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2 hours ago, bigbird said:

Hahaha!! Got two now! They’re 10% driving me nuts and 90% amazing - they’re certainly not what I thought they would be like, I wasn’t prepared for how loyal they would be at this age already - they don’t bark at other people but after the initial wariness pretty much ignore them.

Pablo’s ears are up now too 😍😍


That sounds spot on, they're certainly confident dogs with loads of energy in my experience. 

Pablo looks awesome 👌

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Chica is extremely sociable with people but Pablo not so much - he’s fine if they ignore him, he’ll go and say hello of his own accord - if they try and force it or bend over us he will bark and warn them off. Such was the position we found ourselves in when we took them to a beer garden locally (as their jabs finally allowed it) and despite Pablo having a wide red lead that said CAUTION on it 🙄It seemed as if people found it a challenge and tended to try and be friends with him even though I told them to bog off 🤬 Drunk people (who are used to dogs and great dog people don’t you know because they have a Cockerpoo at home) and Malinois pups don’t necessarily mix. A lesson learnt - can’t believe people can be so sozzled at 7.30 on a Tuesday night, haven’t they got jobs to do at home?

Think I may have offended a few locals 😂

I do however teach a ‘watch me’ command rewarded with a treat with these guys when they maintained eye contact for a good length of time and I found this invaluable when deployed as people were walking past or entering the (spacious) beer garden.

All in all I was pleased with him ❤️

In hindsight I should have warned them off before they even got that close so I’ll remember that next time !


’Get two Malinois pups she said. It’ll be okay, we have cockers, Springers and a Labrador at home she said. We’re dog people she said’ 😂😂😂

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