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    Shooting , Tottenham Hotspur, land-rovers and keeping the missus happy and onside !

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  1. Was out today on osr just starting to get a few on it , not a lot of shooting ! Set up with decoys and couple floaters but all that was about were largish groups of 30/40 flighting over far side - so moved ! Ended up with a dozen from sitting under flight line wouldn’t decoy in at all , cold crisp day bit of snow about but a cracking day to be out we’ve not got any numbers to speak of yet but this cold snap might help
  2. That’s the kiddie ! Couldn’t for the life of me think of the name !
  3. What’s the Roman army one , was it Russel Crowe , starts with a huge fight in the forests of Germany ?
  4. I don’t drink but the missus does like ghost ship , doesn’t last long in our house however it’s bought can , bottle or keg !
  5. Don’t think you would go far wrong with either , I’ve had a Kawasaki quad which did everything asked of it and we run a kubota tractor at work which is used daily ,not well looked after but has never missed a beat !
  6. Was out this morning, farmer saying they were starting to hit the rape, set up by 8 o’clock , magnet and decoys but afraid to say still nothing really moving here , handfull of shots few flighting over but no numbers at all you can see where they have been picking just have to keep an eye open might be the start of it , I hope anyway , havnt seen the usual numbers at all still was a lovely morning to be out
  7. Great film , the coach stole it for me ! Well worth a watch or two
  8. I’d have been in tears at that one ! , !
  9. If that was a landrover / jaguar dealer I’d well believe it , you’re talking around the £90 mark an hour for labour so thats about right , on ramp wheel off tyre off replace valve then back on inflate back on car x five ,
  10. And this is exactly why I won’t get rid of the defender !!!!!
  11. Have I lost it ? Was there a post on here a short while ago about counting number of pigeons shot this year ??
  12. No build up of any numbers on anything here at present , Suffolk / Cambs border , woods still holding them here got some fields of rape on permission but no pigeons on them
  13. Couldn’t agree more !
  14. Hi , check out Simpson’s of Newmarket , they have a website , last time I was in there they had quite a few Brownings , good luck I’ve bought a few guns from them cracking family run gun shop
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