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  1. could be the automatic air valve on the boiler
  2. i have done a few my self i found magpie easy as no loose feathers also stoat and squirrel there easy to obtain off game keeper. i started the the traditianal way with wood wool but as that got unatainable beleave it or not i started using hay roll it up tight and that will hold your wires till your specimen skin dries
  3. yea devils if there in the new sticks and go and from there to the walls of shed its a viscous circle . i suppose if steam bend them instead of using the hot gun it would help
  4. yes mr boo like i said these have been varnished and finished for about ten years. a pity they were nice sticks
  5. most of mine i made about ten years ago are full of woodworm how would you stop that from happening
  6. yea she wants to keep gob shut . does that help
  7. dear dear i shall say nought
  8. i find canesten in the over the counter red box is too weak. i got canesten hc in the blue box from the doctor is much stronger it cleared me up in a couple off days give me a pm
  9. prison na just a slap on the wrist or is that just for rapists and muggers?
  10. do you mean a damper ditchman
  11. he had a load for sale a few weeks back you missed out
  12. right i will speak to him tomorrow i didnt want to buy any and get stuck with it i am not interested in making anything out of it but didnt want to lose thanks for the input
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