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One of the number plate bulbs blew on the Pathfinder a 2 minute job nope i had to ask the wife to put the bulb in my big shovel hands and sausage fingers couldn't get near enough , then it blew the back lights i gave up as it was getting dark last night and started pulling fuses today couldn't find the one i wanted , so asked the son to come along and check the fuses as there mini fuses and even he struggled to see if they where blown he ended up putting them on a hunting light and candling them LOL to see if they where okay , after checking 3 fuse boxes i was ready to give up and said i will drop in to the garage tomorrow and see what they say , When a reply on facebook says there 4 fuse boxes on that truck we had it sorted 10 minutes later LOL 

A 2 minute job that took hours i even pulled the rear bulbs to see if it was them that had blown  still no got 2 number plate bulbs working 

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Almost as bad as working out the wiring on a Defender that never looks anything like the standard diagrams. I’m convinced every wiring in a Defender is unique. 

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3 hours ago, London Best said:

I wouldn’t let Halfords WASH my car!

My last car was a vauxhall meriva and just before a mot it blew a headlight bulb i went to Halfords got it replaced took it to the MOT  the guy asked who fitted that headlight bulb its loose and upside down . I got it down to 10 minutes replacing bulbs on that car taking the battery off on one side and the air filter box on the other , she would run fine for ages then pop bulbs for fun 

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