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My youngest son and his neighbour have rats in their attic. He put trailcam up there and at least one big and couple of half grown are evident. Lots of droppings, and runs across the insulation and walking boards.

He has had 2 of the smaller ones in the snap traps, but the fenn MK4 baited  in tunnels are just being sniffed and left alone. I know they are notorious for being trap shy, so would a 110 bodygrip seem a more inviting option for them, being a more open type of trap ? What I am concerned about is the kill bar going too far over them and missing them, especially the half grown ones.

Don't know why it changed, title should read bodygrip for rat.

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You firstly need to know how the rats are gaining access to the loft.

You need to know what they are eating.

If neither of them have Rats coming inside there kitchen ect looking for food, then 9 times out of ten then the Rats are coming from a weakness in the drainage system.

Check everywhere external round the house for weak spots in brickwork, if that looks sound they must be coming from the drains. 

I would refrain from using poison because the Rats could die with cavities and floorboards.

UV tracking dust will give you a better clue.

Lift the drain covers to see if there are any droppings. Rat flaps on the drains may cure the problem.

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We put cameras in the both lofts and gardens, all showed rat activity.

It was discovered the rats were getting in the kitchen extension of the neighbour and then entering the lofts of both houses. It was interesting to know both gardens had recently had work done on them.

Between a couple of fenns and snap traps, 7 have been accounted for between both houses. Did adapt a bodygrip upside down with a step on trigger, but nothing in that.

Bait was good old peanut butter and hamster mix. No interest showed in chocolate or cat food.

Saw the large one climb up the corner of a vertical wall made of housebrick, great things trail cameras.

Cheers for your reply.

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We had it in a fenn. 

Next door neighbour works in a kitchen and they have small buckets which hold ready made pastry which they put in recycling as they are non returnable to supplier, which seems crazy to me. Anyway, mk6 fenn fits perfect when set in bottom and when fired just clears fitted lid. With a zip clip fastened to kill bar and pushed through drilled small hole in side of bucket you can see if trap has gone off easily. Small length of 4 inch drainage pipe fixed into hole cut in side of bucket as an entry point, handful of dry hamster mix food, good go, steps straight onto trigger plate, I did add a bit of wood to trigger plate so trap is activated a little sooner so kill bars catch around chest and not too far back on rat.

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Gluetraps across the access point so the rats must cross it are now my preferred choice as they show better than any Fenn or other trap when the infestation has ended. Mechanical traps you've always the thought that you're still infested but that the rats have avoided the trap.

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On 04/11/2020 at 21:05, 30-6 said:


Saw the large one climb up the corner of a vertical wall made of housebrick, 

I saw one yesterday in a grain store run up a vertical breeze block wall. I had no idea they could that.

I was so impressed I let it get to the top before I shot it.

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