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Setting a hide in the middle of an OSR/Rape field

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Hi all, 
I’ve got a large permission at the moment with several very large rape fields that the farmer has asked me to shoot Pigeons on as the fields are getting hammered.

I’ve shot over rape many times but only ever from the margins - these fields are each so big that once the pigeons get spooked they just move to the other end and the shooting dries up.

I’m looking for tips/guidance on how to set up a hide in the middle of a rape field So I can cover more ground. Any considerations as I imagine you stick out like a sore thumb??



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I've seen bales, sheep fencing, pallets, you name it. If the farmer is happy and it is out of the way of sprayers etc., then go for it.  A bit of similar green camo to the rape draped on there may look good, but once in position pigeons do not seem to take any notice unless you start bobbing up and down looking around.

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First welcome to PW.


Like walker said pigeons dont take much notice if you set your hide in the middle of a field,

I have shot a few fields where there was no hedgerow or cover just a barbed wire fence dividing two fields, I have setup against a power cable pole in the middle of a field with good results.

If I do setup in the middle of the field I always use a fishing brolly to build my hide around and make it look as natural as possible, in situations like this I remain seated until the last minute or shoot from the seated position.

The picture below is not in the middle of a field but it gives you some idea, if you do not use a brolly you will need something to back the hide that will not let light through.

Good luck.



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As with the replies above, I don't think it matters too much to use your "usual" hide in the middle of a field, providing you stay well hidden.

The picture below is a hide about 50yds from an uncut area of rape, set up in very windy conditions (hence the guy ropes !).  The birds were flighting up the hill between me and the rape (out of picture to the right) or across the top of the hill (son's hide in the distance).

We had a good day and birds were not phased by the hides :)


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Pigeons can see for a very long distance so whatever you set up make sure you can see through the sidewalls and keep your head down till the last second. Learn to shoot from sitting, so your not bobbing up and down.  In the past I have ridden my quad out into the field , thrown a piece of camo over it and shot, sitting in the quad seat.  Get there aerly enough and they will not be deterred.

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Last year we set up a huge hide made of straw bales in the middle of a stubble field and draped it in netting so we could remain hidden once inside. We had a great days shooting.

We used a tractor to build it so I realise this is probably not practical for your scenario, but it simply demonstrates that it doesn’t really matter where your hide is, as others have said, it’s movement which scares birds away, as you’ll already know. 
We were completely encircled by the hide, so basically were unseen from any position but above, until we moved. It was a great success. 

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