagnostics and fit what it tells them to fit ! , this is why I love my defender still repairable
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