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  1. yes he has only ever shown us nice things a nasty would make me feel a lot better
  2. dont forget calor gas is heavier than air so a small leak will build up in the bottom so you need ventalaition
  3. i remember about ten years ago a humber member came our agm and ask a top basc official to help them out and he told to f off were not spending that money we are not spending that money we will write you a letter but that is all
  4. they seem to follow the lines every morning steve have you noticed
  5. why nerve sounds like he only went door knocking like we all do and got knocked back
  6. i must say they are fairly good in wisbech i have seen them a few times after hare coursers in fieilds even with the helicopter but thats the only crime they do move themselves
  7. i lost mine once it was only overnight but i found it next morning it was as nasty as hell when i picked it up it bit me about ten times i could not belive it how scared it was of me so keep a pair of gloves handy
  8. i bet next door was pleased with you then
  9. whose the dodgy one now
  10. they should known that the job wouldnt last and told you so
  11. we didnt have any gas we had wireless until they stopped chargin it for my pals who lived in council houses had the lot electric toilets bathrooms gas you name it
  12. not even funny i dont find anthing about kiddy fiddling the remotest bit funny
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