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  1. all depends some of the older ones can be worth the time there more thankful you only get out what you put in you know
  2. thanks ive got a klargester so i hope i i am ok its never been pumped out in 20 years
  3. whats going to change then
  4. yes i have seen dogs struggle get out off deep silt where a creek meets the river
  5. did you get pillaged as well ditchy
  6. go you steady boi go you steady
  7. aye lad go to sleep and let the world pass over you
  8. so why did you join basc if you want to be a member of a group who fight for shooting
  9. yea that was him about same time and all... him and gary always used to slobber there beer down there beards
  10. yeu he would never give you the right money he would say the were only second class he would find some fault .i never saw a punt gun in wisbech museum you must be thinking of the bank gun they had there the same sort off thing but shorter barrels fix it on the bank
  11. yes he liked the jolly sailor and my home made wine his drinking pal was a fella we called bins did you know him do you know if he is still alive yea when he had agood haul of whelks he would take them to wells to be boiler i remember when he drunk a pint half would be dripping of his beard
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