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  1. i think your better of staying in the garage ole pal
  2. are you working motty mending leaks
  3. yes like a rabbit in one of my traps ha ha ha
  4. yes thats wat i was thinking a so called friend
  5. how did he know the petrol was there
  6. yea but lets keep out the bully boys
  7. its his first post as well
  8. not sure he should be set free with any weapon
  9. i took it that the helicopter was upside down
  10. ahh you have done it then bruno
  11. you should know better at your age how are you going to wipe your bum now?
  12. you can post me one if you like ive got me own hammer
  13. well done badger you took that well
  14. is that the answer ? if you dont like it you know what to do
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