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ATA Airborne

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Having owned an ATA shotgun for while now and being extremely happy with it, I have owned an Air Arms TX200 air rifle I was finding due to a touch of arthritis, it was becoming difficult to load as it was a .177 I sold it and had the princely sum of £400 to spend. So looking about I came across the ATA Airborne a pcp air rifle for £399. Looking at a number of reviews which all were very very positive, a regulated pcp air rifle, walnut stock two 12 shot mags and a potential 300 shots from one fill and all for under £400 the rifle reviewed was available only in .22, .177 will be available later .  I decided to take the plunge I tried everywhere, but were sold out all over eventually I found one at  On target Range  at Northampton, as a side note great set up very good to deal with, anyway , the rifle comes with two mags, moderator and spare seals. The scope rail is of a picatinny type so fitted a scope I already had a Hawke sidewinder I use on my sako quad but don’t use. Well it’s does exactly what it said on the tin after adjusting the trigger to my liking. The side leaver is smooth it has a good weight but balanced I have owned Air Arms 400 and 410 this is as good , set the target at 40 metres target shown was a full mag the flyers were my fault . It’s a well built accurate rifle for under £400 is a steal. ATA do it again 


The set up 2D3453F8-A33B-4C32-9702-6FB460F16449.jpeg.c1c0bac0c2c87fea548e588389e8abfe.jpeg

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I've been looking at one of these for a while now, lockdown boredom but couldn't really find any decent reviews anywhere. 

It's on hold atm, I might have a superten on the back burner but if that fails, I'll see if I can handle one. 

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