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  1. Thanks fo4 putting the link up , lovely to see that clowns face when he got it wrong !
  2. I’ve had Tom Tom in past now it sits in a drawer at home I just use the waze app on phone , much quicker pick up on delays , road closures etc and it’s free
  3. Just make sure it’s medical grade , not the cheap stuff you can get in Poundland , think the ones hospitals use is called dermabond
  4. Hi , the latter thinking is to try and avoid celox granules and use the gauze as to the granules having to be cleaned out of a wound when reaching hospital which is both painful and can reopen the wound , but if it saves a life then it’s worth it ! The other items worth carrying in a shooting first aid kit is an Israeli bandage and a cat tourniquet but you need to know how to use them the other great thing to have is the “ what three words “ app , the emergency services use this and if you work in the countryside it’s great to get them to you much quicker than trying to give an address or directions , look it up if you don’t know it
  5. I’ve posted before on this but have just come back from one today , quidenham estate in Norfolk , would recommend to anyone , and I think great value , £240 for breakfast , elevenses , proper lunch sit down in the lodge and drinks through the day , four drives two on a peg load then shoot , used just over 300 carts and the birds were presented really well , I would say this is top end and for what you get I don’t think you could beat it ! After shooting here I certainly wouldn’t pay any more but with most things I think you get what you pay for with the cheaper ones , guess it’s the difference between a proper driven day or a rough shoot on the farm
  6. Hit both , paperwork in the morning looking forward to an afternoon pottering !
  7. Most firms these days would say you need both . Plumber to fit it sparky to wire it up , days of a general builder who would do everything been knocked back by health and safety and general lack of common sense !
  8. I’d be very wary of using an agent unless there’s a sliding scale for what you pay considering what turns up ! Pigeons have been very quiet down our way and anyone would be hard pressed to charge for a day but I know they would !
  9. Been on a couple of days at quidenham , which was a game shoot until last year now just sim days , it’s £240 for a day and the hospitality is second to none , dinner , snacks , drinks , teas , coffee , based on a proper game day
  10. We have leisure battery’s in horseboxes used most days running fridge , lights etc , never externally charged just charged when driving off a split charge system , the life of these tend to be around two years
  11. He always seemed to be down to earth , I remember an interview crouch did and got asked “ what would you be if you weren’t a professional footballer “ he replied “ probably a virgin ! “
  12. For me it’s more natural and comfortable to shoot gun down , just seems most of my shooting this is the way so why change for the odd clay ? Sight picture is much better gun down ! And as mentioned on a game day or walked up or even a sim day it’s gun down but as previously said do whatever is most comfortable if you’re only shooting clay#
  13. Hi , you’re near my neck of the woods but haven’t shot out that way only one I know of close to there is Churchill’s near Dereham , you wouldn’t be too far from eriswell which is lakenheath , there I know and it’s well worth a visit , another idea would be to have a look at quidenham simulated shoot which is near snetterton , the race track check see if you can get a sim day while there check the website , been there couple times had a fantastic time well worth it
  14. I’ve been on a few sim days and if you go on a good one you will enjoy it ! , food and drinks , snacks etc , hot cold drinks and a great lunch , usually 4/5 drives on the day , you can up the pace @nd let rip or treat it like a game day and pick your birds , compared to a game day for the price difference they do fill a gap in the market ! Go with an open mind you will enjoy it
  15. Diesels do love fresh oil !
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