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  1. i wonder how she got a mortgage
  2. no but you can be sure packman will , so lets be on our toes ready to knock the ball back into there court
  3. your son was an idiot for loosing £600 worth of gear
  4. and all the papers to try and get them on side the mail would be a good start
  5. well i will say if there are any ilegal coursing reported around here there soon out helicopter anorl
  6. yes mate but as you know there not interested in that
  7. you have to remember we are a minority if you stood in the high street and asked a passer to sighn a petition for shooting i doubt if you would get many i went down to see the in laws last weekend they live in a country town and tole them i do pigeon shooting right a way the old bottom lip comes up muttering cruel so thats me in the dog house
  8. woudnt help were to peaceful like the last march about the fox ban nobody noticed
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