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  1. leaves them eager to have another go
  2. when i train my lab i dont let him have every retrieve anyway steadiness is more anyone can do a dry hump you wanna see me at chrstmas
  3. you woudnt know what to do with it if you caught it or have the staying power so dream on ditchy
  4. yea i have both the mk 3 some times has trouble with collar. switch dont turn off its a battery switch i take the battery out
  5. doesnt the mk3 collar work with the mark two the mark 3 is all right but over complcated the older boys liked the knocker box cos its switch on and go
  6. yea sorry ole mate the old grey knocker box is better and easey to fixi used to have one here ill check i dont like selling stuff in case it stops working youve had a lot problems mate
  7. there about as big as a ladies wrist watch.but im wondering as you didnt buy it with a collar if its any good. the mark two came out after the knocker box didnt last long and they brought out the mark 3
  8. have you tried hunting life forum lampro better chance on there
  9. no they dont they use there own collar by the time you are set up the season will be over
  11. its the coller thats more important it sends a signal to the box
  12. i think you will find the lady with bowel cancer was only 35
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