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  1. I believe they did ! Wasn’t the product it’s just that no one could open the factory door !
  2. Mate of mine had one for a while ,liked the look and feel , balance etc , but just wasn’t quite as accurate as the hw100 I have ,he chopped it in against a bsa r10 ,, yes they do a job but for not much more I think there are better rifles out there but in sure they sell a lot , I’ve two hatsan shotguns and love them so it’s not a case of its Turkish it’s rubbish , if you can I’d try before you buy
  3. Diesels are pretty good where water is concerned as said check air filter if it’s wet or damp treat it to a new one , if it’s running then no water in fuel , electrics normally pretty basic on diesels give them a blast with wd40 or similar
  4. I’ve had a hw100 for few years now and love it , so accurate , mines .177 and has no problem on rabbits or pigeons ,
  5. Hi know it but havnt been out that way for good few years , used to work in Sutton once upon a time ,
  6. Hello mate , welcome , on the border of Cambs in Newmarket
  7. Is it new . . .? If it is maybe just needs using will loosen up with time , had a new gun while ago was like it till maybe a couple of thousand carts had been through it
  8. Sound advice , thanks a lot guys , will get it booked up , cheers all
  9. Best wishes and full recovery mate
  10. That’s what I was hoping , think it’s time I treated myself and went for it , said on website info you could be firing up to 250 cartridges , thanks for the heads up.
  11. Hi all , anyone been on one of the six mile bottom simulated game shoots , they look good on the website , plenty of shooting and a steak dinner , they are taking bookings for next year and I’m tempted , if I remember rightly it’s £190 for the day , any thoughts Cheers
  12. Couldn’t agree more , great bunch on here , good solid advice when needed , help when lost and a p##s take when asked for ,long may it continue
  13. Blimey that last one made it looked complicated ! I’m for an easy life as was drummed into us K,I,S,S , Keep it simple , stupid Call me old fashioned but pencil an£ paper normally works it out
  14. Sounds and looks good let us know how they work in the field.
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