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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. Not been much about my area of late , Suffolk Cambs border , catching a few roosting or the odd flight line but seeing none feeding on anything in the fields , think we need some winter weather to hit , still it’s nice to get out and wander round with the dogs and a handful of carts, never been one to always want the big bags it would be nice to see a few and throw some decoys out but at least the farmers happy nothing getting hammered at mo
  2. I had same problem had couple pairs a while back both split across top where you bend your toes walking , had altberg since great comfy lightweight boot
  3. Hang your coat back up I thought that was good , put it in the joke section !
  4. Hi , would that be your best price ? ,
  5. The full story behind this was that it was a second shot on the deer , having only wounded it first shot a little time earlier , was with a professional guide and between them viewed it the best chance to put the deer down to stop it suffering there is a version going round that the deer were herded into the water , untrue ! It was a lung shot , high , there will be a debate about whether another shot should have been fired but those on the ground thought it adequate, I’m not defending or berating this action but if it was filmed it should not have been put out on the web fo4 all
  6. I’ve had a couple of sim days moved from this month , one now is end of dec and other mid Jan , I know it’s not the same but it’s either that or not going , a day out in the field has got to be good whenever it is !
  7. I’ve got a super sport ata and love it , was going to upgrade last year from my old o/u , was in Simpson’s in Newmarket, tried a lot of guns and for all they had the ata was the best fitting gun I tried , love it , value for money you won’t beat it , had a few thousand carts through it on clays , pigeon and a few sim days
  8. Hi and welcome , come in sit down and enjoy 😊
  9. Don’t know where this came from but if little un is cooking burgers first they are smothered in bbq sauce left overnight in fridge , bit salt and pepper then cooked she mixes up 50/50 salad cream and ketchup adds finely chopped onion and dresses burger up in roll with a big dollop sounds a faff but it’s actually tasty !
  10. Well done mate , remember mine arriving for the first time , and as soon as you can safely , get out and enjoy it !!!
  11. Lucky down here , the farm has couple big areas with osr but hardly any pigeons about at the moment , last few days out hardly fired a shot ! Not sure what they are feeding on or where but nothing about , think we need a cold snap
  12. Foggy was good but this man’s a machine !
  13. 2005 td5 110 love it ,does everything I need , and you don’t get precious over it where you go what you put in it !
  14. Very well done for resisting ! Without knowing all the details looks a tad over priced !
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