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  1. spurs 14

    Rabbit numbers in your area?

    No very few and far between here Suffolk / Cambs border
  2. spurs 14

    22lr and Horses

    You will be fine , it’s loud sudden noises that will spook horses, a moderated 22 lr will be fine once they hear the shot a couple of times they will be fine Have fun
  3. spurs 14

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Deal of the show had to be ( and stand by for the knockers ) new hatsan semi auto 12 gauge black £280
  4. spurs 14

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Hi all , just got back from show , two hour drive for me , and two major sets of roadworks, £20 to get in ! Was it worth it ?..... I’d say yes there’s free parking and there is plenty to look at and if you want anything you could get it there , didn’t buy much but it was a good day out , if I had a major criticism it’s that it needs to spread out its all crammed into one hall and there’s not much space between the stands , I know it would cost the organisers more if they had a bigger or extra hall but I think it needs to be done , guess sat / sun will be even busier didn’t buy much but there were some good deals about !
  5. spurs 14

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    She made her choice and if she has no regrets why is she wanting to come back?? Soldiers gave up their lives fighting these people , a lot of those people need help when they leave the service , we should be helping these not a terrorist who wants to come back ? Why ? No leave her there
  6. spurs 14

    Load lugging

    I had a couple of trolleys as mentioned they are great in summer or frozen ground , but mud or ploughed fields forget them , were in Suffolk and where we is is a heavy clay soil you cam imagine what that is like when wet , no for the time being it’s the Bergen for me !
  7. spurs 14

    British Shooting Show 2019

    Friday all being well , hoping it won’t be as busy
  8. Glad I’m in Suffolk , had my renewal notice just before Xmas filled out form and sent it off following week had txt to arrange visit was done in a week then license turned up in post start of feb all in about less than six weeks ( license was due to run out mid March ) great service
  9. That’s a great deal , I know the hatsan gets a lot of stick from people but mines four years old now had thousands of rounds through it and come rain or shine has never missed a beat , think they are a cracking field gun
  10. spurs 14

    Load lugging

    I’m with you with the land rover but there’s a few places I can’t drive too , hundred yard walk , just found another bonus of the Bergen once it’s emptied and bits cleaned up battery charged cartridges replaced it can be repacked and is ready to go , all in one place just grab throw in defender and go !
  11. spurs 14

    Load lugging

    Hi all , out of interest what do people use to carry all their gear , nets , magnets , etc , ? I’ve tried nearly everything and today I think I’ve cracked it bar one thing to work out ! My answer a surplus 100 lt British army Bergen ! It will hold a large net ,five poles , magnet ant two full size foam decoys , dozen half shells and sticks , a floater , radio , flask and food and today 150 cartridges , it’s a fair weight but once on back it’s easy to walk and comfortable caneither strap shorty to side or as today simple carry , ive used holdalls ,trolleys ,wheel barrows you name it some work well but are a pain in the Harris to get in car esp when muddy so far I’m liking the Bergen The only down side I can see is if you have a big Num of pigeons to get home , today that prob didn’t creep up , the six I got went in a sack and carried out !
  12. spurs 14

    Advice please

    I can remember when I first started !!!! There is lots to pick up I was used to rifle shooting took a while to unlearn habits , best time is now to get a bit of coaching then you know what to practise , it’s harder I think to have a shooting background our kid took to shotgun shooting straight away , I struggled ! Keeping the swing going after a shot , took ages to figure out best pick up method , do I come from behind (stop it ! ) through clay ? Pick up clay then push ahead ? Or lead the clay when I pick it up , I was closing one eye at times as well ,get some lessons to find out where you need to practise , had to keep saying to myself aim a rifle point a shotgun I bought a £400 s/h bettinsoli as a first gun , I think whatever you buy it’s practise time ,go to a good local gun shop and try all that’s in your price range , they will point you in the right direction , good luck and have fun
  13. hi you wont go wrong with british army issue dpm check out websiteS ITS WIDELY AVAILABLE AND THE DESERT ISSUE KIT IS GREAT FOR SHOOTING OVER STUBBLE IN SUMMER
  14. spurs 14

    Game fairs

    yep just checked get next weeks shooting times [out weds ]theres a free wall chart listing all game/country shows for 2011 best show we go to is THE EAST ANGLIAN GAME AND COUNTRY FAIR its end of this month and at NORFOLK SHOWGROUND [ near norwich ]
  15. spurs 14

    Game fairs

    seen an advert for a wall chart with all the game fairs in it think it may be in next weeks SHOOTING TIMES if not its in one of the monthlys