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Dummy launcher keeps breaking

TG m33

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Hi guys

I've got a (second hand) quite old by the looks of it dummy launcher (Turner Richards brand) and have used it for over a year or so as a hand held launcher, seemed to work OK and never had a problem. 

I've recently bought the shoulder stock attachment for it to help simulate walked up shooting with my dog and to improve his stopping to shot and steadyness and it's absolutely fantastic...when it doesn't blow itself to bits. 

It fires the one dummy no problem, then after I fire it for the second time it always blows itself apart with the circlip being blown out of the groove it sits within. It's almost as if since adding the shoulder stock the recoil is too much for the circlip and the spring, firing pin and everything just falls out - which is incredibly frustrating to keep on fixing and putting the circlip back in all the time. 

Has anyone else had this issue?

I had just changed the O-ring (from a "reputable" ebay seller) which did make the fit of the dummies very tight, so I was thinking it was that which was causing too much recoil. I've bought some O-rings from the Turner Richards website and the same problem is happens (although the O-rings were a different size and the dummies to go on slightly easier). 

I'm sure I've read the shoulder stock says it fits all models of the Turner Richards launcher, but Turner Richards are only offering to service the launcher for me (for a fee) and for me to send it to them, but right not is the one time of year I use it quite a bit to make sure the dog is steady before the season starts properly for me. 

Pic attached showing the aftermath. Has anyone experienced anything similar? 

Has anyone got a picture of that the end of their Turner Richards launcher looks like so I can check nothing is missing from mine and everything is where it should be?

I'm thinking of replacing the circlip and seeing if a newer one will hold any better.



pic 1.jpg


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I find a starter pistol more effective and a lot easier to train the dog as you can fire it with out the dog seeing you, over use of a dummy launcher can encourage running in as the dog can pre empt what is about to happen. 

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on your first picture the spring clip is miles too big even before stretching  the wrong shape   the second picture could be for a slim o wring groove  to save chatter  to me its the wrong cir clip inc the wrong shape its an internal fit not external   measure internal and buy id clip   which means the loops are outwards yours are in     if not sure pm me

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I agree with ditchie that groove looks to be rusted and too shallow and possibly the circlip has weakened .

I'd try to clean it out and deepen it and put a new circlip in and make sure it's seated tightly.

Maybe a drop of stud lock as well ?

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