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30 minutes ago, Dave at kelton said:

Look at transk9 website. Their quality is second to none and theyproduce superb dog boxes and drawer systems. They are available separately. First class service too.

good luck

Thanks, I've had a look but for my model everything is out of stock unfortunately. 😪

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8 hours ago, Dave at kelton said:

Worth contacting them. That was the case with my dog box and they had one made in a few weeks to fit

I've emailed them, just wanting drawers not the dog box, thanks.

31 minutes ago, ilovemyheckler said:

Try Animal Transit Boxes or Gearmate

Unfortunately despite advertising they do them, when you use the product search there is nothing available for the Range Rover. I've emailed both companies with my model and year, thanks.

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My son trawls all the local sites Gumtree , facebook etc and he got a set of drawers a joiner made for his Ranger  free as the guy was getting a new truck and they didn't fit . He had two drawers and two big lockable sections and his dog cage still fits on top of it 

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6 hours ago, Mickeydredd said:

Lintran do a lot of Range Rovers and can do bespoke set ups

Call Frank on 01673 885959

Thanks, I'll have a look

5 hours ago, snow white said:

Surely you can make one or get a good carpenter to then just line it with hard cell foam you can then make it to how you want it just for guns and cartridges 

A few years ago, yes, not a problem, but now with limited mobility and little use of my left side the best I can do is know what I want and then have a good moan that i can't do it.

But you're right, a joiner would be the best bet and they could make if to my design 👍

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