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  1. I wouldn’t I’m sure you’re missus would go mad ! Oh sorry you mean the car !
  2. Sir , it’s your vehicle and what you do in the privacy of your garage is you concern !! Though they may take a dim view in the car park of the show !
  3. That’s them ! But now the defender has risen from the ashes and is on sale again! If you have £45,000 for the basic model or over a hundred grand if you want all the bells and whistles ! Yep why wouldn’t you want an Isuzu king cab for £26,000 !
  4. Any one off to the lro show at Peterborough?
  5. Even more of a performance when you find out eight first team players were out , according to five live , and , don’t get too excited even spurs won !!!!
  6. Wouldn’t think anyone has come across this before , probably best ring your local feo , or are you a member of basc give them a call
  7. Been very quiet pigeon wise down my way , Suffolk/ Cambs border , not been much about last three weeks or so hopefully pick up again shortly
  8. I’ve had one for years , bought as a hide / rough gun , now I use it more than the o/ u , buy it you won’t regret it , I’ve the synthetic and it’s out in all weathers and has never missed a beat , cycles all I’ve tried and accounted for many pigeons !
  9. I was waiting on the new defender coming out , had pretty much convinced myself to get one but alas no not at that price when the 110 gives up it’s gonna have to be Japanese I’m afraid , can get an Isuzu in good spec for half the basic defender price , disappointed to say the least !
  10. Crazy , at that sort of money you’re not going to use it for what it’s intended !?, why can’t they produce a working vehicle going back to basics , even if they had a fancy engine with all the electrics to cover the emission problem , there’s the Range Rover , evoque and discovery in all their guises a basic truck would have added a choice
  11. Hi all yes saw it today for first time on the reviews , not impressed gone completely away from the idea of a working vehicle ! Way too much modern tech , I could live with the shape , but did I hear him right basic model £45,000 with all the toys up to £80,000 ????? Sticking with the td5 me thinks
  12. Yes I’m afraid more and more forces are asking for doctors signed forms and of course gp’shaverealised they can charge for this and I believe it varies a lot , they keep the money in their practise !
  13. Well done mate , great feeling when it’s in your hand , now the fun starts , enjoy !!!
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